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Boasting the fifth largest county in the UK, over 100 miles of coastline and home to the Queen’s country retreat. No wonder over 40 million people visit Norfolk each year.

It has everything from interesting historical sites, incredible natural wonders & enough locally produced food to last you for days!

The Royal Family are a regular here at Sandringham. As well as being home to the Cambridges’ and where Meghan Markle spent her first Christmas as a royal. Lord Nelson, who has been called by many ‘the greatest Naval Commander ever’ and who won the Battle of Trafalgar, was born in Burnham Thorpe and Howard Carter, who discovered Tutankhamun, grew up in Norwich. Even the Beatles played in Norwich in 1963!

In terms of history, Norfolk has 659 medieval churches dotted all over which is the highest concentration in the world. In 1794 a pyramid was built as a mausoleum on Blickling Estate, which was the birthplace of Anne Boleyn too.


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And there’s more…

There are also so many natural wonders that attract visitors; like the Cromer chalk reef, which is 20 miles long and over 100,000 MILLION years old! Blakeney has the largest seal colony in England, and the Wiveton Downs has Dark Sky Discovery Status which means you can clearly see stars and even Northern Lights. Plus, one stretch of coast is where the largest complete mammoth skeleton was found. As well as footsteps from the first ever people to come to Britain over 550,000 years ago. AND it’s one of a handful of counties in the UK not have any motorways!

If all that wasn’t enough, it’s a haven for food and drink, most famously for Cromer Crab. Due to the chalk reef that they feed on, they’re the tastiest crabs around! There’s also Brancaster mussels and Stiffkey cockles if you’re a fan of fresh seafood as well as sea asparagus also known as samphire. If meat is your thing, then Norfolk black turkeys are famous too.

Colman’s mustard originated in Norwich and the mint used for their mint sauce is still all grown in Norfolk. Lastly, North Norfolk produces the best malting barley and has the most microbreweries in the country, so the beer is pretty good too!

Where do we fit in?

Albeit Two Chimps Coffee is based in Rutland, we do deliver wholesale coffee to Norfolk each and every week. We know that the freshest coffee is the best coffee, and with that in mind, we always guarantee our customers receive the freshest coffee every time they order. We’re passionate about producing delicious coffee which is why we expertly roast ethically sourced speciality coffee beans by hand, in small batches to assure quality and freshness. No one should drink bad coffee!


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Our Coffee

To roast great coffee, you have to have great beans to start; which is why we only source single origin speciality coffee. We source our beans from small farms and cooperatives right across the world, via direct trade where possible to ensure the farmers are getting the best price for their beans. Direct trade means the supply chain is shorter, so the money goes back into the farm to help fund better working conditions, better pay and education for farmers to increase their skills.


Coffee being poured from a roaster drum


Speciality coffee is the highest grade of coffee available and therefore, demands a higher price due to its quality; much higher than Fairtrade and other organisations offer.

Sounds cool, tell me more!

Our ethos is that ‘Fresh is Best’ which is why we only ever hand roast our speciality coffee in small batches. This makes sure that every order you place is freshly roasted. We roast everything by hand to specific recipes that we’ve created through our knowledge and experience and, by monitoring the roast, we can ensure an even and consistent roast all the way through.

Because of the high quality of the beans we source, we don’t need to mask any flavours with the roasting. Therefore, we can roast for the individual characteristics to shine instead.  Each week, we roast multiple times to assure freshness, and only grind if required on the day of despatch.

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We’ll contact you regularly to see if you’d like to place an order, meaning its one less thing for you to remember to do! There is no minimum order, and we always suggest that it’s best to order a small amount of coffee every week instead of in bulk. This way, you know you and your customers are drinking the freshest coffee possible. We hand deliver our wholesale coffee orders where possible, however if not, we’ll send your order via 1st Class post or courier and delivery is free!


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Our Services

As well as awesomely fresh tasting coffee delivered for free, we offer a variety of other services to our wholesale coffee customers too. For instance, if you have an espresso machine, we’ll come and set it up along with your grinder so that every shot you pull tastes amazing. It can be really easy to make a bad cup of coffee if the grind size or extraction time isn’t quite right. But once we’ve got it perfect, you won’t need to do it again.


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We also offer in house training to anyone who wants to learn how to adjust the machine, or pull a great shot. We’ll help with tips to practice their latte art too.

We also stock products to keep your coffee machine clean, recyclable takeaway cups, delicious hot chocolate flakes and loose-leaf teas.

loose leaf tea with a strainer and label


All of our coffees are available both in wholesale sizes and retail packs too; so if you don’t have a coffee machine, then how about coffee ready for the shelf? Whether you want a medium-dark roast to give you a boost in the morning or our chemical-free decaffeinated coffee, there will be a choice to suit everyone.

Ready to join the troop? Let’s get you and your business stocked with the best coffee now.

So, if you are looking for a coffee supplier in Norfolk, look no further.

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