Who supplies the best coffee for the office?

When you think of working in an office, you think of instant coffee machines with super weak, powdered milk, instant coffee and plastic cups. Well, no more!

We want you to look forward to going into your office every day and knowing there is a fresh cup of coffee waiting for you!

Two Chimps not only supply freshly roasted coffee to coffee shops & cafes, but we are wholesale coffee suppliers for any type of business who wants to provide quality coffee. We source single-origin speciality coffee from all over the world, finding the best flavours and best quality beans as possible for our customers.

coffee in sample trowel from roaster

We lovingly roast our beans in small batches multiple times every week to ensure that your coffee is at its freshest. If you enjoy our coffee and think you could create a super blend, then come and give it a go! We offer a unique custom blend service, whereby you can come to Two Chimps Head Quarters for a cupping session and create something bespoke and unique to you!


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Why is speciality coffee better than instant?

Speciality coffee is the cream of the crop when it comes to coffee. Arabica beans are hand-picked by farmworkers assuring only the ripe cherries are chosen.  The loving care and attention carry on throughout the process through processing, drying, roasting and brewing. There are so many wonderful, naturally occurring flavours to be found such as chocolate, caramel, fruit and nuts; which an outstanding roast and brew allow these to shine in your cup of coffee.

Instant coffee is made from commodity-grade coffee as it is much cheaper. Often, they use robusta beans, and as the name suggests, the beans are more robust when it comes to temperature and infestation when growing. Albeit this could be seen as a good thing, the taste of robusta lets the side sown. To hide this, they are often roasted for a long time to hide any impurities.

Beans are roasted, ground, brewed and then dehydrated to give you coffee crystals which are then spray dried or freeze-dried providing you with the coffee granules we all know so well. Coffee doesn’t just have to be a morning caffeine hit; it can be enjoyed throughout the day too.

If caffeine is too much after lunchtime, try our chemical-free decaf.

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I don’t have an espresso machine in my office?

Don’t panic! We can help you choose the best espresso machine for you. Alternatively, there are plenty of devices for you to choose from to enjoy our coffee just as much! How to choose a commercial espresso machine may be useful, otherwise, get in touch and we can pass you on to our resident espresso machine expert, Sean, who will talk you through anything you need to know. If you’re concerned about cost, don’t worry, it is possible to rent machines too.

Other options for brewing your coffee could be a Handpresso, a cafetiere, an AeroPress or a Hario V60 filter.

The Handpresso is similar looking to a bicycle pump! You pump air via the handle and build up pressure. Add hot water to the reservoir, replace the filter basket full of coffee, add the lid, and when you press the button, the pressure releases and voilà, an instant espresso!

An AeroPress is similar in that you are forcing water through the ground coffee and a filter, however, the pressure is only small; therefore, you’ll end up with more of a filter style coffee. It’s a great piece of equipment to own as it’s easy to use, easy to clean, little mess and you can take it anywhere!

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The Handpresso is designed for one espresso at a time, whereas you can make up to four cups with the Aeropress; by making a stronger coffee, then diluting with hot water after.

If you need something bigger, then you may consider the cafetiere (French press) or a drip filter machine. These allow multiple cups of coffee to be brewed; so, depending on the size of your office, maybe a better choice.

Aeropress Kit

Ground Coffee

Whichever option you choose, we will provide you with the freshest coffee in any form you need. Whole bean or ground, we can tailor the grind specifically for any device, and we also provide a brewing guide for every coffee. Using our expertise, we can help you find the best equipment for you, and, in turn, the best coffee for that chosen device.

We have six single-origin coffees available, as well as limited editions and decaf. We hand roast each coffee individually to extract the best from each. This means that although our coffees taste amazing in every device, some are more suited to some methods than others. For instance, some of our coffees shine as an espresso whereas others, such as fruity more acidic choices, often benefit from a filter.

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Whatever you choose, you can guarantee that your coffee will be super fresh. For ease, set up a coffee subscription and have coffee delivered to your office regularly, for free! Were here for you too, and so, if you get to the office on Monday morning and release disaster has struck, and you’re out of coffee, just get in touch and will deliver your favourite coffee to you, pronto!

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Team Building

Do you have several employees who are crazy about coffee? Great! We can accommodate your team at our roastery to teach you all about coffee. Come for a team-building day, where you can come and have a look around our roastery. You can see what we are all about and learn more about coffee.

people enjoying our team building events

We’ll set up a coffee cupping where you’ll get to taste a few different coffees too. Team building days are great to allow you to spend time with your colleagues outside of work. You can also decide as a team which coffees you would like to enjoy at work. And it’s free to come and do this! So, what are you waiting for?

But I don’t work weekends

If you find yourself missing your weekly dose of Two Chimps at the weekend, then subscribe with us and have fresh coffee delivered to your door at home too. Our Royal Mail 1st class delivery is free on all orders. If you’re not in, our 250g bags are a perfect size to fit through your letterbox.

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