Why Choose A Gift Subscription

If you’re struggling for gift ideas, our gift subscriptions are a great option.

But why choose a gift subscription? Keep reading to see some of the reasons why our gift subscriptions are great for any coffee lover. We make gifting easy.

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Often when you buy a gift for someone, they only get one use from it and can only really appreciate it the once too. However, with our coffee gift subscriptions, the recipient gets to enjoy it over and over again! At the end of the allotted time for the subscription maybe they will continue it as a regular coffee subscription to fill that large coffee void in their heart.


texturising milk using an espresso machine

Leave It All To Us

We know that buying gifts for someone can often be a very stressful task. That’s why you can leave all the hard work to us and sit back, relax and know that everything has been taken care of.

Just choose how many deliveries you would like to send them, how much coffee you would like sending with each delivery, if it wants grinding, and of course, the coffee itself and we will do the rest. Did you know that from our homepage a gift subscription can be in your cart in just nine clicks? Awesome. Did you also know that a two delivery subscription costs just £15.90, and it comes with a FREE storage tin? Can it get much better?


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Are you having the family round for Christmas? We can send the first delivery to your address, so you have something to give them, then just let us know their address and we can send the subsequent deliveries directly to them instead. Alternatively, we can send all the deliveries to the recipient’s address so you don’t have to worry about delivering it yourself or when the next time you may see them will be.

All you need to do is change the address to suit at the checkout.

Gift Subscription – How It All Works

Our gift subscriptions are super simple to set up. All we need to know is a few details about the recipient and we can get started. As mentioned, after you have decided how many deliveries you would like to purchase, we just need to know how often to deliver, how much, the grind size and of course the coffee itself.


coffee in a cooling bin


Unlike our regular coffee subscriptions which are billed on the anniversary of the delivery, be it monthly weekly or fortnightly, our gift subscriptions require just one payment when you first purchase.

If you would like to make any changes to the gift subscription, no problem. You can adjust your gift subscription within your online account or please do not hesitate to give us a call and we will be able to help too.

Our Coffees

A big part of our gift subscriptions is obviously the coffee. All our coffees that make up our gift subscriptions are known as speciality coffees. But what does that actually mean? Let us explain.


green coffee being sprinkled into a sack


Speciality coffee, in a nutshell, is a much higher grade of coffee. Speciality coffee is usually hand-picked from the coffee plant to assure only the ripest cherries are picked. Any that are not quite ready will be left and collected another day. The coffee cherries are processed using an array of different methods before they are dried ready for shipping. Before shipping, speciality coffee is hand sorted to remove any defect beans that may have sneaked into the batch.

This coffee is then given a quality score using a process known as cupping. Coffee cupping allows the grader, known as a Q grader, to taste the coffee rather than the brewing method. If the coffee receives a Q grade of 80 points or higher, it gains speciality status, and therefore it can demand a much higher price.

For instance, we pay between 30 and 150% more for our speciality coffee than its commodity counterpart.


coffee cherries


At any one time, we will have six single origin coffees and at least one limited edition too. Our coffees come from a number of small farms and cooperatives around the world. This does mean, however, that they do change from time to time as a result of the harvesting seasons. When exchanging a coffee, we never find two coffees the same but we try our best to keep the flavours as close to each other as possible. Our six coffees have all been crafted for a particular brewing device and time of day too.

Fresh Is Best

We hand roast speciality coffee multiple times every week in small batches. Roasting in smaller batches assures the freshest coffee possible. Fresh coffee definitely tastes best.


coffee being sampled from a roaster


Want the coffee subscription to start on a specific date? No worries. Just let us know and we will send it when requested. This way, we will roast and send a bag of freshly roasted coffee for your recipient to enjoy in time for their birthday, Christmas day or any special occasion you can think of.

As mentioned above, the very last thing we do before sending your order is to grind to suit. By grinding right before we post the coffee order, we can be confident in the knowledge that it is the freshest it can be.

On every bag of coffee that leaves us, a sticker stating the date the coffee was roasted, who roasted it and the grind size can be found. A nice reminder of how fresh our coffee is.


cafetiere and coffee


With every freshly roasted coffee order leaving us via FREE first class delivery, you can be sure that your coffee lover will receive the freshest coffee, as soon as possible too. Let it to the last minute? Select guaranteed next day delivery at the checkout and, for an additional fee, it will arrive the next working day before 1 pm.

So, now we’ve answered ‘why choose a gift subscription?why not take the plunge and choose a coffee gift subscription as your next gift for someone.

Got someone’s birthday coming up? Get their gift subscription sorted today!

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