Why choose a Mystery Coffee Subscription?

Mystery coffee subscriptions: perfect for the indecisive amongst us. Also perfect for those who aren’t sure.


You know those really, really good surprises – the kind that make you squeal like a kid at Disneyland? Like the times when you find extra chocolate in your bag, or when your rarely romantic other half buys flowers?

These are all good surprises. Not the finding-gum-in-your-hair, laptop-suddenly-crashing kind of surprise.

Good surprises rock, and that’s why we created our awesome Mystery Coffee Subscription!

Two Chimps Coffee Bag with ? Label

If you can’t decide, why decide?

Oooooh Mystery Coffee Subscription… sounds spooky! But don’t worry, no need to hide behind the sofa. Our Mystery Coffee Subscription is the coffee treat without tricks. Just top, freshly roasted coffee straight from our Rutland roastery.

Mystery Subscriptions are perfect if you like trying new flavours. We know our coffee lineup is pretty spectacular. Those sunny-bright, smile-inducing light roasts, the darker roasts just toeing the edge of caramel… If you’re not one for eeny, meeny, miny, moe and would prefer to give them all a go, then a Surprise Coffee Subscription is for you. The plan is simple: we post a different coffee every time we deliver your subscription. We’ll include specials and limited editions as well, so your Mystery Subscription will never get samey.


Two Chimps coffees lined up


Mystery is also the way to go if you are yet to find your favourite. Coffee can sometimes seem complex, what with all the roasting types and flavour notes (pssst… don’t be baffled! Check out our jargon buster to decode the lingo!). So, if you’re still working out what you like, the Mystery Coffee Subscription is your friend!


Coffee beans in Two Chimps tin


Keeping it personal

Of course, we know that every coffee subscription needs to be different. That’s why our Mystery Coffee Subscriptions come with little personalisation options. First off, you need the right grind size. No point putting whole beans into a cafetière now, is there? Just select your preferred brew method when you check out, and we’ll send you fresh coffee ground just the way you need it.

You can also select the amount of coffee you receive (choose from 250g, 500g or 1kg) and how often it’s delivered. Don’t worry, none of this is set in stone – you can adjust your subscription using your account online, or just tell us and we’ll see to any changes pronto.

Let us know, too, if there’s a particular coffee or roast type you prefer. Loving lighter roasts or set your heart on sweetness? Just jot a note in the checkout and we’ll send coffees to suit. Shout out, too, if we send you a coffee you particularly love (it’ll leave you dancing like this ?) – we’ll be sure to send you similar ones next time.


Compressing espresso grounds


Keeping you topped up with fresh coffee

Remember the bit about no nasty surprises? That’s really important to us. There are parts of your subscription that will never change. You’ll always receive fresh coffee that’s been roasted by hand in small, 12kg batches. Every single Two Chimps Coffee bean is speciality graded and ground by Lorna on the day of dispatch.

At Two Chimps, we roast multiple times each week to make sure every order contains the best freshly roasted coffee. Little and often is the way to go: it’s better, for example, to opt for one 250g bag a week rather than a 500g bag each fortnight. This way, you’ve got freshly roasted coffee rather than grounds that have been sitting around for months.

Every Two Chimps coffee that arrives through your door will be freshly roasted and ethically sourced – that’s just how we roll.


Three two chimps coffee bags


Extra perks ?

We like to think of ourselves as coffee pixies, recreating those found-a-pound-in-your-pocket moments of joy. Surprises bring smiles, so that’s why we pepper your subscription with some extra freebies. For instance, with your first delivery, we’ll send a coffee tin and plant a tree just for you. After that, we’ll pop in the odd voucher, a cool enamel mug and some tasty free samples. If sharing is caring, then surprises are sublime, and that’s why we like to keep them coming! ?


Two Chimps mug


Setting up a mystery subscription is easy-peasy – just pop along to our online coffee shop and place your order!


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