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Who are we? Well, we’re Two Chimps Coffee of course!

Purveyors of hand-roasted, ethically sourced, no-nonsense, awesome coffee. Based in Rutland, we carefully select our coffees from small farms all over the world and hand roast them at our roastery. We use a trusted importer who, over time, has built up good relationships with farmers, meaning we can source the best coffees. We choose our coffee based on their natural flavours and areas of origin.

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Specialty Coffee

All of our Coffee is speciality coffee, which, in short, means it’s the best of the best. Speciality coffee is coffee that has been carefully looked after throughout its life. The coffee cherries are handpicked at their ripest before they are processed to remove the coffee bean from the fruit. After drying, the beans are rested and hand-sorted to remove any defects.

bowl of coffee cherries


There are several different variables which give coffee it’s flavour, such as the altitude the coffee is grown at, the weather and the soil content. Certified coffee tasters, called Q graders grade the coffee, and it must score 80 points or above to be classed as speciality coffee.

They use a process known as cupping where they brew, smell and taste the coffee under controlled conditions to give it a score. Speciality coffee is sweeter, smoother and more delicate than lower grade coffee because the quality is so high. Because of its score, and how it is grown and cared for, the price is inevitably higher.


coffee cupping


Through our importer, we use as direct trade as possible with the farmers, which means they are getting the best price possible for their crop. As mentioned, speciality coffee is of such high quality; it naturally attracts a better price. This price is much higher than the ‘fairtrade’ rate, and therefore, schemes like fairtrade are redundant when pricing speciality coffee. Because of this, the monies paid have fewer hands to travel through, meaning the farmer gets more for his crop.


coffee farmers in peru


This ensures that the farms can potentially create a better harvest year on year due to having the funds to invest in their skills and to build better facilities. Because our coffee is sourced from small farms and cooperatives, it means that, from time to time, our coffees will change. Once a coffee has been harvested, processed, roasted and drunk, it has all gone. Please don’t worry, however. We source an alternative which has similar tasting notes to take its place.


coffee beans


What do we do?

Once we have our lovely green coffee beans safely at our coffee roastery in Rutland, we need to roast them! We roast by hand and in small batches as we genuinely believe that fresh is best. We roast multiple times each week to make sure that you are getting the freshest coffee for your customers. As a top tip, we recommend ordering just enough to see you for the week. That way, you can have freshly roasted coffee delivered next week too.

Delivery is free, so there are no ‘at the checkout’ surprises. We hand deliver our coffee to all of our wholesale coffee customers in Rutland. Here at Two Chimps, we don’t just supply the best coffee to just coffee shops; oh no. We also deliver freshly roasted coffee to coffee to hotels, hairdressers, offices, gyms, soft play centres (You’re welcome, Mums & Dads), so you don’t have to own a coffee shop to enjoy the benefits of being a wholesale customer!


coffee in roasting sample trowel

What do I get as a customer?

A local service. Are you looking for a wholesale coffee provider in Rutland? Great. The benefits of buying local are tenfold; from being able to pop up for a last-minute collection to keeping your carbon footprint to a minimum.

The freshest coffee

As mentioned above, we roast our coffee in small batches, multiple times each week, and fresh to order. To add, you don’t even need to worry about remembering to order. We call or email you to see how much coffee you would like us to roast for you that week. Easy! And if that wasn’t easy enough, you don’t need to remember to pay for your coffee either. We run a variable direct debit service for all of our wholesale customers.


Roasted coffee beans being pushed around a coffee cooling bin

Free Training

We understand that it can be daunting having to reset your espresso machine and grinder, especially if you haven’t done it before. Never fear, chimps are here! We will set your espresso machine for you to give you the best espresso every time at the press of a button. We’ll even show you and your staff how to make any small adjustments as and when they may be needed. We’ll also happily pop back at any time if you need our help. No problem.


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Free delivery

Every time you order from us, we’ll always hand-deliver your coffee if you are local to us at the roastery. We like to pop in, just to say hello and make sure all is well. A little further afield? You’ll still receive the freshest coffee; just in the post instead.

Social Media Support

Social Media platforms are a fantastic way to advertise your business and for free. We love shouting about our customers on Social Media! This way, we can spread the word and let our followers know where they can find our coffee. And, every new wholesale customer that joins the troop gets their very own blog; allowing the public to know who they are and why they are unique.

Point of Sale

We have A-Boards, strut boards with our awesome logo and leaflets with loads of info about your coffee and where it comes from, all for free!


photo of two chimps coffee board with josies vintage trailer in the background


We offer lots of other bits and bobs to go alongside your coffee, we can put you in touch with our experts if you need a new espresso machine, or if you need your current machine servicing.


hot water dripping from the shower head of an espresso machine


We also provide cleaning products for your equipment, accessories such as milk jugs and coffee tamps, and we even supply recyclable takeaway cups and lids for hot drinks. Lastly, it’s not only the freshest coffee that we offer, but we also stock deliciously creamy hot chocolate flakes and tasty loose leaf teas.

So, if you are looking for a wholesale coffee provider in Rutland, Get in touch today!



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