Why Join A Coffee Club?

You may have heard of our coffee club.

But why should you join? What are the benefits of joining a coffee club? Read on my friends, read on.

Our Coffees

A big part of our coffee club is, as you would expect, is the coffee. Here at Two Chimps Coffee, we only source and freshly roast Speciality Coffee. It is these speciality coffees that make our coffee club super special. But what is Speciality Coffee I hear you ask? Let us explain.


portafilter with coffee


Speciality coffee, in a nutshell, is a much higher grade of coffee. Full care and attention are given throughout each stage of the growing and harvesting process, often resulting in a more hands-on approach than other grades of coffee require.

For instance, speciality coffee cherries are handpicked from the coffee plant when ready which ensure only the ripest are taken. Any that are not quite ready will be left and collected another day.

Once picked, the coffee cherries are processed and dried using one of a choice of methods. Interested in how coffee is processed and dried?.

Before shipping, the coffee is given a quality score using a process known as cupping. Coffee cupping allows the grader, known as a Q grader, to taste the coffee for what it is. If the coffee receives a score of 80 points or higher, it gains speciality status. This also means it can demand a much higher price because it has been proven to be of high quality. Usually, the higher the score, the more the coffee is worth.


cupping coffee


For instance, we pay between 30 and 150% more for our coffee than its commodity counterpart.

The Community

By buying speciality coffee from us, you are helping to change and improve the lives of coffee farmers and their workers from around the world.

By using a UK based coffee importer who has a direct relationship with the farmers, we are able to keep the supply chain as short as possible. This way, we can be confident in the knowledge that more money is making it back to the farmers and their workers. It’s a pretty good feeling being able to do something you love and know that you’re helping others out too! So from the farmers, their workers and us, thank you.

Rwandan Coffee Worker

Fresh Is Best

When it comes to roasting, we hand roast speciality coffee multiple times every week in small batches from our roastery in Rutland. Roasting in smaller batches assures the freshest coffee possible. Fresh coffee definitely tastes best.

Joining our coffee club will make sure that you always receive a fresh supply of freshly roasted coffee. Our coffee club subscriptions are full of choice too. Choose a frequency, from weekly, fortnightly or monthly with either 250g, 500g or 1kg sent at a time.


Aeropress with coffee on a spoon


If you would like to receive the freshest coffee possible, our top tip would be to have a smaller quantity to last a shorter period of time. For instance, rather than ordering 1kg a month, have 250g each week instead.

The very last thing we do before your coffee leaves us is grind it to suit your chosen brew method if required. By grinding right at the last minute, we can be sure that your coffee is as fresh as it can be when it arrives with you.

88 minutes past 3 two chimps coffee packaging png


Upon arrival, flip your bag of coffee over and you will find a sticker. This sticker will boast the date the coffee was roasted, who it was roasted by and the grind size requested. A nice reminder of how fresh our coffee is.

You will also find an abundance of information about your most recent coffee club delivery on the label itself, not to mention some handy brewing instructions if needed.


To make sure you aren’t waiting around for your coffee, we send all coffee club orders, (and everything else for that matter) with FREE 1st class delivery.

Need it guaranteed? No problem. Upgrade to Special Delivery and your coffee will be delivered by 1 pm the next working day if ordered before noon.


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How does a coffee club work

Rather than receiving the same coffee when your subscription is due, we send you a different coffee each time. Simple as that really. A different, tasty bag of coffee at the frequency of your choice. What is not to love!

Account Management

Need to adjust something? No problem; you are in control. Manage your coffee club through your account as and when you need to.

Going on holiday and don’t want to miss out on freshly roasted coffee? No problem. Log into your account, pause your subscription and restart it when you return. This way, we will hold fire on your order until you start your subscription again.


coffee in a cooling bin


When you join our coffee club, there is no contract, nor are there any hidden fees. So, if you want to leave us, you can do so. Just log into your account, and from here you will be able to cancel your subscription. Hopefully this day never comes!

Leave Everything To Us

All you have to do is choose your frequency, bag size and grind size and we will do the rest. We even post 250g coffee orders in a handy, large letter-sized envelope, meaning that it will fit through most letterboxes. Great! Fresh coffee on your doormat when you return from work. (well, still in the bag and envelope hopefully, unless you have a coffee-loving dog!)


brown envelope on a door mat


If you think your coffee club order is going to be too large for your letterbox, don’t panic! Leave us a special note on your order with your preferred delivery instructions (for instance, leave behind the plant pot) and we will pass this onto the postman.

Our coffee club allows you to focus on other things while knowing your coffee needs are being taken care of.

Hopefully, after reading this, you can see how awesome our coffee club is and why you should join it! Now, enough reading time to get some coffee!

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