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Peterborough is a cathedral city based in Cambridgeshire; which many people may only know due to being a main east coast stop on the way to or from London.

The cathedral is around 1,000 years old and is said to be the final resting place for Catherine of Aragon. The village of Helpston was home to the famous English poet John Clare who admired Robert Burns and often wrote about him in his poems.

The surrounding areas are also known for being very flat. The Fens or Fenlands are home to one of the best-preserved Bronze Age dwellings ever found. Dating back as far as 3,500 years ago it is nicknamed “Britain’s Pompeii”.


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Although Peterborough is not best known for any traditional food or drink types, there are plenty of small businesses around today making wonderful produce; such as Nene Valley Brewery, Grasmere Farm Butchers & Riverford Organic Veg. They also host one of the largest CAMRA beer festivals in the UK, over four days and with over 450 different beers.  Luckily for us, that’s only 30 mins away!


Why Two Chimps?

The county of Rutland has a motto: ‘Multum In Parvo,’ which loosely translates to ‘Much In Little’. We are a small family-run roastery based in Rutland, specialising in small-batch hand-roasted coffee, and our coffee is awesome, so we feel that we can relate. At Two Chimps, we believe that the freshest coffee is the best coffee which is why we only roast in small batches multiple times each week and recommend to order little and often. This way, every time you receive an order, it’s freshly roasted every time.


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Speciality Coffee

We ethically source single-origin speciality coffee from smallholding farms around the world, with the help of our experienced coffee importers. We have six speciality coffees in our range that are always on offer, alongside limited-edition coffees, and a chemical-free decaffeinated coffee too.

Two Chimps Decaf Coffee

Every now and again, our coffees have to change. Because of the small harvests that these farmers produce, when it’s gone, it’s gone! We always choose our coffees based on their flavour profiles and try to keep them as similar as possible when choosing a new one for our main 6. We only use speciality coffee because it is the highest grade of coffee available, and we want to give our customers the best. Because of the soil and climate conditions that the coffee has been grown in and the way it has been nurtured, the flavours found in speciality coffee are extremely unique and tasty.


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I’d like to become a wholesale customer.

Great! We mentioned our ethos earlier, Fresh is Best. With this in mind, we only roast the coffee that we need to fulfil our wholesale coffee orders every week. We’ll contact you at the beginning of each week to see what you need and freshly roast this to order. We then pack and get your order ready to send before we deliver by hand later the same week. This way, when your coffee reaches you, it is the freshest it can be.


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As mentioned, we always recommend ordering a small amount of hand-roasted speciality coffee regularly so that you’ll get fresh coffee every time, instead of ordering in bulk and potentially ending up with staling coffee a few weeks down the line. Don’t worry about delivery costs though, we’ve got it covered. All of our delivery is free, whether that’s by hand to our wholesale customers, or by first class post or courier. If ordering every week feels like a big task, we do it for you. As mentioned, we’ll get in touch every week to discuss what you need and keep the coffee rolling in for you.

I don’t serve coffee, but I am looking for retail bags. Is that OK?

Of course! We offer two different sizes of retail bags, and they can either come as whole beans or freshly ground. We mentioned earlier about our six different coffees as well as limited edition and chemical-free decaffeinated coffee to choose from.


Also, we’ll share with you information and pictures from the coffee farms so you can tell your customers about the speciality coffee that you sell, where it came from and how it is locally roasted in small batches. We’ll also send samples, so you get to taste the delicious coffee you’ll be reselling. We are happy to run tastings for you too.


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If ordering ground coffee, we only grind your coffee on the day of delivery, so you know that even the ground coffee is super fresh when you receive it. Our bags come complete with a one-way valve which allows the gasses to escape but doesn’t let oxygen in. This keeps your coffee fresher for longer too.

Can you help me with my espresso machine?

Yes, we can! As a wholesale coffee customer, we’ll come and show you how to set up your espresso machine, along with your coffee grinder. It’s essential to get this right because it will alter the taste of the coffee completely if it is not set correctly. The grind size needs to be correct, as well as the amount of coffee used and the extraction time.


coffee being tamped in a portafilter


When all of the above are perfectly in sync, you’ll manage to hit that sweet spot of each espresso, giving you amazing tasting coffee every time.

We even train your staff to make awesome coffee too, for free. Plus, as we’ll be delivering your fresh coffee by hand, we can always help with any issues that may arise.


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It all sounds great!

That isn’t al. We’ll support you by providing free point of sale material to help spread the word about your new coffee. We’ll also connect with you on social media so we can support each other online too.


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We’re passionate about supporting small, local, independent businesses as we are one also! We pride ourselves in offering the freshest coffee available.

So get in touch and start enjoying it as much as we do!


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