Wholesale Coffee for Farm Shops

Do you own a farm shop?

Are you looking to stock freshly roasted high-quality coffee? Well, luckily for you we supply wholesale coffee to farm shops all around the UK! Sound interesting? Read on for more.

Our Coffees

Here at Two Chimps Coffee, we roast speciality coffee. Now, this isn’t just any coffee, oh no, speciality coffee is a much higher grade of Arabica. This, in turn, means that speciality coffees are very high quality, not to mention super tasty!



We source our coffees from small farms, cooperatives and estates from around the world. Speciality coffee farmers work incredibly hard to ensure what they produce is the best it can be.

In order to produce speciality grade coffees, farmers have to work a lot harder than their commodity-grade coffee counterparts. For example, when the coffee cherries are ready to be picked, rather than being strip picked, they are, more often than not, hand-picked. Head to our blog on hand picked vs mass picked coffee for more.

Processing & Drying

After harvesting, the hand-picked coffee cherries are sent to be processed before they are dried. The way they are processed and dried varies from farm to farm. The processing method chosen has an overall effect on the flavours found within the coffee too. Some farms use a natural process (often referred to as sun-dried), whereas others may use the washed process. To make the options available for processing even more engaging to the coffee farmer, the honey (or semi-washed) process is also available. Confusing? No problemo. Head over to our blog for more on processing and drying methods.



Way before we choose a coffee, for speciality coffee to be given its renowned title, it is given a quality score. This score is based on several factors such as taste, aroma and mouthfeel, to name a few.

For a coffee to be given the speciality title, it must receive a score higher than 80 out of 100 points. Coffees that are given a score lower than 80 are commodity-grade coffees, which is the grade of coffee you will typically find in supermarkets. Coffee cupping is used to determine a coffee’s quality score.


Our coffees are hand-roasted in small batches. By roasting in small batches, we can be safe in the knowledge that our coffee is always super fresh. We roast multiple times each week, assuring that we never build up a stock of coffee here at Two Chimps HQ.


coffee roasting by hand

Ordering & Delivery

At the start of each week, we call for your coffee order. Once we have your order, we start roasting. Our ethos is ‘fresh is best,’ which is something that we are sure you all agree with. With this in mind, we don’t have a minimum order quantity. If you only require a couple of bags to top up your coffee stocks, that is fine with us. In fact, we prefer it to ordering a box of say 24 bags which are old and have lost their freshness by the time they leave the shelves. With a little stock rotation from you, the coffee in your farm shop will always be super fresh.

After roasting, we pack your coffee order, ready to be delivered. Keeping the time between packing and delivering short is another way of assuring the freshest coffee possible.


coffee mug orange


If you are local to our coffee roastery near Ashwell in Rutland, your coffee will be hand-delivered by one of the team. If your farm shop is a little further afield, don’t worry. Your coffee will be delivered with next day delivery. Either way, delivery is free.


‘Proper coffee’, for want of a better term, needs to be ground before it can be used in a brewing device. Ground coffee loses its freshness quicker than whole bean coffee, so, where possible, grinding coffee at home, as an when it is required, is ideal. To add to your farm shop coffee offering, you could retail a hand grinder like the Hario Skerton Hand Grinder.

Alternatively, we offer pre-ground coffee bags. Coffee that requires grinding is done so just before it leaves us, making the time between grinding and arriving with you is as short as possible. We can grind coffee to suit an array of different brewing devices too; from espresso, cafetiere, filter, Aeropress or Moka pot. Not sure what to offer? We find offering both whole-bean coffee and coffee pre-ground for a cafetiere covers most bases.


ground coffee in different grinds

Custom Blend

Although having speciality coffee in your farm shop is fantastic on its own, take it a step further with your own coffee blend. Bring your team members to the roastery, and we will cup some coffee. Next, wet blend the coffee to create your own custom blend; unique to you and your farm shop. Lastly, name it and start spreading the word!

Point of Sale Items

Ready to shout about your new coffee? We have lots of point of sale material to help. For instance, our branded a-boards have space for you to write whatever takes your fancy; ideal if you have a deal to promote. Our smaller posters give background information about the farms and farmers that we source our coffee from, and we also have window stickers and stand up strut mounts, along with larger posters if required.


Two Chimps Window Sticker on a door

No Hidden Costs or Contracts

There are no hidden costs or sneaky contracts. This means that you can become part of the Two Chimps Troop without any hassle. Equally, if the time ever came when you wanted to leave us, you can do so easily. However, we will miss you!

Online Support

We go further than just supplying you with amazing coffee. For instance, we promote your business by engaging with your posts and sharing them with our customers.

Social media allows us to be social with our customers and we like to take full advantage of that! We write a blog about you too; ready to share with our 1000’s of followers.


a shot of espresso pouring into a mug


So, if you own or manage a farm shop and you like the sound of what you have read, give us a call and join the Two Chimps Troop! Freshly roasted coffee is just a phone call away.

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