Why Choose Us As A Wholesale Coffee Supplier

When choosing a wholesale coffee supplier, it’s important they meet your needs and go beyond just supplying your coffee.

Below are some of the reasons why you should choose us as your wholesale coffee supplier.

Let’s Talk Coffee

The coffees we source are all ‘speciality’ coffees. This means they are a much higher grade of Arabica coffee and are overall, a higher quality. The coffees we source here at Two Chimps HQ are all single-origin and come from small farms and estates from around the world. We work with an importer who has a direct relationship with the farmers, allowing us to access these awesome coffees and to share them with you.


coffee cherries


During the harvest season, speciality coffees, are more often than not, hand-picked to ensure only the ripest fruit is taken. Any unripe fruit is left on the tree until it’s ready. These ripe coffee cherries are then processed and dried using various methods, often dependent on the country of origin or the farmers’ wishes. For instance, some farms will process their coffee as a washed coffee and as a natural coffee with different characteristics residing in both. What does all this mean? Check out the different ways of processing and drying coffee here.

From time to time, our coffees will change. Once a coffee has been harvested, processed, shipped, roasted and drunk, it’s gone for good. Even if we were to source from the same farm next year, the coffee could be utterly different, dependant on the climate in that year. We don’t see this as a negative, however. Oh no. Just think of all the coffees you can try!


close up of coffee sacks


When a coffee is nearing its end with us, we already have an equally delicious coffee waiting to take its place. Although this new coffee won’t be identical, it will have similar flavours. For example, if a coffee had an apple-like acidity, we would source a coffee which had a similar acidity, but maybe with the bonus of a subtle nutty finish.


When we receive the coffee in its raw green state, we can begin roasting. We hand roast in small batches to ensure the process is controlled and that we get the best from the coffee. Roasting to order and in small batches means that our coffee is always fresh and we never have an overflow of coffee. In turn, it assures that the coffee you are serving is the freshest it can be.


coffee in a cooling bin

Create Your Own Blend

Fancy your own coffee? We offer the opportunity to create your own custom coffee blend with us here at Two Chimps towers. Try our coffees on their own, then create a blend of your favourites. This blend will be totally unique to your business and we’ll make sure no-one else uses your special recipe. All that is left is for you to name your blend and start telling the world! This could help your business stand out from your competitors too. It is also a great team-building exercise. It’s a win-win!

How We Work

At the start of the week, we will contact you for your coffee order. We then freshly roast your order and hand deliver to you if you are within a 40 mile radius of the roastery, free of charge. Further afield? No problem, We still come to visit, but in the meantime, we send your freshly roasted coffee order by courier, again, free of charge. By keeping the time between roasting and delivering so short means your coffee will be as fresh as possible for you and your customers to enjoy.


hands holding green raw coffee


We understand that running a business can be hectic, and that’s why we take payment by Direct Debit. This way, you don’t have to worry about remembering to pay invoices. This in turn allows you to focus your time on your business while we take care of the coffee side of things for you.

What We Offer

As well as offering a free delivery service, we also provide free unlimited training to all of our wholesale customers. We will come to your business and train your staff on your machine. Even if your staff have had previous experience with a coffee machine or have been with you for a while, a refresher is always useful.


espresso pouring into two cups


As mentioned, our coffee training is unlimited; so we can come to you as many times as you like. Whether it’s to train new staff or as a refresher for existing staff, just give us a call. Check out our coffee training guide for more information. We also offer free 24/7 support for any coffee related queries or emergencies!


We will support and promote your business to our audience of thousands of coffee lovers, so they know to visit you to grab a cup of their favourite coffee. Not only will we continually share and promote your business on social media, but we also write a blog about you and your business and the coffee you’ll be serving.


As well as your coffee, there are several other things that you, as a wholesale coffee customer can order from us. We offer cleaning products and barista accessories for your coffee machine, which, if needed, we can show you how to use during your coffee training. This means you don’t have to worry about sourcing from elsewhere, just add it to your order. We also stock loose leaf tea and we’ve teamed up with B Is For Brownie to offer you our very own, exclusive, hot chocolate.


loose leaf tea in a tea strainer

Promo Materials

We have a variety of point of sale equipment available also. This includes Two Chimps branded A-boards that give you plenty of space to write on them. We offer small posters with background information on the coffee you are serving or selling too. You can also get your own Two Chimps window stickers, strut mount displays, leaflets and much, much more to help you shout about the awesome coffee you’re serving.

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