Wholesale Coffee for the Office

Having another one of those days in the office? Don’t worry, it must be nearly coffee time.

But no! The coffee in the machine is awful. Well, its time we change that. Freshly roasted coffee delivered directly to your office is so close you can almost smell it. Ready to change the coffee in the office? Let’s dive in to see how.


coffee grinding into portafilter

Speciality Coffee

Here at Two Chimps Coffee, we hand roast speciality coffee. “Oooh, that sounds fancy. What is it?” I hear you cry. Let me explain.

Speciality coffee is a much higher grade of Arabica. In short, these coffees are carefully looked after throughout their life. The care and attention that goes into growing and harvesting speciality coffees result in some incredible green coffee beans being produced. The climate, altitude, harvesting and processing methods all help toward making each coffee subtly different from the next.


coffee farm in colombia


More time and effort is put into growing and harvesting speciality coffees too. At harvest time, coffee can be removed from the coffee plant in different ways. The first (and less labour intensive)option is known as strip picking. Every cherry is taken off the tree whether it is ripe or not by holding the branch with one hand and pulling the other hand toward you, removing all fruit, whether ripe or not. Although this saves the farm money, it will bring the overall quality of the coffee down.

Alternatively, the coffee cherries are handpicked. This time, only the ripest fruit is taken, and everything else is left until it is ready.  As you can imagine, handpicking takes a lot longer, meaning farms have to pay their workers more. However, this initial sorting of coffee results in incredible coffees. Want more info? Check out our recent blog; Hand Picked vs Mass Picked Coffee.


Once picked, the cherries are sent to be processed and dried. There are a few different methods used for this which vary from country to country. Generally, coffees are processed in three different ways. Natural, Washed and Semi Washed (or Honeyed.)

The natural process uses no water. The fleshy part of the cherry isn’t removed and instead, these cherries are sent straight to be dried. Once the fruit has dried out, it is mechanically removed leaving the seed, or bean behind.


coffee sorting in rwanda


The washed process removes the flesh from the seed, firstly by mechanical de-pulper, and then, by fermentation. Farmers have to depend heavily on the beans absorbing enough of the cherry’s natural sugars and nutrients during growth. After washing, the seeds are laid out, usually on raised beds or patios to dry.

The honey, or semi-washed process is exactly that. Some of the flesh is removed before the coffee is laid out to be dried, allowing the flesh that is left to ‘absorb’ into the coffee seed. The aim of doing this is to create a sweeter cup.


Before we receive any coffee for roasting, it is given a quality score. This score determines whether a coffee becomes speciality or commodity-grade. The fairest way to judge a coffee is to cup it. Each coffee is scored out of 100 and can gain points on things such as aroma, taste and mouthfeel. However, points can be deducted too for things such as defects.

Single Origin

Single-origin means just that; something from one origin, like a country. Our coffees go a step or two further however: they have all come from one single farm or cooperative. With this, we have full traceability right back to the farmer who harvested the coffee. This, in turn, allows us to share the story of the farm and its workers with you.



To help further, the coffee label includes the country of origin and the farm or estate where the coffee was grown. There is also further information about the farm on the back of the label too.

How We Do Things


We hand roast our coffees in small batches multiple times each week. This way, our coffees are as fresh as possible, as fresh really is best.

During roasting, we use our sensory skills to monitor the roast and make a note of any changes if needed. We also have sensory milestones which we use to determine when the beans enter different parts of the roast. These are Grass, Hay and Bread.


roaster being manually operated

Ordering & Delivery

At the start of the week, we call you for your coffee order. Once received, we begin roasting. After the coffee has been roasted and packed, it is ready for delivery. If your office is based locally to us at the roastery, we will hand-deliver your freshly roasted coffee delivery. Further afield? No problem. We will post it to you. Either way, both of these delivery options are free. We can even freshly grind your coffee for the office too if required.

No Minimum Order Quantity

We know that some weeks can be more stressful than others. So, if you need to order a bit more coffee one week, that is fine. Equally, if you don’t need as much then that’s fine too. You are not in a  contract with us, so you have complete freedom. Fresh is best and we certainly don’t want a coffee mountain building up.


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Renting A Machine

If you are in need of a new espresso machine for the office, we can help. Although we don’t sell machines directly, we can point you in the right direction and recommend a machine for you. Get in touch if you’d like some help.

Why Two Chimps Coffee?

It’s almost unthinkable to not have coffee in the office. But don’t settle for the boring instant stuff that tastes a little like old socks! Have fresh, hand-roasted speciality coffee delivered to you, for free instead. Wholesale Coffee for the office is just a call away.


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So, if you think your office could use a bit of Two Chimps awesomeness, give us a call today and join the troop!


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