Which tea is best for National Tea Day?

One from a coffee roastery, ironically.

Here at Two Chimps, we don’t believe you should only be a coffee or a tea person. Why choose one when you can have both? We love our premium loose leaf teas just as much as our speciality coffees; they are fresh, sprightly and 100% irresistible!


Loose leaf teas in infuser


Time for teeeeea!

That’s why we are buzzing for National Tea Day. On the 21st of April, tea-lovers up and down the country will pop the kettle on, pick out their favourite mug and brew a lovely cup of tea. This is a day to celebrate all that is good about our treasured hot drink: a day to get cosy, have a natter and debate dunking techniques. A day to enjoy quality tea and all the good stuff that comes with it.

Because tea is best enjoyed together, with friends, family and cake. Doing nothing more than having a chat is something we’re all craving, and that’s why National Tea Day couldn’t have come at a better time. Now that we can meet friends outdoors and support our local cafes and tea rooms, we’re definitely going to enjoy National Tea Day to the max!


looking down on a tiger and bee tea label on a white bag



Our teas are the bee’s knees

Here at Two Chimps, we’re just as fussy about our teas as our coffees. Only the best will do. We’ve called our tea collection The Tiger and the Bee make very nice tea, because we think they probably do. ?? Now, we doubt you’ve got a tiger, and you probably lack a bee, but we’re sure you can still make some very nice tea!

We source the best, freshest tea leaves to give you something truly tea-rific. All our loose leaf teas are ethically and sustainably grown, and sourced directly from a specialist tea importer. We can trace all our teas right back to the area they were harvested. Take our new (coming-soon) Darjeeling tea, for instance; we know that it was grown in the Gielle Tea Garden in West Bengal and that it was picked at the second flush (harvest) for a softer taste.



four bags of tea with two tea infusers and a spice pouch



Tea grading can get pretty complicated, with lots of abbreviations that make us sound like we’re talking sci-fi (FOP, GFOP, BOP…). Put simply, a tea’s grade tells us about the size, appearance and quality of the tea leaves. All our loose leaf teas are Orange Pekoe, which means they contain only whole leaves (not oranges!) exclusively from new flushes. Commodity tea bags include the ‘dust’ or the ‘fannings’ rather than whole leaves. These are the lowest graded teas and never taste as fresh as whole leaves because they have a larger surface area, which means more essential oil will evaporate and cause the tea to turn dull.


set of four teas and infusers


Which tea takes your fancy?

Just like coffee, everyone takes their tea in different ways. Iced or milky, sugary or strong, we know you’re a par-tea-cular lot! That’s why we’ve created our tea collection with every tea lover in mind – you’re sure to find the perfect blend!

If it takes a mug of tea to get you out of bed in the morning, you’ll love our special Breakfast Tea. Its rich, malty taste makes it the perfect toast-and-jam pairing, while the strong, full-bodied flavour gives you the ooompf you need to face the day.



two loose leaf teas two infusers and spices as a gift for couples



If you’re in need of bed rather than a boost, we recommend our Peppermint Tea. Fresh and bright without tasting like toothpaste, this caffeine-free blend will help with winding down in the evening. We’re convinced it’s some sort of elixir; as well as aiding sleep, peppermint tea helps to improve digestion, protect your immune system and reduce stress.


What else is on offer? There’s our Earl Grey for citrus and sweetness and Green Tea for a healthy, brain-boosting brew. Soon, we will be welcoming a moreish Darjeeling to our tea family – so keep your eyes peeled!


Loose leaf – what’s the fuss?

There are several reasons why loose leaf tops the teabag. Firstly, it tastes far better. Unlike commodity tea, our loose leaf blends contain premium-quality tea leaves that haven’t been industrially processed. Tea made using a loose leaf infuser will always result in a stronger, fresher and all-round healthier brew. Tea leaves need space (no hands and face, though), and loose leaf infusers offer more room for the leaves to steep and expand. Only this way can they release all their tasty, antioxidant-rich goodness into the water. Your granny knew what she was doing when she chose loose leaf tea! Luckily, we’ve got plenty of stainless steel, dishwasher safe infusers to kit you out.

Loose leaf tea is also miles better for the environment. We’re a climate positive roastery, so we do all we can to help you live more sustainably. That’s why we steer clear of teabags and only stock loose leaf tea. Most shop-bought teabags contain a non-biodegradable plastic called polypropylene. As there is some debate over the recyclability (and usefulness) of biodegradable tea bags, we decided to do away with them altogether. Less waste, better tea. It’s got to be a winner.


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National Day Tea is the perfect excuse to enjoy some top tea (not that we need one). Whether it’s Breakfast tea in a bubble or a socially distanced Darjeeling, be sure to find the best loose leaf tea in our lovely online shop.


Happy National Tea Day!


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