Wholesale Coffee for Pubs

Do you own a pub, or are you looking to become a landlord or landlady soon?

Do you own a pub, or are you looking to become a landlord or landlady soon? On the hunt for a new wholesale coffee supplier? Hi! We are Two Chimps Coffee, and we are here to help!

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Here at Two Chimps, we roast speciality coffees by hand and in small batches to order. Our ethos is fresh is best, and so by roasting to order, you can be sure that you are serving the freshest coffee possible to your customers.


coffee in a cooling bin

Our Coffees

The coffees we roast and source are, as mentioned previously, speciality coffees. Speciality coffees are a much higher grade of Arabica coffee compared to commodity coffee. Our coffees are all single-origin and come from small farms and estates from around the world. We work with an importer who has a direct relationship with the farmers, allowing us to access some amazingly awesome coffees and to share them with you.


All day espresso coffee in beds in El Salvador


For a coffee to be given the title of speciality coffee, it must obtain a score of at least 80 points out of 100. If it doesn’t get the score, it doesn’t get the grade and becomes commodity graded Arabica coffee instead. To score coffee, a process known as coffee cupping is used. Coffee cupping allows all elements to stay the same, meaning that whatever is found within the cup, or if a difference between coffees is noted, it must be the coffee itself. The coffee will be scored by Q graders and will be scored on things like its aroma, mouthfeel, acidity and body to name a few.

Sourcing our Coffee

During the harvest season, speciality coffees are more often than not hand-picked to ensure only the ripest fruit is chosen; any unripe fruit is left on the tree until it’s ready. These ripe coffee cherries are then processed and dried using various methods, often dependent on the country of origin, or the farmers’ wishes. For instance, some farms will process their coffee as a washed coffee and as a natural coffee, with different characteristics residing in both. What does all this mean? Check out the different ways of processing and drying coffee here.


Rwandan Coffee Worker


Because we source from small farms and estates, from time to time, our coffee offering will change. Once a coffee has been harvested, processed, shipped, roasted and drunk, it’s gone for good. Even if we were to source from the same farm next year, the coffee could be very different, dependant on the climate in that year. We don’t see this as a negative, however. Oh no. Just think of all the coffees you and your customers can try!

When a coffee is nearing its end, we have an equally delicious coffee waiting to take its place. Although this new coffee won’t be identical, it will have similar flavours. For example, if a coffee had an apple-like acidity, we would source a coffee which had a similar acidity, but maybe with the bonus of a subtle nutty finish.


espresso in a red mug

Ordering & Delivery

As mentioned, fresh is best. To aid in your quest for the freshest coffee possible, we contact you at the start of each week to see if a coffee order is required. We don’t have a minimum order quantity, because if we did, you could have a stock of coffee going stale for ages. If no coffee is required, no problem. We shall call again next week.

Upon receiving your wholesale coffee order for your pub, we will roast this to order. After roasting, your freshly roasted coffee will be ground if needed and packed ready to leave us from Two Chimps HQ. If you are located a little way from us here in sunny ol’ Rutland, we will deliver your order by next day courier, for FREE. Local to the roastery? Great. We deliver by hand every Wednesday and Thursday.


fresh coffe delivered and sitting on a door mat

No Hidden Contracts or Costs

We don’t hide any costs from you, nor do we tie you into a contract. You simply pay for what you order. We even have a Direct Debit system; meaning you don’t have to remember to pay either. Order amazing coffee from us, and everything else is complimentary. For instance, we deliver for free, offer continued free coffee training, free social media assistance and free point of sale material.

Coffee Training

As mentioned, we offer continual free coffee training to all of our wholesale coffee customers. Coffee training is great for new staff and existing staff alike. Come to us at the roastery, or we can come to you if it is more convenient. Our coffee training covers everything from pouring milk correctly, tamping, dialling in your grinder, cleaning your machine, and so much more!


pouring milk into a mug

Point of Sale Material

As mentioned earlier, we can also supply point of sale material to aid in spreading the word about your new coffee. We can supply branded A-boards and posters giving information on the farms that grew the coffee you will be serving. We also offer window stickers, strut cards, large posters and information cards.

Online Support

Along with face to face and over the phone support; we like to support you in other ways too. Social media is a huge and great marketing tool, we use our social channels to tell the world about your already awesome business and the coffee that you are now serving. We also write a blog about your business to share with our subscribers and followers nationwide. It doesn’t stop there; our marketing team will continue to stalk you on social media and share/like and comment on your most recent posts. If you have special offers available or would like to offer a promotion with the coffee; just let us know and we can tell our followers about it too.


coffee ground into a portafilter

Sound Interesting?

We would love to meet for a chat over a cup of coffee. Whether we come to you or you come to the roastery to see where the magic happens, it is always ace to hear about you and your plans for wholesale coffee in your pub.

So, if you own a pub and you like the sound of everything you’ve just read, what are you waiting for?!

Get in touch today to be a part of the Two Chimps Troop!

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