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Two Chimps Coffee is based in the smallest county in England – Rutland, and we’re neighbours with the county of Leicestershire.

Did you know that Rutland was part of Leicestershire up until 1997?!

Leicestershire is rural with many picturesque villages, rolling countryside and historic towns such as Melton Mowbray, Market Harborough and Loughborough.

There is a lot of history in Leicestershire; many churches and castles as well as museums holding many Roman artefacts, the Victorian Foxton locks, where the battle of Bosworth happened, and most famously it is where King Richard III skeleton was found in 2012.

It’s also crazy about Food & Drink. Melton Mowbray in Leicestershire is well known for being the Rural Capital of Food & Drink and where the famous Pork Pie comes from, as well as Stilton cheese & Red Leicester cheese.

It also hosts The East Midlands Food & Drink Festival which is the largest regional food fest in the country. In fact, we are so close, we only need to drive for three miles from the Roastery, and we’re in Leicestershire!

Tell me about Two Chimps

Well, we are the largest coffee roasters in Rutland. The demand for fresher, better coffee has meant the rise of independent coffee roasters. So why are different? Well, we believe that ‘Fresh is Best’ and we offer the best service to ensure the coffee you receive is at its freshest.


looking down onto latte art on a cup of two chimps coffee


Speciality Coffee

Using the help of our experienced coffee importer, we ethically source single origin speciality coffee from small farms all over the world. Because we buy from small farms and cooperatives, our coffees do change from time to time too. Because the harvests are often so small, once the coffee has been grown, harvested, processed, roasted and drunk, it’s all gone.

Don’t worry, however; we always look to replace a coffee with one of similar tasting notes. So, for instance, if you were serving an awesomely chocolatey and nutty coffee through your espresso machine, its replacement would be very similar, but perhaps from a different origin.


coffee cherries being picked


Here at Two Chimps, we only source speciality Arabica coffee beans. Speciality coffee is the best of the best. To obtain speciality status, a coffee must receive a quality score of 80 points or higher. To obtain its score, it is graded by trained professionals, known as Q graders.


crust being removed from coffee


The coffee is scored on a manner of different elements, such as mouthfeel, aroma, flavour and body. Lower than 80 points, and the coffee doesn’t make the grade.

What do I get as a wholesale customer?

Fresh Coffee – As we mentioned, Fresh is Best, and with that in mind, we only roast by hand in small batches, multiple times each week. This means that each order of delicious coffee is as fresh as it can be. You don’t even have to remember to order either, as we contact you regularly for your coffee order; giving you one less thing to think about. Our top tip would be to order little and often, so you’re getting freshly roasted coffee every time.

coffee in a cooling bin


Like the sound of that? Well, that’s not all. As a wholesale coffee customer, we offer free delivery with no minimum order. For our wholesale coffee customers in Leicestershire, we deliver by hand each week.

For our wholesale coffee customers further afield, we deliver by hand where possible, but by next day courier if not.


two chimps 1 kilogram bag lying on a coffee table


We also offer the freshest loose leaf teas and most awesome hot chocolate flakes; not to mention espresso machine rental, espresso cleaning equipment and barista accessories too.


loose leaf tea with a strainer and label


Don’t own a café? That’s OK; we supply wholesale coffee to all types of different businesses such as hairdresser, gyms, farm shops, play centres, offices, restaurants, delis and village stores. We offer wholebean or ground coffee in retail bags for resale, or 1kg bags that are destined for your grinder or pre ground for your brew device.


two chimps tin and bag of coffee in a gift box


Setting up

If you have a business where you rely on an espresso machine to serve great coffee, then as part of the service, we’ll come and show you how to set up your espresso machine, and your grinder, to make sure every shot of espresso you pull tastes amazing.

It’s so important to get this right. For instance, you have to have the amount of coffee correct, the grind size right and the extraction time spot on to get the most from your coffee.


coffee grinding into portafilter


Don’t worry, however; we are here to help.

We’ll set your espresso machine and grinder so they are working in harmony together and train any staff you have to be able to do the same. We also offer free training on how to pull the perfect espresso, and how to turn it into a latte, cappuccino and a flat white.


pouring milk into a mug


If you don’t have an espresso machine, then whatever brewing device you use, we’ll make sure you get perfectly ground coffee, tailored to that device so you can also enjoy your coffee as it’s meant to be.

Sell coffee not serve coffee?

I don’t sell cups of Coffee?! Don’t worry! As mentioned, we have retail bags available in two sizes and in whole bean or ground coffee. We have six lovely coffees to choose from, as well as limited editions and a sparkling water decaffeinated Coffee.

Let us help you

Sounds awesome. Is that everything? Not quite… We’ll also help support you by providing you with a selection of point of sale material. We have branded A-Boards available, letting your customers know you are serving awesomely fresh Two Chimps Coffee.


post strut mounts of two chimps coffee


We also have leaflets full of information about our coffees, strut mounts for the till area and window stickers too. And it’s all free! We also support on social media by writing blogs and sharing your posts to our followers too.


two chimps aboard


Like a lot of small food & drink businesses in Leicestershire, we’re passionate about supporting other small, independent businesses. Being next to a county that is also passionate about great food & drink means that we’re a perfect fit for any business.

Not only are we a small family run roastery, but we also source ethically, we hand deliver for free, we’re a local, artisan producers and we roast coffee regularly for maximum freshness!

Go on, get in touch!


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Andy Cross

Meet the chimp behind this article!
Head Chimp founded Two Chimps alongside Laura in 2016 after being self-employed from the age of 21. He caught the coffee bug from using an at-home roaster, and the rest is history!

What Andy does outside of the treehouse:
When the weather’s nice, Andy loves going on bike rides with his trusty sidekick, microchimp Felix (who always leads the way, of course). Andy also enjoys spending time tending to the family’s vegetable garden, and looking after their at-home farmyard, which includes a cat, two guinea pigs, and six chickens!

Andy says…
“I believe every day is a school day, and I’m always looking for opportunities to stick my head in a book and absorb new knowledge. I also love a problem to solve and fix – there’s no such thing as problems, only solutions.”

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