Wholesale Coffee for Coffee Shops

Own a coffee shop? We salute you.

Here at Two Chimps Coffee, we love small, independent coffee shops who just love doin’ their own thing.  And what’s more, we supply wholesale coffee to coffee shops, just like yours. Sound interesting? Let’s dive in.

cup of two chimps coffee on a saucer

Tell me about Two Chimps Coffee

We are just Two Chimps, roastin’ awesome coffee! We are a small, family-run independent coffee roastery, and we roast some of the worlds best coffees by hand in small batches for our customers.  Not only do we roast the freshest speciality coffee, but we deliver by hand where possible to our wholesale customers too.  This way, we’re on hand to help with any coffee related questions that may arise.

We know what great quality coffee tastes like; which is why we ethically source single-origin speciality coffee from small farms and cooperatives around the world. We choose our coffee based on exciting flavour profiles and always have an array of the best coffees to choose from.

coffee in a cooling bin

Speciality Coffee

We use only the best arabica beans sourced through the most direct trade route as possible. We use a trade house, who has great relationships with coffee farmers around the globe. Having a shorter supply chain means that more of the monies paid makes it back to the coffee farmer and their workers. Speciality coffee is of such a high quality, organisations such as Fairtrade are not required when sourcing. For instance, because of its high quality, the value of speciality coffee is already much greater than the price guaranteed for Fairtrade. Fairtrade and the likes do however have their place when buying commodity-grade coffee.

Ladies standing on and with green specialty coffee

Speciality coffee beans are grown on the “bean belt”, which is the area between the Tropic of Capricorn and The Tropic of Cancer; as this is where it grows best. As we source from smallholding farms, when a coffee has been grown, harvested, processed, roasted and drunk, it’s gone, until at least next year. This means we have to choose another coffee to replace it when our stocks run short. Don’t worry however;  we always find something very similar to fill the gap the original coffee has left.


So, we’ve sourced lovely speciality coffee and got it to our coffee roastery; now comes the fun part. The beans have been lovingly nurtured, and we don’t want it to stop there. We hand roast all of our coffees using special recipes that we have created for each batch. We monitor each roast and can make any adjustments if necessary. We roast our beans lighter than some because we don’t want to hide the complex and interesting flavours found with speciality coffee by burning the beans. We also only roast small quantities of beans at a time, because we believe ‘Fresh is Best’. The fresher the coffee, the better it tastes. Simple!

coffee in roaster sampling trowel

What’s in it for me?

As a coffee shop owner, you’ll understand the importance of really good coffee, and so will your customers. Because coffee is best fresh, we only roast what we need to fulfil our wholesale coffee orders each week. We store our green beans in a humidity-controlled environment and roast as and when we need, rather than roasting everything and storing the finished product. This means every time you order from us; we roast your coffee fresh to order.

Our top tip would be to only order what you need for the coming week at a time.  Rather than placing one large order a month, a weekly order and delivery will assure your coffee is fresh when you make it into that all-important morning espresso. As mentioned, we also deliver it for free!

Not only will you receive immensely fresh coffee, delivered by hand for free, but we’ll also make sure your machine and grinder are set up correctly too. Like us, you’ll know how imperative it is to get these right, to get the best out of your coffee. The chances are you will easily be able to set your espresso machine and grinder yourself, and that’s fab! But we also know how busy things can get so we are here to help as much or as little as you need.

coffee being ground into a portafilter

We offer continual training for free too. So, if it’s training new staff or you are looking for refresher training for steaming milk and awesome latte art, we’re the chimps to do it.

Can you benefit my business?

We want to make life easy for you. We know that you and your coffee shop are busy and that the cornerstone of this is coffee. We also know that our coffee is the best! We’re using the best beans, we’re roasting them with care, and we roast fresh to order  so you know the freshest coffee is arriving each week. It might be daunting having to change coffee, reset your machines, change payment details etc. but we take care of all of this. The only job you have is choosing which delicious coffee you like the best!

We’ll contact you each week, on a day that works for you for your order; we’ll then roast it, prepare it, deliver it and make sure your machine is running smoothly. We’ll also set up a direct debit for you, and train any staff for you as mentioned too. And the best bit? All of this is included in the price.

two chimps 1 kilogram bag lying on a coffee table

Wow! Sounds awesome!

It is! We know how important it is to keep your business running smoothly for you and your customers. We also know how important it is to tell the world about the awesomeness you are producing every day. This is why we think social media is so important. We love shouting about our wonderful wholesale coffee customers online, and we want to support you through social media as well. We’ll connect with you and write a blog about your everyday wonders as we want people to hear about your business; and not just because you serve Two Chimps Coffee!

You want to be able to cater for everyone, and the one thing in common that will make everyone smile is an awesome cup of coffee.

Ready to join the troop? Great! Get in touch with the team today.


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Andy Cross

Meet the chimp behind this article!
Head Chimp founded Two Chimps alongside Laura in 2016 after being self-employed from the age of 21. He caught the coffee bug from using an at-home roaster, and the rest is history!

What Andy does outside of the treehouse:
When the weather’s nice, Andy loves going on bike rides with his trusty sidekick, microchimp Felix (who always leads the way, of course). Andy also enjoys spending time tending to the family’s vegetable garden, and looking after their at-home farmyard, which includes a cat, two guinea pigs, and six chickens!

Andy says…
“I believe every day is a school day, and I’m always looking for opportunities to stick my head in a book and absorb new knowledge. I also love a problem to solve and fix – there’s no such thing as problems, only solutions.”

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