Where does our Hot Chocolate come from?

At Two Chimps Coffee, we are passionate about really awesome tasting coffee, but we’re just as passionate about our amazing hot chocolate flakes too.

But, where does our hot chocolate come from?


pouring hot chocolate into a green mug


Our hot chocolate flakes are sourced from our local expert chocolatier in the UK. They are made using 71% cocoa chocolate, which is hand-blended and crushed to make these super indulgent hot chocolate flakes.

Meet Tim, the head chocolatier. I spoke to Tim to find out more about what makes his Hot Chocolates stand out from the rest and how the Covid-19 pandemic has affected business.


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Please tell me how you started making Hot Chocolate.

When I finished university, I actually started out making soft drinks. Then, one day I was in Marks & Spencer, and I saw this unusual hot chocolate so I decided to give it a try. It wasn’t very good! I thought I could do better than this, so I added it to my collection, and it took off. And so, we became a chocolate company, so much so that we scrapped the soft drinks altogether.


What do you think makes your hot chocolates special compared with other hot chocolates?

To start, we have a very diverse range of flavours. The hot chocolates are all made of real chocolate varying in strengths and because it’s so finely ground up, it melts very easily so you can use it in lots of different ways, for example, you can use it in a velvetiser and most hot chocolate makers. Most artisan hot chocolate is made of large pellets and so doesn’t work in a velvetiser, but by chance our hot chocolate flakes are compatible with them. We even noticed a huge jump in sales when Hotel Chocolat brought to market a velvetiser; as our flakes are most cost-effective than their own.


Hot Chocolate Flakes added to milk


Please tell me what an average day of work is like for you.

Most of my time is spent with our bespoke crushing machine that crushes the chocolate into flakes; then we blend it with a couple of other ingredients before bagging it up ready for sale. My sister is also heavily involved, and we have a team people working in packing and distributing.


How did your relationship with Two Chimps Coffee come about?

The team at Two Chimps Coffee contacted us after sampling our hot chocolate. I presume it was love at first sip as they were pretty quick to call us back!


Hot Chocolate being heated


Are you a coffee fan, and if so, how do you like your coffee brewed & served?

I like the flavour of coffee; however, I used to have a milk allergy, therefore, I tended to avoid tea and coffee. I enjoy coffee flavoured things such as chocolate but never really enjoyed it as a drink, just tap water and hot chocolate for me!

How has Coronavirus affected your business, and what have you done about it?

At the beginning of the pandemic, all of our trade orders stopped, and there weren’t many people buying online. When August came around however, online sales suddenly jumped, and the trade orders kept pouring in! Customers returned, and we’ve been super busy since then, which is fantastic.

What are your plans for your business going forward?

We’re just about to get a 3D chocolate printer, so we’ll be doing lots of unusual designs in chocolate! Once all the parts have arrived, we can get it up and running, and we hope to use it in our Chocolate Museum. It’ll be very visual – it’ll print items in chocolate for customers to buy. We’re also renovating; it’s very exciting here at the moment.


starting to pour hot chocolate into an empty mug

What do you do when you’re not working?

I like building models. I’ve got a full-size Dalek that I built a few years ago; he’s the same height as Billie Piper. I have a few different movie props too. Maybe I’ll make a 3D chocolate printed Dalek!

What is your favourite Hot Choc flavour?

My favourite is our dark orange because it tastes just like Terry’s Chocolate Orange!

And finally, please tell me how you like to enjoy your drink.

I love to use my favourite mug, which was a gift from my sister. She imported it for me from America.


sitting on a sofa holding a mug of two chimps coffee


So, there we have it. A few words from Tim, our head chocolatier.

Now you know where our hot chocolate comes from, are you ready to try some?

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Is all this talk of hot chocolate making you thirsty?

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