Whole Bean Coffee Subscription

Looking for letterbox-friendly coffee beans you can grind at home?

Then come on in – we’ve got the perfect whole bean subscription for you!


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Buying whole beans is a great way to experience coffee in its finest, freshest form. No matter how freshly we grind our ready-ground bags, we can’t escape the fact that pre-ground coffee loses a little of its flavour before making it to your cup. A whole bean subscription is your solution: premium, speciality coffee beans that keep all their lovely taste locked in until you’re ready to brew. Scruuuuummy!


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Pre-ground coffee is ideal if you like to stick to your go-to device. But maybe you like to mix things up? Stovetop for Sunday but always filter on a Friday? Avoid buying multiple bags of coffee ground for each device and set up a whole bean coffee subscription instead. Now, you can grind for any brewer. From superfine espresso grinds to the coarser texture needed for a cafetière, you can do them all with whole beans.

And all this freedom opens up another possibility: experimentation! Grind size has a big impact on flavour. Okay, understatement of the century because grind size is essential. Try grinding slightly finer if you like a coffee with more acidity, or more coarsely if you want a cup with a bit of bitterness. Morning coffee tasting a little sour? Try a finer grind size.


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The only problem is, you can’t do the trying if you’ve only got pre-ground coffee. But with whole bean, the possibilities are endless. Now you can tweak your grind size to get that spot-on cup you’ve been dreaming of.

Setting up your personal whole bean plan couldn’t be easier. Just hop along to our online shop and select your coffee (we’ve got nine to choose from, as well as a rather snazzy mystery option). Then tailor your plan by specifying the amount of coffee you’d like to receive and how often you’d like to receive it. Then chillax, caffeinators, because freshly roasted, ethical whole beans are on their way!


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No matter which cool combo of options you choose, your whole bean subscription will always come with lots of awesome perks.

Sorry, did someone say 10% off store-wide? And free First Class delivery? We think they might have…


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