Wholesale Coffee Beans

Wholesale Coffee Beans

When you are looking for wholesale coffee beans, you want to make sure you are choosing the right roastery to supply you. We feel it is important to find someone that doesn’t just sell you great tasting wholesale coffee beans. Someone who will offer you support on your journey is just as important. Here at Two Chimps, you join our troop and we join yours! Let’s explain…

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Our Coffee

We only roast ethically sourced and fairly traded speciality coffee. Speciality coffee is graded and scored to get its grand name. You can find out more about this on our ‘What is Speciality Coffee’ page.

So, let’s tell you more about our wholesale coffee. When our green coffee beans arrive with us, we analyse and test the beans for moisture and density to help us build the best roast profile (recipe) for the coffee beans. Within the roast, we bring out the characteristics of the beans that we want to define. Some of our coffees we roast to showcase a fuller body, whilst others are roasted to emphasise their juicy-ness or acidity.

The wholesale coffee beans that we supply to you are hand roasted and delivered every week to ensure that you only serve the freshest coffee. When we deliver, we get to see you all, check that everything is okay, answer any questions that you may have and have a general catch up too.

A Helping Hand

Being a wholesale coffee bean supplier doesn’t just stop at the coffee… Oh no. We give you all the point of sale material that you need to shout about the speciality coffee that you now serve. We have some stock items, such as A-boards, strut cards, posters and leaflets to help. If you are looking for something individual to you and your business, we work closely with a bespoke design team too.

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Our team understand that staff training and keeping it up to date is really important to help your business grow. We can help you with this by offering training that can take place on your own premises. We create bespoke, easy to follow training guides to help too.

Days out

To add to the above, you are always welcome to come for a staff day out to the roastery. You can learn more about the green coffee beans, roast with us and take part in some coffee tasting.

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Having the right wholesale coffee supplier for your wholesale coffee beans is so important. If you want to read more, check out our whole coffee supplier page, or get in touch.

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