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Northamptonshire is brimming with small market towns and is known as The Rose of the Shires.

It’s probably best known for shoemaking in Northampton which dates back to the 15th century. It was the perfect place to make shoes due to its large cattle market, which now only exists as a market square, but is the biggest in England.


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Famous places include Althorp Estate, which is home to many food and drink festivals. Owned by the Spencer family for over 500 years, it was home to Lady Diana and is also her final resting place.

Silverstone Circuit was previously an unused airfield after the Second World War, and in 1948 the RAC employed a farmer to transform it from wartime airfield to race track in 2 months, where 100,00 people attended the 1st race. The rest, as they say, is history.

Last year Northamptonshire was named Britain’s most foodie county by MasterChef judge William Sitwell.

It’s home to Warner Edward’s famous Rhubarb Gin, it’s the 3rd largest flour miller in Europe, Belflair Chocolates are enjoyed by guests at The Ritz and The Savoy, their Cobbler’s Nibble cheese is served at the world-famous racing circuit Silverstone, and it holds over 20 quality food and drink festivals every year. Phew, they’re busy bees!

Who are Two Chimps Coffee?

We’re a family run, independent coffee roastery based in Rutland; specialising in freshly roasted speciality coffee.

Our hand-roasted speciality coffee is ethically sourced from single-origin smallholdings all over the world. We roast on-site with care; to bring you super fresh, delicious coffee.


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Fresh Coffee

Our small batch hand-roasted coffee means that every bag of Two Chimps Coffee you receive will be as fresh as possible and, as it is so fresh, will stay at its best for longer.

What’s different about us compared to supermarket brands and other coffee roasteries is that we only roast your coffee to order.

We store our lovely ethically sourced green beans in our roastery. We roast small amounts multiple times each week to fulfil our wholesale coffee orders. We’ll always sticker our bags to show which chimp roasted the coffee and on what date.


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Here at Two Chimps, we are proud of our freshly roasted coffee. When it arrives with you, it will only ever be a few days from when it was roasted. Supermarket brands, along with some other coffee roasteries, only label with a best before date on their coffee, so it’s hard to know how old the coffee may already be without the date of roasting.

We know that the freshest coffee is the best coffee, so the best time to drink it is up to 4 weeks from roasting, 8 weeks at the maximum.

Speciality Coffee

We also know that to get the best from your coffee, you need to use the best beans available, and so we do! We only use 100% speciality coffee, which is the highest grade of coffee you can get. This coffee has been grown with care, picked by hand when it is ripe, processed carefully, hand-sorted to remove any defects, graded by certified coffee graders and given a score of over 80 out of 100 to be classed as speciality.

It’s special because the variety of flavours found within the coffee are vast, and it tastes amazing. Because we use direct trade when purchasing our beans, it means the supply chain is shorter, and therefore more money goes straight back into the farms to carry on growing this high-grade coffee for years to come.


Ripe coffee cherries



We showcase these unique flavours of speciality coffee by roasting the beans by hand. This allows us to carefully monitor and adjust the roast to our specific requirements to highlight the characteristics.

If a coffee profile shows it has floral notes and a citrusy acidity, we’ll roast the beans just enough for those flavours to come through in the coffee. If we roast the beans for too long, we risk potentially burning the beans. This would lose those lovely flavours, leaving us with a bitter and burnt tasting coffee.


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We’ve carefully designed a roast recipe for each of our different coffees because there isn’t a one roast fits all rule. We always monitor the roast and use our senses to ensure accuracy each time. If we need to tweak the roast at all, then we can. Once the beans have roasted, we cool them quickly and allow them to rest. We then get our orders prepared ready to send to our customers.


While we are not based in Northamptonshire, we do deliver freshly roasted coffee all over Northamptonshire every week. We always try to deliver our wholesale coffee orders by hand. Don’t worry if you’re further afield; we deliver all over the UK using first class delivery or by free next day courier. So, no matter how many bags of coffee you order, you’ll never have to pay for postage.


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You’ll also never forget to order coffee from us as we contact you for your order instead, and we have no minimum order quantity. Just sit back, and watch the coffee roll in! If you like, we can set up a coffee subscription where you can choose your coffee, how much and how often you want it delivered.

As mentioned earlier, we have six different coffees to choose from, all with unique taste profiles. We also have two regularly changing limited-edition coffees for plenty of variety.

Social Media

We love to keep up to date with what you are up to. Social media is the perfect way for us to do this. We think it’s a brilliant platform for businesses, especially small businesses, to spread the word and advertise for free. We’ll connect with you, share posts, pictures and keep up to date with what’s going on in Northamptonshire.

We also love to write a blog about you and your fantastic business. You can read about one of our wholesale coffee customers in Northamptonshire, The Roadehouse Café,  over on our coffee lovers blog, and see what sort of things we may write about you too!

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