Why do I need great coffee in the office?

We all know that caffeine is a stimulant and is well known for ‘waking us up’ in the morning, but that’s because it’s true! It must be if around 2 billion cups are drunk worldwide every day.

Studies show that consuming small amounts of caffeine before work enhanced an individual’s participation in a group task as well as an increased level of alertness.


looking down onto latte art on a cup of two chimps coffee


“Caffeine is absorbed into your bloodstream, resulting in increased energy levels, feeling less tired and improving your mood.”


As a business owner, this is exactly what you would want from your staff. If your staff are happy and energised, then their work performance will be better. Coffee gives you that boost you need to keep you going and work harder by keeping you focused and allowing you to concentrate better.

The Benefits

There are many other benefits to having great coffee in the office. If I worked in an office, and the only option was a generic brand of instant coffee, my first thought would be to get onto google and find my nearest independent coffee shop. There’s something beautiful about finding a nice café, walking in and smelling the freshly ground coffee. Next, you have a seat in a warm atmosphere and maybe tuck into a piece of cake, depending on how my day went. You get a lovely feeling from the combination of these elements – happy, cosy, comforting.

What this also means is that your staff are spending time away from the office in search of this Holy Grail of coffee shops to get their daily fix, even twice daily, of great coffee. This also means they’re spending lots of money! Maybe not so good for your employees’ pocket, or yours if they claim expenses.


blowing on a hot mug of coffee


Imagine if you bought that lovely atmosphere to your place of work.

Everyone needs a break throughout the day. Knowing that just down the corridor is the fresh smell of coffee wafting through, comfy seats, and yes, even cakes, would mean staff wouldn’t have to leave the office every time they wanted a great coffee. At Two Chimps Coffee, we have a wide range of coffees, specially crafted to suit different times of the day.

Which coffee?

There’s a Colombian coffee perfect for a morning wake up coffee, a Peruvian coffee more suited for the afternoon which has notes of creamy chocolate; perfect for that post-lunch lull, and early evening, you can try our chemical-free decaffeinated coffee.

All of our coffees are available in whole bean, freshly roasted the day before delivered so when you’re grinding that coffee at work, you can close your eyes and imagine you’re in your favourite coffee shop. If needed, we supply freshly roasted coffee pre-ground too.


roasting coffee


Happy Happy Happy

A happy team is a productive team. We make sure all of our customers are happy with their coffee by providing a brilliant service, as well as awesome coffee. If you know that you are giving your staff the best coffee around, surely this will make them very happy! Going for a coffee is such a social event.

Most meetings that take place outside of the office will no doubt involve a cup of coffee. If you can recreate that atmosphere in your office, then you’ve got the perfect environment for your workers. It gives people a reason to come into the office rather than work alone at home. That’s ok every now and again, but we are sociable creatures and need interaction.

Unless you have a Two Chimps coffee subscription at home, then it will make it a bit harder to leave the house!! We spend ¼ of our life at work, so it’s important that we are happy in our jobs. If having great coffee is one of the reasons people look forward to coming to work, then it’s a no brainer.


close up of twochimpscoffee labels


Whats the cost?

You might worry that all this delicious freshly roasted speciality coffee is going to cost you a fortune. You may think it’s easier to get a £7 jar of coffee from the supermarket. Well, not necessarily. If you buy a branded instant coffee from the shop, it’s likely to cost you around £7 per 190g, which is £37 per kilo. That’s around 105 cups of coffee per jar, costing 7.5p per cup of coffee. This coffee is made from commodity-grade coffee which is low quality, mainly made up of Robusta beans and roasted for a long time to hide any impurities.

At Two Chimps Coffee, we use only the highest grade speciality coffee, made up of 100% Arabica beans, starting at £20.50 per kilo.

We offer free delivery, free training and free point of sale material.

This amount of coffee would produce around 143 single shots of espresso coffee, which means you’d pay around 14p per cup.

Happy staff for around 6.5p per cup; I know what I’d do!


looking down on a two chimps coffee enamel mug


You may think it is going to cost too much money for a fancy machine and grinder? But that’s not necessarily true. If you didn’t want to buy one, why not rent?

Alternatively, there are several other brewing devices which reasonably priced and will still give you a great cup of coffee.

The Coffee

We only use speciality coffee because we only source and roast the best. Speciality coffee must gain a quality score of 80 or higher. If it doesn’t get the grade, it doesn’t get the title.

Each step of the coffee bean’s life is carefully looked after. The coffee cherries are handpicked by the farmers when they are ripe. If they are not ripe, they are left to grow. This is unlike commodity-grade coffee cherries which are mechanically stripped from the bush and processed at whatever stage.

The cherries are then processed in 1 of 3 different ways. Washed, natural or honey. Once the seeds are separated from the cherry, they are left to dry. Next, they are carefully turned every day to ensure an even drying over 30-60 days. Once dry, they are examined and graded by hand to remove any defects or impurities.

Because of the quality of this coffee, the price is a lot higher, but we are happy to pay a premium for premium coffee. You can read more about it here.



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