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Looking for a wholesale coffee supplier for your restaurant? Awesome! You have come to the right place.

Not only are Two Chimps Coffee coffee suppliers, but we only source and hand roast the best, freshest coffee. Sound like your cup of tea? Read on……

Tell me about Two Chimps Coffee

We love coffee. This is why we source only the highest quality Speciality coffee from around the world. We roast lovingly by hand, multiple times a week, so we know that you are receiving the freshest coffee possible. As a restaurant owner, you’ll know how important it is to source fresh, local ingredients. Not only can you often find some amazing independent outlets locally, but keeping it local also means that you are helping the environment by reducing your carbon footprint too.

Our Coffee

As well as serving fresh seasonal produce on your menu, you can do the same with your coffee offering; with a little help from us. Espresso based drinks are commonly served at the end of a meal to give people that boost of energy after the slump of a sugar rush. It’s going to be even more of a treat if they’re getting a super tasty, fresh cup of Two Chimps coffee to round off their evening. Just like fruits and vegetables, all of our coffees are seasonal, which means we have to change them throughout the year as and when we run out.

As mentioned, here at Two Chimps, we only source speciality coffee; the highest-grade of coffee available. As a comparison, it is a little like buying free-range meat. Speciality coffee has been well looked after throughout its life, which means the flavours are so much tastier. We only roast single-origin coffees too. Single-origin coffee is usually that of one which comes from one country. In the case of the coffees we source, it means it has come from one farm or cooperative.

green coffee being sprinkled into a sack

We buy our beans using direct trade, which means the farmers always receive the best rate for their coffee. This rate is well above the price paid for commodity graded coffee, and, usually, the higher scoring the coffee, the more it is worth.

As mentioned, when a coffee harvest is over, we source a new coffee from a different area. We don’t mind this; in fact, we love it!  Sourcing new coffees allows us all to try new and exciting flavours. Variety is the spice of life, so they say.

Our Services

When you become a wholesale coffee customer, we want you and your customers to enjoy your new coffee to the max. To us, it’s shocking how the way in which coffee is brewed affects the taste. There are millions of cups of coffee drunk daily in the UK, and it boggles the mind to think of how many may not be brewed correctly, leading to their drinkers missing out on some fantastic flavour.

You don’t need to worry about that though because, as part of our service we’ll make sure every shot of espresso you pull is perfect every time. We’ve spent lots of time carefully roasting to specific recipes, ensuring we’re getting the best out of that particular coffee bean. Your coffee machine and grinder must be set up correctly, so your coffee is being brewed correctly. Don’t worry, however,If you do use an espresso machine, we will set this up for you, as well as your grinder. Because all coffees are different, each one will need to be set up slightly differently on your espresso machine.

Espresso pouring into a mug

Custom Blending

Want a coffee unique to you and your restaurant? No problem. Here at Two Chimps, we offer a unique blending service. Come and blend coffee with us, brew it and name it, and best of all, no one else will brew your custom blend. We can’t think of a better unique selling point for you than your very own coffee, can you?


As we’ve mentioned, we want you to have the freshest coffee, which is why we hand roast in small batches, several times a week. Whether you choose to have whole bean coffee ready to be ground fresh to order, or pre-ground coffee direct from the roastery, it will always be at its freshest.

If possible, we’ll always recommend for you to freshly grind your coffee to order as coffee stays fresher for longer in bean form. However, if you would prefer it pre-ground, then you can still guarantee it’s freshness, as we will only grind your beans on the day of delivery. You can’t get much fresher than that!

As well as supplying super fresh coffee, we never charge for delivery. We’ll always endeavour to hand-deliver your freshly roasted coffee order where possible. This way, we are on hand to help with any problems you might have and to answer any queries too. If we cant deliver to your restaurant by hand, we will send your delivery by next day courier instead. This way, you still get the freshest coffee possible.

Roasted coffee being cooled in a roasters cooling bin

How else can we help?

Well, you’ve got the freshest seasonal coffee available to wow your customers with, you’ve had it delivered by hand for free and we’ve set your grinder and espresso machine so each coffee made is awesome. We even train all of your staff to make sure they pull the best shot of espresso every time. But there’s more! Most of your customers won’t order a straight espresso; some enjoy lattes and cappuccinos instead. For these, you’ll need to know how to steam milk correctly, and how to present the perfect latte and the likes. Although latte art does take practice, we can show you how to steam milk to the correct consistency so you can make that latte look pretty in no time.

coffee grinding into portafilter

We also support you online by writing a blog all about you and your restaurant, as well as connecting through social media platforms to share your posts and images. We know people love taking pictures of their food, so let’s get them posting pictures of the great coffee they had with you too and lets spread the word.

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