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What do you think of when you think of Lincolnshire?

Well, it’s the 2nd largest county in the UK after Yorkshire; the polar opposite to our humble little county, Rutland – the smallest in the UK!

Lincolnshire is an area of natural beauty dominating the East of England; it boasts stunning countryside, sandy beaches and acres of farmland – perfect for potatoes.

Its coastline stretches up to nearly 50 miles and is home to many seaside towns such as Skegness, Mablethorpe and Grimsby, as well as historic market towns such as Grantham & Stamford. It’s home to famous icons, Sir Isaac Newton, Burghley House and The Red Arrows.


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As well as all of this, it has some pretty well known tasty treats too. Lincolnshire is well known for its agriculture and is the largest producer of potatoes in the UK, as well as other crops including onions, cabbages & cauliflowers. Grimsby is famous for its fish and is recognised as one of the most important fish markets in the UK.

Lincolnshire Poacher is an award-winning cheese, handmade at Ulceby Grange Farm. It has grown massively in popularity in the 30 years since originally making the cheese. Lincolnshire plum loaf is a famous English tea loaf made since 1901 that is a favourite of the Royal family. Lastly, the coarse texture and distinctive sage flavour of a traditional Lincolnshire sausage has made this a firm favourite since the 19th century.


Two Chimps Coffee roastery


Who are Two Chimps?

As mentioned, Two Chimps Coffee is based in Rutland. Albeit we are not based inside Lincolnshire, we are just a stone’s throw away and can be in Stamford in 10 minutes or so. We think of ourselves of a wholesale coffee provider in Lincolnshire as we deliver fresh coffee each week throughout the county.


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We’re a small independent, family run roastery set in the heart of Rutland, roasting ethically sourced speciality coffee throughout the week. We’re passionate about fresh coffee, and so we make sure every pack of coffee that leaves us is as fresh as possible. Fresh is best.

Fresh Coffee

To ensure freshness, we roast the freshest green coffee beans multiple times each week. Coffee is at its freshest between three and fourteen days after roasting, and we want you to enjoy it at its peak. After hand roasting your coffee, we deliver to you where possible by hand. this means you are receiving coffee the same week it was roasted. You can’t get fresher than that, eh?


To keep our carbon footprint low, if we cannot get to you in person, we post your freshly roasted coffee for free using a next day courier. This means you always receive the freshest beans, no matter where you are located.

We know that life gets busy! That’s why we take the responsibility of ordering out of your hands by contacting you weekly instead. This way, you don’t have to remember to contact us.


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Speciality Coffee

As mentioned, we know that coffee tastes better the fresher it is, but it is also hugely down to the quality of the beans too. We source our green beans, with the help of an importer, directly from the farms who grow it. This short supply chain gives the farmers the best price for their beans. We only source 100% arabica speciality coffee, no commodity-grade or robusta has ever passed the threshold into Two Chimps towers.


Coffee cherries in the hands of the farmers


Grown on the “bean belt” our coffees are of single origin; from small farms and cooperatives. This also means that the harvests are often small and seasonal and, because of this, our coffees do change from time to time. What makes these beans special is the way they’ve been cared for throughout their growth and maturation, which we want to continue by roasting them most awesomely, back at our roastery.


So, our lovely fresh green beans have made it safely to us at Two Chimps Coffee HQ.  We know that once the beans have been roasted, they are at their freshest for 3-14 days, which is why we only ever roast small batches at a time.


coffee being sampled from a roaster


We roast by hand using recipes that we’ve carefully crafted to suit the particular coffee, specifically for our coffee, making sure we never over roast. Too long in the roaster and we’re going to lose those delicate flavours within the speciality coffee, ruining the taste of the beans. More often than not, we lightly roast the beans instead; monitoring them at all times. Once they’ve reached the desired roasted stage, we end the roast and let the beans cool, before storing them ready to be shipped.

My business isn’t near Rutland

Not based in Lincolnshire? That’s OK; we deliver fresh coffee throughout the UK. No matter where you are in the UK, you still get all the same cool benefits as any of our local coffee customers. For instance, we offer free training and free point of sale material, along with continued social media support, no matter where you are.


two chimps aboard


As with our wholesale coffee customers closer to home, we’ll contact you each week to see how much coffee you need for the coming week and deliver it to you by courier. The best part is, delivery is free, and we do not have a minimum order quantity. This way, you really can have the freshest coffee each week. You cant do this if you have to order 12kgs at a time.

With Two Chimps Coffee as your wholesale coffee supplier, you won’t miss out on getting truly fresh coffee delivered every week.

Setting up

We supply coffee to all sorts of businesses so whether you run a coffee shop, or you’re selling retail packs in your farm shop. There’s always an option that we are sure will work for you. We also supply wholesale coffee throughout Lincolnshire to soft play centres, pubs, offices and seaside cafes, to name a few. If you use an espresso machine for your coffee, we’ll make sure it’s set up correctly so you can serve delicious coffee every time.


coffee grinding into portafilter

If you have other brewing devices, we can expertly tailor your coffee. Whether its whole bean or ground coffee that we supply. We can also provide different sized retail packs if you don’t serve coffee at all!

As mentioned, we offer complete support through social media. Social media can be a great way to advertise your business and share its greatness with the world.


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We’ll connect with you via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc, and share and like your pictures and news; spreading the word. We also write a  blog about you and your business, introducing you to our growing number of followers.

And, if you need us, there is always a chimp hanging around who you can contact with any questions 24/7. So don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Looking for a wholesale coffee supplier in Lincolnshire? Look no further.


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Andy Cross

Meet the chimp behind this article!
Head Chimp founded Two Chimps alongside Laura in 2016 after being self-employed from the age of 21. He caught the coffee bug from using an at-home roaster, and the rest is history!

What Andy does outside of the treehouse:
When the weather’s nice, Andy loves going on bike rides with his trusty sidekick, microchimp Felix (who always leads the way, of course). Andy also enjoys spending time tending to the family’s vegetable garden, and looking after their at-home farmyard, which includes a cat, two guinea pigs, and six chickens!

Andy says…
“I believe every day is a school day, and I’m always looking for opportunities to stick my head in a book and absorb new knowledge. I also love a problem to solve and fix – there’s no such thing as problems, only solutions.”

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