Wholesale Coffee for a Coffee Cart

Own a coffee cart? We salute you. Out in all weathers at all times of the day; you deserve a knighthood.

Are you on the hunt for a new coffee supplier to supply you with awesome, freshly roasted speciality coffee? You are! Then look no further.

Who are we

We’re an independent, family-run coffee roastery who supply awesome coffee for both wholesale and retail. We source speciality coffee from small farms in Africa, South America, and Central America to name a few, through a UK importer. Once landed, we collect from their warehouse, bring the beans back to Rutland where we store them in a humidity-controlled environment and expertly roast them, before delivering fresh to you.

Two Chimps Logo

What do I get?

If you decide to join our troop by selling our hand-roasted coffee on your coffee cart, you can expect to receive plenty of advantages. For example, all of our coffee is hand-delivered to you where possible by one of our trusty chimps.

We want to make sure that everything is running smoothly by dropping by and handing your coffee to you. If you have any issues or queries, then we’re there to sort them on the spot. If, however, everything is running smoothly as we’d expect, then at least you’ve had the pleasure of seeing our lovely faces.
As a wholesale coffee customer, you’re also more than welcome to stop by at Two Chimps HQ to say hi if you’re in the area. Or, arrange to pop up for a nose around our roastery and see where the magic happens.


photo of two chimps coffee board with josies vintage trailer in the background


Wondering ‘how do I set up my espresso machine.’ No problem. We will set your machine and grinder for you.  We will also train you to make awesome coffee or train any staff that you have.  There is more than one way that we can do this too. If you’re keen to come and see the roastery, then we can do some coffee training onsite using our espresso machine.

This will involve setting up the grinder and espresso machine to make sure all the variables are correct to get the most out of your coffee. This also allows you to hone in your skills, before transferring them to your espresso machine. Practice makes perfect.

Alternatively, we are happy to train you on your espresso machine, at a time and location that is convenient for you. Whichever way you prefer, it’s all part of the service.


Fresh Coffee

The best perk of all! We believe ‘Fresh is Best’ when it comes to coffee. Just like any food really, except for maybe Stilton cheese. We roast multiple times each week to make sure that when you receive your coffee, it’s as fresh as possible. We even include the roasting date on the back of the bag so you can see the freshness and arrange your stocks accordingly.

We always roast by hand and we monitor each roast to assure the batch is roasting exactly how we require. Our roast logs for each coffee ensures an even roast and makes sure we don’t over roast either. Instead, we choose a lighter roast style to showcase the flavours of our speciality coffee.


Coffee being poured from a roaster drum

Point of Sale

As a coffee cart owner, I’m sure you get to visit lots of places and meet loads of lovely people who love coffee. Our point of sale material is a great tool to let people know everything about you and your business. For instance, we provide A-Boards with loads of space for you to advertise what you like, strut mounts with our logo and leaflets shouting about speciality coffee, to name a few.


Cafe at the kings centre Oakham


Social Media

Not only can you decorate your coffee cart with our point of sale material, but we’ll also support you online by letting the world know where to find you.

As a mobile coffee cart owner, I’m sure you find this to be the best tool for you to tell everyone your whereabouts. We’ll connect with you via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and happily re-post pictures and information about you and your business.

We love to write a great blog about you and what makes your business special too. We believe it’s essential that small businesses like ourselves support each other, to spread the word far and wide and to shout about the coffee you are serving, to all of our followers, and beyond.


holding a red mug


What else is cool about Two Chimps Coffee?

Well, we roast multiple times each week for freshness, we’ll help you set your machine up, we’ll deliver for free and we’ll big you up on social media, what else is there?! I’ll tell you!

Our coffee is so good because we only use the best. As mentioned, we source speciality coffee which is the highest grade of coffee available. During its life, speciality coffee has been hand-picked at the perfect ripeness, processed carefully, dried to perfection, rested and sorted by hand to remove any impurities found within the beans. It’s the cream of the crop when it comes to coffee.

To be classed as speciality coffee, it must obtain a quality score of 80 points or higher. If it doesn’t make the grade, it doesn’t get the title. To obtain the score, a process known as coffee cupping is used.

We source this ethically so we know our farmers are getting the best price they can, and we continue the quality by roasting with love and care.



What else do we do?

We don’t just supply wholesale coffee for coffee carts. Oh no. We also stock delicious hot chocolate and a selection of loose-leaf teas for any coffee haters out there.



It’s also crucial to clean your brewing device as this can potentially affect the taste of the coffee. When coffee is ground, it releases oils, and over time these can build up, even over one day! So we have a variety of great cleaning products available for purchase to help keep your machine in tip-top condition. We also stock takeaway coffee cups and lids.

All sound good? Great! Get in touch with the team today. Wholesale coffee for your coffee cart is just a call or email away!



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