Why Buy Single Origin Coffee Beans?

Single Origin Coffee Beans

Are you looking to explore coffee a bit more? Have you thought about trying single origin coffee beans? No? Let us explain single origin coffees in a little more detail. Let’s dive in.


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What does it mean?

First of all, single origin means just that; coffee from one single place. This could be as broad as from one country, or one area, or maybe even one farm. Most of our coffees come from one farm. The only exception to this is if we see an opportunity to do something for the greater good as it were. An example of this could be for us to purchase, and by doing so, support young coffee growers in a region, rather than on one farm. By supporting projects like this, it enables the farmers to invest for further years, ultimately creating better, tastier coffee.

How we choose our single origin coffee beans

We choose our coffees for their flavour profile and we are always on the hunt for something a little unique. This could be a coffee that is super juicy and fruity or a coffee that is full bodied and chocolatey. Because we search for new single origin coffee beans in this way, it means that the coffee we purchase isn’t always fair trade or rainforest allianced. Don’t worry though; we always make sure that our coffee is traded fairly and that the farmers see a higher price for their coffee than the commodity price. Consequently, we pay between 30% and 150% more, meaning more money goes directly to the farmer. All of our coffee is ethically sourced and speciality coffee too.

Speciality Coffee

In short, speciality coffee is cared for from the start. The farmers make sure that the harvest is well managed, the picking is scrutinised and the processing is delicately accurate. For more about speciality coffee, see here: What is Speciality Coffee?


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How we look after the coffee

All of our single origin coffee beans are stored in a moisture controlled room. They are regularly tested for moisture and density whilst we hold them in stock too. We pay careful attention to keep the moisture levels within a tolerable margin. If the moisture level in the beans were to rise too much, the beans could start to deteriorate and even mould. As a result, this could mean that all of the hard work throughout the coffee chain has been lost.


The coffees are then roasted by hand, in small batches to carefully enhance and bring out the clean and pure flavours the farmers have worked so hard to produce. For example, some single origin coffee beans have a natural sweetness or a creamy body. Based on this knowledge, we can build our profile (or recipe) to bring out these natural and delicious flavours. We make sure that each small batch is as fresh as possible, meaning in turn, you get the freshest coffee possible too.


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Our range

Currently, we have a range of six single origin coffees available. Some of these have been roasted lighter to suit a filter or cafetiere, whilst some are roasted slightly darker to suit an espresso machine or Aeropress perfectly. Our range of single origin coffee beans will always change as the coffee harvesting seasons change. We source from small-holding farms across the world, so when the harvesting is complete for the year and is no longer available, we will pick a different coffee from a different producing country. Just think of all of the different single origin coffees you could try.



Sounds good hey. Go on, give it a go. Check out our online shop to choose your single origin coffee beans – or we can grind them for you too!

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