Wholesale coffee for Businesses

Two Chimps Coffee? Tell me more…

Our speciality is speciality! Coffee, that is.

We source it, buy it, import it, roast it, supply it, drink it and we love it. It’s not just cafes and coffee shops which we provide wholesale coffee, but all sorts of different businesses, such as gyms, hairdressers, farm shops and offices.

looking down onto latte art on a cup of two chimps coffee

We source  single-origin speciality coffee from smallholding farms all over the world, which is the highest grade of coffee available. We use this because of the wonderful flavours you can find in each cup. Hand roasting our beans multiple times a week for our wholesale coffee customers. This guarantees they receive the freshest coffee around.

We’re based in Oakham, Rutland, and we welcome anyone to come and visit the roastery. If you aren’t close enough to pop by, then we have a fantastic website packed with information about coffee, brewing and workshops, or if you prefer to contact us by phone, one of our chimps will always be available to help.


Whatever your business is, we are on hand to help you choose the perfect coffee for you.

We always have at least six different coffees available, as well as limited edition batches and a sparkling water decaffeinated coffee. If none of these take your fancy, then why not create your own blend?! We’ll invite you to our roastery, let you taste our coffees, and from there, we’ll help you make a unique blend of coffee just for you and your business. You even get to name it.

Not only do we supply the best coffee, but we’ll also deliver it to you by hand for free, as we like to make sure all is OK. We drop by, say hi, and answer any questions you may have there and then; as well as bringing your super fresh coffee, of course. If for any reason we cannot deliver by hand, we’ll pop it in the post, first-class with no extra charge.

hand full of green coffee

Why else are we different?

Our motto is ‘Fresh is Best’ which is why, as an Artisan Coffee Roaster, we hand roast our beans with care. Our top tip would be to place an order for a smaller amount each week, rather than a larger monthly order. This way, you’re getting the freshest coffee every time we deliver.

We measure the density and moisture of the green beans before we roast, and we use roast logs which we’ve created especially to roast those particular beans consistently.

We use our senses to monitor the roast as well as keeping an eye on the roast log by computer. When roasting, the three sensory stages we look for are known to us as Grass, Hay & Bread. These happen as the beans take on heat and release moisture. These milestones and their timings allow us to check that the timings are in-line with our predictions for the roast.

We don’t want to over roast our beans, as this results in a burnt smell and taste. Therefore, we only roast for a few minutes after the first crack. At the first crack, the coffee beans omit emergy, resulting in a cracking sound. The start of the first crack signals the beginning of the roast development time. If we were to continue roasting, we would approach the second crack.

coffee in roasting sample trowel

Second crack roasts are usually oily, with those darker, bitter and burnt flavours that we are looking to avoid. We’re using the highest grade arabica beans, so we want the natural flavours to show through, which is why we lightly roast our coffee beans instead. We also only roast in small batches multiple times a week, to guarantee the freshness. Coffee is at it’s best when it’s fresh, which is why, as mentioned, we’d prefer to deliver your coffee order to you weekly, rather than monthly.

As well as ultra-fresh coffee delivered by hand, we’ll also help you get the very best out of your new coffee by ensuring your brew device is set up correctly. We’ll visit you at a convenient time and run through the setup. If you’re using an espresso machine, we’ll set this up for you and set your grinder too, giving you the perfect espresso every time.

espresso pouring from an espresso machine


It’s essential for your business that the coffee your serve tastes great.

Many factors can affect the taste of the coffee brewed, including the amount of coffee, grind size, temperature and extraction time. We’ll set your grinder up to the correct grind and time, and we’ll set your espresso machine up with the correction extraction time. All these elements working together means you’ll get a perfect shot every time.

We’ll happily train any staff and are happy to run a refresher session if needed in the future, for free. If you are looking for a different way of brewing coffee, we’ll help you choose a new device and show you how to use it.

We supply freshly roasted coffee in whole bean for you to grind yourself. Or if you prefer, we can freshly grind for you. We do so on the day of delivery to assure that you’re still getting the freshest coffee.

Cupping at Two Chimps HQ

We even contact you for your coffee order, and payment can be set up via a variable direct debit, so you don’t have to remember a thing. All you need to do is carry on running your business and let the coffee roll in!

We also have plenty of extras to help you with your business too. For instance, we have point of sale material so you can advertise that we are working together. We’ll support you on social media and write a blog about your for our website. We have experts in the know who can help if you require an espresso machine, or yours needs repairing or servicing.

We also have equipment and accessories such as coffee tamps, milk jugs and cleaning products, and if you need, we have takeaway cups and lids. Finally, it’s not only coffee we supply to our wholesale coffee customers. We also stock a deliciously indulgent hot chocolate which is super creamy and some refreshing loose-leaf tea. Something for everyone!

blowing on a hot mug of coffee


Sound like your cup of tea? Great. Get in touch with the team today. Wholesale coffee for your business, sorted.


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