Wholesale coffee for Village Shops

Own a village shop? Cool.

Village shops are the hub of a village; supplying the freshest produce to the community, alongside the all-important newspaper or two.

Want the freshest coffee to provide to your customers? Great; you have come to the right place.

About Two Chimps Coffee

At Two Chimps Coffee, we spend our time freshly roasting coffee by hand at our roastery in Oakham, Rutland. We’re a small independent coffee roastery providing the freshest coffee available to wholesale and retail customers. We have many years of roasting experience, and we want to share awesome coffee with you and your customers.


blowing on a hot mug of coffee

Our coffee

We source our coffee from small farms and cooperatives around the world. We only source speciality coffee because it’s the best and the highest-graded coffee you can buy. Our trusty importers’ source green coffee beans for us by visiting coffee farms and sampling the delicious coffees.

The green beans are imported to the UK where they are stored until we require them for roasting. Before roasting, we check the beans for their density and moisture levels, which determines what temperature to start the roast at. We only roast speciality coffee because it has the best flavour and always have six single-origin coffees available, each from a different part of the world. We also roast two limited edition coffees along with a lovely chemical-free decaffeinated coffee.



Because speciality coffee is the best coffee, it can be traced right back to the farm it was grown, rather than just the country of origin. Often, the harvests per farm are relatively small, which means that once a particular coffee has been grown harvested, processed and drunk, it’s all gone, and we have to choose a replacement coffee. Don’t worry; we always select something similar and try to keep the flavours consistent where possible.

As a wholesale coffee customer, you get the highest grade of coffee from all over the world, hand-roasted and delivered weekly. Coffee is just the same as any other fresh produce – it’s best when it’s fresh. We all know the importance of fresh produce. For instance, when we pick out fruit and veg from the market or shelf, we naturally choose the best looking produce with the longest shelf life; rather than that brown banana. It’s the same for coffee – the fresher it is, the better it tastes.

To make sure you are receiving the freshest coffee possible, we roast in small batches multiple times each week. We also deliver your freshly roasted coffee order by hand where possible, allowing us to help answer any questions or queries; and delivery is free. If our roastery is not local to you, then don’t worry. We use Royal Mail along with multiple couriers to make sure your coffee arrives to you super quick and super fresh too.



Your customers

As mentioned, as a village shop, you’re the hub of the community. You are relied upon by a lot of people for groceries, newspapers and that all-important conversation. Due to the rural location of village shops, you likely have customers counting on you for essentials, and possibly that emergency chocolate bar!

If this is indeed the case, we believe that it’s a good idea to offer as many lines as you can; supplying your villagers with an array of tasty treats. This also saves them having to drive miles out of the way for a couple of items too.



Why Two Chimps Coffee?

Having a premium product like Two Chimps Coffee gives your customer a choice between instant coffee purely for that hit of caffeine or coffee that is roasted fresh each week and packed with flavour to enjoy as a drink, not just an energy boost.

For ease, we can prepare your wholesale coffee order in a variety of different ways too. We offer whole bean, for those who prefer to grind their coffee at home, or we can provide fresh ground coffeeready to go for the brewing device of choice, such as a cafetiere. It’s just as quick to make a cafetiere of fresh coffee as it is to make an instant, so why wouldn’t you?!


coffee grinding into portafilter


Other perks

We don’t just supply wholesale coffee for village shops. Oh no. We are on hand to help in many other ways too. For instance, social media is a great way to advertise your business without any cost. There are multiple platforms to choose from too. Many companies only have a Facebook page as their website, because it’s free! With over 2 billion users around the world, you’re bound to appeal to at least a handful of people!

We love using social media to tell the world about Two Chimps Coffee and to see others sharing posts about our coffee. As a Two Chimps wholesale customer, we’ll be your social media buddy, sharing your posts and helping you to get the message out there. We also love to write about you on our website too.

We also have plenty of point of sale in the form of A-Boards, strut mounts, leaflets and posters etc which are ideal for helping you spread the word. This allows anyone who isn’t online, or aware of us to see that you proudly sell Two Chimps Coffee.


two chimps coffee set up at scarewell farm


Anything else?

Yep! We have all sorts of gizmos and gadgets for people to brew coffee at home with. You may get a customer wanting our awesome coffee but nothing to brew it in, tragic! As a member of staff, you may also look longingly at the lovely packaging sat there on the shelf wishing it was in your kitchen.

Well, now it can be. We have a range of great brewing devices available, such as a cafetiere, AeroPress or V60; all of which are simple to use and easy to keep clean. If you wanted to go one step further and learn more about coffee, we offer a variety of training courses including Home Brewing Workshops, Latte Art Workshops and Coffee Tasting. As a wholesale customer, our courses are free too. How good is that?!



Not a coffee lover? Well don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We have deliciously creamy Hot Chocolate Flakes and a variety of loose-leaf teas also available. Even more choice for your customers!

So, If you were looking for a wholesale coffee provider for your village shop and you want the freshest coffee delivered, then get in touch with the team today.


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