Which Tea to drink with scones?

There’s so much more to cream tea than the which-one-first debate.

We know the cream/jam issue is key and divides us Brits like oil and water. But a lot more deserves our attention this National Cream Tea Day. What kind of jam to choose? Strawberry or raspberry? Is your scone fruit or plain? And is it really better with cream? Melty butter on warm scones takes some beating.

But the tea you choose; now, that can be the make-or-break factor. The difference between cream tea triumph and a doily-clad defeat, we’d say.


Scone with jam and cream



But no fear. Here at Two Chimps we’ve got a lovely range of teas perfect for National Cream Tea Day. From a failsafe Breakfast Tea to a swish Darjeeling, you’re sure to find a loose-leaf blend that’ll make your scones sing. And you, too – why not? When you taste something this lovely, the world deserves to know!


Sample bags of tea


National Cream Tea Day

National Cream Tea Day is a day to celebrate all things jam-topped. It falls on the final Friday in June which, this year, is the 25th June. The first National Cream Tea Day was held by the Cream Tea Society in 2015, although the tradition of cream tea goes back much further. To 1662, in fact, when Charles II’s new wife brought her tea-drinking customs with her from Portugal. Tea became increasingly popular, with the first tearoom opening its doors in 1706. The rise of the railway in the following century created an influx of hungry tourists heading south and looking for something tasty. Cream tea was the perfect solution: local produce, a bit of luxury and, now, a British institution.


Cream or jam first?


Rules, rules, rules

There are plenty of rules when it comes to a ‘proper’ cream tea. The jam should be strawberry; the cream should be clotted; the scone should be so fresh that it parts with a simple twist (no cutting with a knife!). And it should, according to the etiquette experts, be jam before cream. Sorry Devon.

But when it comes to tea, the choice is yours! We have a stunning range of  ethically sourced loose-leaf teas to take your fancy. Five beautiful blends make up our collection, which we’ve named The Tiger and the Bee make very nice tea (because, well, why not?). We source each loose leaf tea with love and care from the world’s most renowned tea gardens to bring the very best to your brew. We only select ethically harvested whole leaves rather than the dull tasting ‘fannings’ that end up in supermarket teabags. Why? Because they give a fresh, sprightly tea singing with flavour.


loose leaf tea with a strainer and label


Which tea to choose for cream tea?

If you’re not sure which tea will suit your scones, we’d suggest a lovely Darjeeling. Our garden-fresh Darjeeling leaves are grown beneath the Indian Himalayas in one of the world’s most celebrated tea gardens. Take a sip, and you’ll find smooth, fresh flavours dancing with a sweetness that reminds you of champagne. The elegant notes in Darjeeling pair wonderfully with creamy cakes, making it your go-to if you like a scone with more cream than scone.


Bag of Darjeeling tea


Breakfast Tea

The unique taste of Assam tea is another parfait match for cream tea. Why? Because its robust, malty flavour complements creamy foods and balances the sweet jam. We think our 100% Assam Breakfast Tea takes some beating – it’s ideal for breakfast and beyond. Brew a cup and enjoy the quintessential taste of proper Breakfast Tea. Warm and full-bodied with a perky edge of citrus, this tea shines bright on any cream tea table!


Eating a cream tea



Earl Grey

Earl Grey is ensconced (sorry) as a cream tea classic. Not only is it The Queen’s tea of choice, its famous bergamot zing will elevate every cream tea treat. Our loose leaf Earl Grey is lighter than Breakfast tea and contains only a portion of the caffeine. It’s a popular choice for afternoon tea, and with good reason; the characteristic sweet elegance works beautifully with freshly baked goods. This is a great tea to go for if you like lemon curd on your scone (not traditional, but like a mouthful of sunshine ?) or if you’re adding a citrusy lemon cake to your tea table.


Bag of Earl Grey tea


National Cream Tea Day deserves the best tea – find your new favourite in our online tea shop!


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