Why buy coffee from a carbon-neutral coffee supplier?

We are a carbon-neutral coffee supplier

We at Two Chimps Coffee are proud to say we’re a carbon-neutral coffee supplier. Climate change is already affecting planet Earth and it’s important to us at Two Chimps to make sure we’re part of the solution, not part of the problem.

We reduce everything we can and offset the rest of our emissions through reforestation, habitat restoration, and carbon capture projects.

Ethically Sourced

At Two Chimps Coffee, we’re passionate about fresh coffee and ensuring we always ethically source our coffee beans. When sourcing our green coffee, we use the help of a speciality coffee importer who has strong relationships with coffee farmers all over the world.


Two Chimps Coffee - hands in green coffee beans


When it is new coffee time, we receive a list of all the wonderful coffees from our importer and choose a few that match what we are looking for. Samples of roasted beans are sent to us, and we ‘cup’ the coffees to taste them. The cupping process allows us to taste all of the coffees simultaneously in lab-like conditions. We use the same amount of coffee, water, the same size bowls and allow the same amount of time for brewing. These things are important to keep each sample consistent and get each coffee to brew the same, allowing us to taste the different flavours found within, rather than the difference in the time allowed to brew, as an example.

Because we source single origin coffee, on occasion, depending on the size of the coffee lot, we reserve all available for ourselves. Once the beans have arrived at our roastery, we store the beans in their raw, green form in our humidity controlled roastery to ensure they stay fresh until we are ready to roast. We only ever roast in small batches as this ensures that you always receive the freshest coffee possible.


roasting coffee


Fresh is best

Once coffee beans are roasted, there is only a certain amount of time where they will stay at their freshest, which is why we never store roasted coffee en masse. Coffee is at its freshest between three and fourteen days after roasting. After this time frame, the coffee remains to be perfectly drinkable for a long time yet, but as you can imagine, the more time that passes, the less fresh the coffee becomes. If you can keep the oxygen from getting to the beans, they will stay fresher for longer too.


two chimps coffee and tin magnet set


We know how much care has gone into growing and harvesting the beans at the farm, and therefore we don’t want that hard work to go to waste by roasting badly. We only ever roast to first crack and into development time to bring out the naturally occurring flavours in the beans. If over roasted, these flavours will disappear and leave a burnt and bitter taste instead.

Sound good?

There are several ways you can buy coffee from us as your carbon neutral coffee supplier. You can check out your local farm shop or deli and see if they stock us. It is great to support your local small business too. Alternatively, you can buy coffee online, either a one-off purchase or as part of a coffee subscription whereby you can choose how much, how often, and what grind you want. Either way, have coffee delivered to your door with no charge for postage. Splendid.


fresh coffe delivered and sitting on a door mat


As you can imagine, shipping beans from around the world has a negative impact on our carbon footprint. Unfortunately, however, we cannot grow coffee in the UK as the conditions are not correct for coffee growing. We have everything needed, just not at the same place at the same time. For instance, we have the altitude in the mountains, but we don’t have the warm temperature required at that altitude. This means we have to import coffee instead.


What we do

Here at Two Chimps HQ, we are a completely carbon-neutral coffee supplier. To do this we reduce our carbon footprint as much as we can by reusing and recycling. That which we cannot reduce on-site, we offset. To start, we calculated how much carbon we’re producing on average. This includes the importing, shipping, roasting, packing and delivering of coffee. We then doubled this amount and offset it in order to become carbon negative, one step further than carbon neutral. Not only have we offset our carbon footprint for the roastery, but we’ve also offset it for all of our employees as well. But not just in work, within their personal lives too. This includes their daily commutes, food wastage and energy usage. Isn’t that fab! And the best part is, anyone can do this.

farmer with coffee plant

As an individual, it’s challenging to see how making changes can affect the whole world. There are steps we can take as part of our lifestyles right now that will help, such as turning off lights when we leave the room, recycling, saving water, and not wasting food. As a group, we can make a much bigger change too.

Being carbon-neutral isn’t just a goal; it’s a core tenet of our business, informing every decision we make.


looking down onto latte art on a cup of carbon-neutral two chimps coffee


Buying Our Coffee Online

By buying Two Chimps Coffee, you’re taking that step towards offsetting your carbon footprint without even trying. It shows that you care about our beloved planet and that you have a want to help. Not only do you get a bag of awesome tasting coffee, hand roasted fresh to order with free delivery, especially for you, you’re also seeing the bigger picture and working towards a greener future for our generations to come! Winner!

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