Wholesale coffee for Cafes

Are you an independent café owner? Or do you own a small chain of coffee shops?

Whether you are just getting started, or have been serving coffee for too many years to mention and are looking for a new wholesale coffee provider for your café, we are here for you.

About us

We’re Two Chimps Coffee, and we specialise in ethically sourced, hand-roasted, no nonsense, awesome coffee. We carefully select our coffee beans from small farms and cooperatives all over the world and hand roast them at our roastery in Rutland.

We only source single-origin, speciality coffee based on their flavour profiles and quality score. For coffee to be awarded the speciality title, the coffee must score at least 80 points out of 100. If it doesn’t get the score, then it misses out on such a prestigious title.

Using our knowledge as coffee roasters, we carefully roast the beans by hand in small batches. This brings out the best in each batch, resulting in delicious coffee for you and your customers.



Sounds good! Tell me more about coffee

As mentioned, we only use the best of the best; which is otherwise known as speciality coffee. Speciality coffee is lovingly cared for throughout every stage of its life, resulting in truly special, and tasty coffee.

Speciality coffee makes up for the top 20% or so of Arabica coffee produced worldwide. There are many different varietals of coffee grown, all with their own traits. For instance, some are grown because they are high yielding, while others are less susceptible to insect damage.

When the coffee cherries are ripe, they’re handpicked and ready for processing. Processing removes the pulp from the coffee seed (or bean, as we know them) and is done in one of three main ways.



The washed method removes the pulp by way of fermentation before they are dried. The natural method involves leaving the cherries to dry on raised beds, without the washing as previously mentioned. As they dry, the skin will naturally separate from the seed. Lastly, the semi-washed (or honeyed process) is a mix of the two. Each can create exciting flavour profiles.

Once dried, the beans are hand-sorted to remove any impurities before being sent to be graded by Q graders. Q graders are certified coffee tasters who score the coffee using a points system.

If the coffee scores 80 points or higher, then it is classed as speciality. Because of the care taken to grow speciality coffee (and the fantastic taste that ensues), the price is higher than commodity-graded coffee.

We are happy paying a higher price for premium coffee because we know it’s the best. We also know that because we use a direct trade route, that the farmers receive more of the price paid.


green coffee on a coffee bed



Because of the care and attention that goes into growing speciality coffee, we want to make sure, as roasters that we carry that on; which is why we roast carefully by hand.

We store the green beans in a temperature and humidity-controlled environment to keep them fresh, and we roast in small batches multiple times each week. Before the first roast, we check the moisture and density levels of our beans to inform us of what temperature to start the roast.

Dependant on what altitude the beans were grown will determine the density of the bean. The higher the density, the higher the charge temperature of the roast needs to be. It’s all very scientific!

As the roast progresses, we use sensory milestones to monitor the roast and to help make sure we get it right. Roasting in small batches allows us to provide you with the freshest coffee possible.

Anything else I should know?

Yes! As a wholesale coffee customer, you benefit from great service as well as freshly roasted coffee delivered to you every week. We contact you at a time convenient and then roast what you require, to order.

Our top tip would be to recommend that you have a small order delivered often, rather than one big order that may lose its freshness over time. We’ll always try and deliver by hand too, so we can say ‘hey’, make sure everything is OK and if you need any help with anything, we’re there to help to you. All our delivery is free for wholesale customers, even if we pop it in the post.


two chimps 1 kilogram bag lying on a coffee table


Every coffee is different in taste. A big part of getting the most from your coffee is how it’s brewed.

As a café, you’ll be more than familiar with using an espresso machine and grinder; however, it may have been a little while since you changed coffee or had to adjust your settings. Not to worry, we are here to help! As part of our service, we will spend time with you setting up your machine to make it perfect for brewing your new coffee.


coffee grinding into portafilter


Once set up, you’ll be able to pull the perfect shot of espresso without having to weigh your coffee or time your extraction. Easy! We’ll also show the whole team how it’s done, assuring that everyone knows how the best coffee should be made.

espresso pouring from an espresso machine



Locally sourced fresh produce

As a busy café serving good quality food, you’ll know the importance of sourcing fresh produce, locally if possible. It’s important to a lot of people to use independent retailers and artisan producers, such as bakers and butchers rather than the convenience of going to the supermarket. If you buy meat from the butcher, you know it’s going to be good quality. The animals have had a good life, and there will be traceability back to the farm, which is not something you can always guarantee with supermarket meat.



It’s the same with cafes; customers will hunt out great cafes knowing that they’re serving something different. Whether it be great quality local produce, homemade cakes, vegan or vegetarian options and great coffee. If you can provide all of those things, it makes you stand out from the crowd. If you’re serving excellent food, then why not serve excellent coffee alongside to make their cafe experience stand out?

We are a local independent business supporting other like-minded businesses, and we have a fantastic product that is as fresh as it can be, roasted by hand and delivered locally. Simple.


looking down onto latte art on a cup of two chimps coffee


And lastly…

We have loads of extras that you may need for your café, such as cleaning products for your espresso machine, milk jugs, tamps and takeaway cups, to name a few. If you’re busy, you’ll be pulling lots of shots of espresso every day. This can create a build-up of coffee residue which, if not cleaned away, will affect the taste of your coffees, and this is the last thing anyone wants.

Ready to play? Wholesale coffee for your café is only a call away, and it comes with free delivery, free point of sale material, free social media assistance, oh, and the tastiest freshly roasted speciality coffee.

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