Who should I buy a coffee gift set for?

Who shouldn’t you buy a coffee gift set for – that’s the real question!

And the only answer is… people who don’t like coffee! That’s okay though; we offer tea gift sets AND hot chocolate gift sets too, so we’ve got your back either way!


Two Chimps Coffee Ribbon-tied Gift Set

Why are our ingredients better than the rest?

Have you ever bought something from the supermarket because you’ve seen it advertised on TV, or because it’s what your family has always bought? Have you ever thought about its origin and production or wondered whether there are better versions available?

Let me give you an example. Think of sliced bread (because what’s the best thing since sliced bread?). There are endless different brands to choose from, all of which taste pretty similar. Compare a mass-produced sliced white to artisan bakery bread, however, and the difference is unmissable. The ingredients are one major distinction. There may be as many as seven ingredients plus additives listed on the wrapper of your sliced white loaf; bakery bread, meanwhile, will only use four – flour, salt, water and yeast. Less is definitely best and results in a fluffy loaf far superior to supermarket staples. With only simple, natural ingredients, you’re getting the authentic taste of top-quality bread: bread the way it should taste. Why does mass-produced bread include additives by the bucket load? The main reason is to increase shelf life. Looking for another example… Hmmm, let me think… how about coffee?!

The coffee we roast at Two Chimps is much tastier than the brown powder you pick up at the supermarket. You might think that the blocks of ground cafetiere coffee you put in your trolley are lovely and fresh. They are – they’re better than the instant stuff, at least – but it’s still not as fresh as we’d like. We know that the freshest coffee is the best coffee, and we also know that we roast THE freshest coffee there is.


coffee in roasting sample trowel


How do we roast the freshest coffee?

Here at Two Chimps Coffee, we carefully source green coffee beans from independent coffee growers worldwide. With the help of speciality coffee importers, who deal directly with the farmers, we can source the best quality coffee beans available. We know our beans inside out: their origin, their harvest date and their processing methods. We select beans in season (that’s why our coffees change every so often!) because we only want the freshest. By respecting the harvesting times of different countries and farmers, we make sure our blends are always fresh and never left sitting around for months. If you’re giving a gift, you want to give the best – and we make sure you can!


Coffee cherries


When the top-notch beans arrive at Two Chimps, we take careful control of the most important part – roasting! We roast in small batches multiple times each week to ensure our coffee is never stored for prolonged periods of time. Coffee is at its freshest between three and fourteen days after roasting. We recommend that you enjoy your coffee within 12 weeks after the roast – this is when the flavours are at their finest. Just take a look at your bag of Two Chimps coffee to find the roast date for your coffee. ‘Fresh’ coffee from the supermarket may be better than freeze-dried but, without roasting dates on the bag, there’s a fair chance the beans are already six months old.


set of three coffees with a tin laying down on a table


Why is speciality coffee best?

Another big difference is the grade of coffee. Unlike the low-grade commodity coffee found in supermarkets and chain cafes, we only ever roast single origin speciality coffee made from the highest grade Arabica  beans. Speciality coffee is, as the name suggests, super special. The name comes from the careful production process. The cherries are hand-picked when perfectly ripe, hand-sorted to remove any impurities and must score at least 80 out of 100 by expertly-trained Q Graders. The beautifully natural, quirkily unique flavours are what set speciality coffee apart. Commodity coffee is a much lower grade of coffee; the inclusion of unripe cherries and Robusta beans (instead of smooth Arabica beans) create a standard-tasting coffee that’s, well, mehhh. From machine-led stripping to automatic roasting, commodity coffees go through mechanical processing to give you flavours that are bitter and burnt. Trust us; this isn’t the gift you want to give (or receive!).

At Two Chimps, we always roast our speciality Arabica beans by hand. This gives us control over how the finished coffee will taste. From the sweet nuttiness of Brazilian beans to the fruity, fragrant notes in Rwandan coffees, we bring out the bean’s natural flavours to make sure your coffee always tastes awesome! Because that’s how prize coffee should taste.


roasted coffee beans


Who should I buy a coffee gift for (other than myself…)?

We believe everyone should be drinking great-tasting coffee. So that makes our coffee gifts great for… everyone! Your partner, friend, neighbour or dog (okay, perhaps not) – everyone loves coffee gifts.

Know someone who likes to try new flavours?

Our Coffee Lovers Taster Pack is the gift they want to receive. Containing six awesome packets of top-quality speciality coffee, it’s ideal for those looking to sample fab new flavours. Equally, if you are choosing a gift for someone who knows what they like – whether that be tea, coffee or hot chocolate (yup, we do a divine hot chocolate flakes too!) – you’ll find the perfect pressie in our gift shop. Just remember: you won’t find us on the supermarket shelves. You WILL find us online and in lots of lovely independent retailers.


close up of mug with coffee and tea taster packs


We carefully create each Two Chimps gift set with hot drink lovers in mind. From breakfast tea and coffee treat boxes to coffee grinder gift sets, we have a gift for everyone and anyone! We continually create new, seasonal gift sets throughout the year, too, so you’re sure to find a cracking present for every occasion! So, pop the kettle on, relax and browse through our gift sets collection… because you, your friend and your dog (oh, go on then) all deserve something special.


Who are you going to treat today? We have a fantastic selection of coffee gifts to choose from, so head over to our online shop now for coffee giving greatness!


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