Wholesale coffee for Delicatessens

Own a delicatessen? Lucky you! We love delicatessens.

The foods and drinks found are second to none, and always super tasty! Have you thought about stocking freshly roasted coffee to sell to your customers? Well, this is where we come in.

Who are we?

We are a small, local, independent roastery hand roasting coffee in Rutland. Our coffee is ethically sourced from smallholding farms all over the world, which we import and roast by hand. Here at Two Chimps Coffee, we only source and roast speciality coffee. Speciality coffee is of the highest grade and full of flavour. Because the quality of this coffee is so high, it doesn’t need to be roasted dark to hide any impurities. Instead, we roast lighter, allowing the flavours and sweetness to shine.

What do I get?

As a wholesale coffee supplier, we offer a range of advantages, such as free delivery and the freshest coffee. We also roast fresh coffee to order, meaning the coffee you receive is super fresh and tasty. Many independent coffee roasters source and roast coffee; however, not all roast it themselves and not all roast in small batches to guarantee freshness. We do, and this is why our customers think our coffee is the best.

Fresh Coffee

Because we hand roast our coffee multiple times each week to fulfil our orders, we can guarantee that when you receive your coffee delivery, it’s as fresh as it can be. Fresh coffee is the best coffee, and we know it tastes better, which is why we’ll happily deliver little and often to you rather than you having to buy in bulk.

There is no minimum order quantity, and delivery is free too. You don’t even have to worry about ordering. Each week we’ll contact you to see how you are and what your stocks are like. It’s so easy to find coffee for your delicatessen.

coffee in a cooling bin

Free Delivery

Not only will we deliver to you every week, but we deliver personally where possible. We want to make sure you’re happy with your coffee you are reselling, and you can always ask us there and then if you have any questions or need any help. If your delicatessen is based a little further from us here at Two Chimps HQ, we’ll send your coffee order for free using a first-class service or a courier.

Point of Sale

We have lots of point of sale material to help you to showcase your newest line. You can also share the exciting news using our A-Boards or strut mounts. We have leaflets full of info about us and our coffees too.

Two Chimps Sign

Onsite events and tasting sessions

We are happy to run events and tasting sessions at your delicatessen. Tasting sessions are a super way to allow your customers to try before they buy. We will gladly set up shop in the corner, brew coffee and share tasters as we wander the floor. We can also run a coffee cupping session or a talk about speciality coffee and what makes it so much better than commodity-grade coffee that you usually stumble across in the supermarket.


Social Media Support

We love to shout about our customers on all platforms of social media. Social Media allows businesses to let the world know what they are up to, share exciting news and tell the world how they’re doing. We stay in contact with all our retail customers via social media, sharing and liking posts and supporting you with blogs of our own. We want to let our followers know where they can head for their fresh coffee fix.

Why else should I choose Two Chimps Coffee?

As a small independent business, we believe that shopping locally and sourcing ingredients from other small businesses means you get better quality products with a wealth of experience to boot.
We know exactly what great coffee is and why, how to source it ethically and sustainably, how it should taste and, because of all this knowledge, we’ve learnt to roast correctly to get the very best from each coffee.

We want to make it easy as possible for you as a reseller by making the transition as fun and pain-free as possible. That’s why we offer so much as part of our service. All you need to do is choose which coffees you would like to stock, and the grind sizes you want to offer, and we will do the rest. Don’t worry; we can help with this too.

andy and laura the founders of two chimps coffee with their didrich coffee roaster

We won’t bombard you with useless facts and jargon, but we will help you where it’s needed, making sure everything is running smoothly, and you’re happy with the coffee you are reselling. Our website is packed with useful information, ‘How to…’ guides, recipes etc and if that wasn’t enough, we have a small team of enthusiastic chimps who you can contact anytime to chat and are here to help you with any problems.

As a delicatessen, you already have extensive knowledge of producers, artisan products, fresh products and unique items available locally or a bit further afield. You may have sourced products from independent retailers because you yourself believe in shopping locally and supporting independents.

Cafe at the kings centre Oakham

On the flip side, supermarkets are so big and such a convenient way to shop, people who have busy lives don’t always have the time to visit several smaller shops, it’s just easier to go to one big one. Unfortunately, those products aren’t as fresh, or of such quality, it’s just about convenience. This is why small businesses must stick together.

To recap, not only is our freshly roasted coffee awesome, but we also support you from the start; from tasting and choosing our delicious coffee to support on social media.

Ready to join the troop and stock Two Chimps Coffee in your delicatessen? Great! Get in touch with the team today. We can arrange a chat over a coffee and progress from there.

The freshest coffee is just a phone call away.

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