Why is a limited edition coffee so special?

Special means that something is distinct or out of the ordinary.

At Two Chimps Coffee, we believe that all of our coffees are special and that anyone can enjoy them! Our coffee beans are ethically sourced, of the highest quality, hand-roasted to order and delivered for free. If that wasn’t special enough, try our limited edition coffees that are sooo special, only Two Chimps Coffee drinkers can try them!



Here at Two Chimps Coffee Roasters, we ethically source our Specialty coffee from smallholders & farms worldwide. We always have six single origin coffees to choose from and at least two tasty limited edition coffees that change several times a year too. We want to give you a choice of coffee with a consistent flavour as well as something a little bit more unique…


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By ethically sourcing our coffee, we buy through an importer who deals directly with the farm, making the supply chain as short as possible. We only ever use the highest quality arabica beans for our coffee, known as speciality coffee. That’s because we know that the freshest coffee is the best coffee; therefore, we only want to use the highest grade of coffee possible!

The highest quality beans, hand-roasted to order, makes the tastiest cup of coffee. Speciality coffee has been hand processed throughout every step, and we want to continue the beans’ journey in a loving and caring way. This is why we always roast our coffee in small batches, by hand, multiple times each week. This way, we can ensure that every order of delicious coffee that you receive is as fresh as possible.



Coffee Farms

Farmers who grow speciality coffee may have several different varietals growing on their farm. For example, the main harvest of coffee beans may be of the Bourbon varietal, but they may also have several smaller, experimental varietals, known to us as micro lots. If successful, this experimental micro lot of coffee beans could pave the way for new varietals and techniques for the farm. When we source our limited-edition coffees, this is what we look for so we can offer a unique variety of beans to our customers.


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And, because it is a micro lot, by definition, there is less of it. This alone means it won’t be around for long! Our range of coffees changes around every 8 to 12 months or so. Once a coffee has been grown, harvested, roasted and drunk then it ceases to exist. When this happens, we look to find a new coffee similar to its predecessor. With our limited editions, however, we don’t necessarily look to follow a particular pattern. This keeps the choices new and exciting!


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After sourcing, our green beans are stored in a temperature and humidity controlled environment to keep them fresh, and we only roast in small batches assuring we never store roasted beans for more than a few days. We know that as soon as coffee has been roasted, it is best between three and fourteen days after. If we stored our coffee already roasted, some might go stale before you even receive it, and we don’t want that!


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For our Limited Edition Coffees, We’ve been lucky enough to try some really interesting and unique coffees from all over the world. From fruity Ethiopian coffee with flavours of tropical fruits & zingy acidity to Honduran coffees with fudge-like flavours and cherry, amazing! All of these wonderful flavours are found naturally within the coffee, which is why roasting in small batches, fresh multiple times each week, is very important to us. When we roast, we are particularly careful to not over roast the coffee. If we over roast the beans, we risk losing those lovely flavours and ending up with a burnt coffee. That’s the last thing we want after the beans have been so carefully grown and processed.


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If you’re unsure of what to try, then don’t worry; we have something for everyone, and, depending on which brew device you use, we are sure to have a coffee suited to it and your tastebuds perfectly. For example, if you prefer a lighter filter coffee, our light & fruity coffees are a perfect choice. Prefer espresso? Then try our medium dark roast coffee.

Fancy a change?

Try our limited edition coffees. You might find that you LOVE the taste of these and will forever drink micro-lots! Or you may think, not for me, I’ll stick with the blue one – at least you can say you tried a coffee that no one else outside of the Two Chimps Troop has tried!


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If you love Two Chimps Coffee and you don’t already, then have your coffee delivered to your home regularly, for free through a coffee subscription. As mentioned, we hand roast your coffee beans in small batches, so you know that each time you receive a bag of coffee, it’s as fresh as it can possibly be. Only the best coffee is super fresh, and we specialise in consistently giving you the BEST coffee. For your coffee subscription, choose from any of our single origin coffees or our special limited editions. You need to be quick though; these little beauties run out fast, so you need to get your chops around them ASAP.


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Sound good?

Choose from our list of monthly online coffee subscriptions and choose your coffee choice, grind size, bag size and frequency. Not sure what to have? Choose our Mystery Coffee Subscription if you’re undecided. This means that we will choose a coffee at random for each order, so you’re getting a nice surprise each time, including our limited edition coffees. It is surely the best way to taste your way through many different coffees, all different and intriguing as the next.

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Sound like your cup of tea? What are you waiting for? These limited editions won’t be around for long, you know, so get clicking!


Head to our Limited Editions today, and, if you order before noon we send your coffee the very same day.

Not only that, but all of our coffees, brew devices and coffee gift sets come complete with FREE 1st class post too.


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