Why do I need a wholesale coffee provider?

Sometimes life gets too busy, and we will choose the path most trodden when it comes to shopping for our business, e.g. the supermarket.

You know what it’s like, up early, sort the kids/dogs/hamster out, get to work, non-stop until home time with no time for lunch, and by then the baker has sold out of bread, and the butcher is closed!

The only places left open are the supermarket and wholesalers, so whilst you’re there you might as well get everything, right? Wrong!

Nowadays the availability is so much better for good quality products, especially online.

For instance, supermarket bread will have a minimum of 10 ingredients vs fresh bakery bread which only has 4!


looking down onto latte art on a cup of two chimps coffee


The problem is, supermarkets only offer convenience groceries which are of a lower standard than if you were to source local, fresh, artisan produce. It might be easier and cheaper, but it’s not as fresh, and it’s not as good quality either.

Well, you don’t have to worry about that with Two Chimps Coffee. We source the highest grade of coffee and roast it by hand to make sure you’re getting the freshest coffee possible. You don’t even have to worry about what time we close; because we deliver all of our coffee to you for free. We even call you for your wholesale coffee order. How easy is that?!

Fresh Coffee

Just like most fresh produce, the fresher it is, the better it is, and coffee is no exception. Fresh coffee is at its best between three and fourteen days after roasting. However, very little degradation is noted within four weeks of being roasted, and 12 weeks maximum, if for some strange reason it’s not been drunk within four weeks! After this time, the coffee starts to deteriorate quicker, losing its natural flavours and slowly becoming stale.


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Have you ever found an old tin of coffee in the back of your cupboard that smells like dust?! That’s because the oxygen has got to it and it’s gone off. Sure, it is still okay to drink; but it won’t taste very nice!

Here at Two Chimps, we ensure that our coffee is the freshest by roasting fresh coffee multiple times each week. We deliver each week too, meaning the freshest coffee is with you within just a few days of roasting.


two chimps 1 kilogram bag lying on a coffee table


We want to make life simpler for you. As mentioned, you’ll never have to worry about getting to the shops on time because, as a wholesale coffee provider, we bring the goods to you! We deliver fresh coffee direct to your business, each week and we’ll even ring you every week to see what you need, so you’ll never forget to order coffee again. Payment is made by variable direct debit, so you don’t even need to remember to pay the invoice. You can just sit back and let the beans roll in.

What’s the difference between Two Chimps Coffee & Supermarket coffee?

It’s difficult to tell how old supermarket coffee is because in order to keep their coffee “fresh” they put a best before or use by date of nearly one year on the bag! They manage to keep most of the oxygen out of the coffee by adding nitrogen to the bag when it’s sealed, which slows down the deterioration but does not stop it. The problem is, we don’t know when the coffee was roasted, and therefore how old it was by the time it hit the shelves.

Two Chimps Recyclable Coffee and Tea packaging


At Two Chimps Coffee, we always sticker our bags with the roast date so you can see exactly how fresh it is. We even tell you who roasted it!


We have six different speciality coffees available, plus limited editions and a chemical-free decaffeinated coffee. These change from time to time as we buy from small farms and cooperatives. This is because when a particular coffee has been grown, harvested, roasted and drunk, that exact coffee ceases to exist. Don’t panic however; the coffee that replaces an existing one will be very similar, just not precisely the same. For instance, if you loved a particular bright and fruity coffee, the next will have similar notes of high acidity and an abundance of fruit.


drying coffee


Another difference is the quality of beans. We source the best arabica beans, otherwise known as speciality coffee; the highest grade of coffee available. We source our green coffee beans through direct trade from smallholding farms and cooperatives all over the world. Speciality coffee is well cared for throughout its life from being hand-picked to the way we roast.

Natural Flavours

There are so many delicious flavours to be discovered with speciality coffee that you just don’t find in a lower graded commodity coffee. For instance, you can find everything from fruity flavours such as blueberries and apple, to sweet flavours like chocolate and toffee. Mmm-mmm! If roasted properly and brewed right, you’ll get to taste all these amazing flavours and wonder why you ever bought anything else!


coffee in a cooling bin


Supermarket coffee on the other hand, will be predominantly commodity graded Arabica, and sometimes even Robusta.  Because the way this coffee is harvested and processed means that there are lots of impurities within the beans.

In speciality coffee, these are sorted by hand to remove any defects. But with lower grade coffee, it’s just roasted to within an inch of its life to hide any impurities. This means you’ll get a very dark roast that tastes bitter and you won’t be able to taste anything else. Yuk!

Won’t it be really expensive?

Nope! The highest price you’ll pay for freshly roasted speciality coffee as a wholesale customer is £20.50 per kilo. This includes fresh coffee, free delivery, free training, free point of sale, free social media support and excellent service!


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Depending on your brewing device, that’s roughly 18p per cup of coffee. Supermarket coffees vary in price, but for more premium supermarket beans, it’s around £16.50 per kilo or 15p per cup. This is a tiny difference when you consider the difference in freshness, taste and quality. I know which I’d rather go for!

So, now you know why you need a wholesale coffee provider, get in touch with the team today to arrange samples, coffee tasting and even a visit to the roastery!

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