Wholesale coffee for Hairdressers

Are you a hairdresser looking to ‘up’ your customer service game?

Going to the hairdressers isn’t just about the haircut, as we are sure you know. You offer your clients a coffee when they arrive, right? Well, why not offer them a hand-roasted cup of speciality coffee from a local roastery instead?

So, who are we?

We’re an independent coffee roaster set in the heart of Rutland, roasting ethically sourced, speciality coffee by hand. We’re a small family run business who have been roasting awesome coffee for years. We believe that ‘Fresh is Best’, and so, we freshly roast to order. After resting, we deliver the best coffee to our lovely customers.

About Us

What do I get?

There are loads of cool services that we provide as a wholesale coffee supplier. Have a read below to find out more…

Fresh Coffee

As mentioned, we believe that ‘fresh is best’. The fresher the product, the better it tastes, right? Well, this applies to coffee too. We will only roast the amount of coffee needed, (plus extra for us chimps!), so you know the coffee we deliver every week is as fresh as it possibly can be.

Our top tip would be to order your coffee in whole bean and grind what you need when you need it. Wholebean coffee stays fresh for even longer you see, plus it will make your hair salon smell amazing! However, if you prefer your coffee pre-ground, then no problem! We will grind it for you on the day of delivery and deliver in a sealed bag. This way, it’s super fresh, even pre-ground!

coffee being sampled from a roaster

We only source speciality coffee, and our coffee is roasted carefully by hand using recipes we’ve created from our extensive knowledge. Because the coffee we use is of such high quality, we never have to over roast it; doing so could lose the subtle flavours that make it unique. Instead, we choose a lighter, more delicate approach to keep the natural flavours of the coffee present in the cup.

Speciality coffee has been carefully looked after on its journey from cherry to bean; therefore, we want to carry that on by ensuring we preserve the qualities that make it the best.

Free Delivery

Because we want you to experience fresh coffee every time you order, we always recommend placing an order every week. We know you are busy, so we will arrange with you a time that is convenient for us to contact you for your weekly coffee order.

Where possible, we deliver your coffee by hand, so we can say ‘hey’, see how you’re getting on and are on hand if there’s anything we can help you with. If your hair salon is a little further from us, we’ll pop your freshly roasted coffee in the post. We send using first-class post or a courier, and there is no charge to you.

Free Set up and Training

If you use an espresso machine in your hairdressers, then we are on hand to make sure it is set up correctly for your coffee of choice. It makes a big difference in how your machine is set to how your coffee will taste. If your coffee is ground too coarsely, for instance, the water can travel through too quickly, and your coffee will have an awfully sour taste.

If, on the other hand, the grind is too fine, you’re going to have a real bitter taste in your mouth and wonder why when you tasted our coffee before, it was so delicious! This is all down to grind size, amount of coffee and extraction time. Don’t worry, however; we’ll set up your machine for you and show you exactly how to get the perfect espresso. We also train any of your staff for you on the day or at another, more convenient time.

If you don’t use an espresso machine for making coffee in your hair salon, then we’ll tailor your coffee to your brewing device of choice so you can make equally great coffee. We will come back and do refresher training too, any time you feel you may want it.

Milk texturising using an espresso machine

Point of Sale

We have a great variety of point of sale materials for you to use as you please. For instance, we have strut mounts that can be placed at each station so your clients can see what delicious coffee they’re drinking, and leaflets with plenty of interesting information about us and our coffee. Perfect for helping the time pass while waiting for their colour to develop!

A board and comfy seats

Social Media Support

We think social media is a brilliant way of advertising your business for free. We love connecting with our wholesale customers and seeing what they’re up to. We’ll share, like and post pictures of your business which spreads the word and lets people know that fantastic coffee you serve! We also write a blog about you, showcasing your business and letting our followers know that you now serve awesome coffee.

How can you benefit my business?

Nowadays, going to the hairdressers is a luxury experience. Clients expect reading material, free drinks and friendly chat, as well as a haircut, the cheek! However, it’s all part of the service; a bit like us. You pay for your coffee, but you’re also getting lots of great extras included.

You want your clients to enjoy their experience and leave feeling pampered and relaxed. We know that our coffee is awesome, so why not share it with your customers to add to their experience with you? Going to get your hair done, read a book and have a delicious coffee is such a great experience, and they’ll keep coming back for more.

It’s not only your clients that will benefit from amazingly fresh coffee, however. Being on your feet all day, cutting hair and having multiple conversations with clients will no doubt zap the energy of your staff. Knowing that there is fresh coffee available whenever they need it is a good motivator.

coffee being tamped in a portafilter

Caffeine is proven to increase energy, improve mood and also helps you concentrate better; perfect to keep your staff snipping away all day. Caffeine-free?

We also offer a chemical-free decaffeinated coffee, a deliciously creamy hot chocolate and a variety of loose-leaf teas to cater for everyone.

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