Why Our Coffee Subscription is the Best

Fresh, ethical coffee delivered to your door!


No one likes big-headed folk, do they? The kind of people who think they’re better than everyone else?

But what about when it’s true? When you really do have something that’s better? When you have something that could actually be the best?

That calls for a bit of trumpet-blowing, we think…

So sound those trumpets loud and proud, because it’s here – your best coffee subscription! Let’s take a closer look…


Two Chimps coffee samples surrounding branded black coffee tin




What is a Coffee Subscription?

Coffee subscription sounds good (it’s got the word ‘coffee’ in it, after all), but what does it actually involve? What is a coffee subscription?

A coffee-lovers dream. That’s what. Set up a coffee subscription, and you’ll enjoy regular bags of coffee delivered to your door. That’s the idea of a coffee subscription: great-tasting coffee arriving on your doormat at intervals that suit you. You don’t need to order every time you run out; coffee just… comes. Bliss.


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Why is Two Chimps The Best Coffee Subscription?

A fair few UK coffee roasteries will deliver coffee to your door in the aforementioned subscription-y way. But few meet the Official Definition (it’s a thing…) of the best coffee subscription.

Our coffee subscription certainly does! It’s the best with a capital ‘B’!

Because when you create a coffee subscription box with Two Chimps, you don’t just get coffee. You get fresh, speciality coffee hand-roasted only a few days before. And we don’t just deliver coffee to your door: we deliver it to you free and First Class, in fully recyclable packaging. And it’s not just any careless coffee subscription, either. It’s an ethical coffee subscription from our climate-positive roastery!

This is a UK coffee subscription that will deliciousify your life. Each mug will be tastier, each morning that bit brighter. Ooooh… you’ll be on cloud nine!


Lifting aeropress from coffee in an orange coffee mug


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Six Reasons Why This Is The Best UK Coffee Subscription

We could give you 246 reasons, but these are our favourites…


Delicious Speciality Coffee

This is the best coffee subscription from the word go. Why? Because your TC coffee plan features the very finest speciality coffee, ethically sourced from small farmers and cooperatives worldwide.

Speciality coffee is, quite simply, the best kind of coffee. Awarded 80 points plus by certified Coffee Graders (called Q Graders), speciality coffee leaves the commodity stuff standing. Subscribe to our speciality coffee subscription and you’ll receive coffee that’s…

  • High-grade arabica
  • Picked when perfectly ripe
  • Hand-picked and hand-sorted by expert farmers (not machines!)
  • Naturally sweet and all-round delicious


Want to drink the best coffee? Then a speciality coffee subscription is the way to go!


speciality vs commodity coffee



Tailor Every Stage of Your Coffee Plan

We’re a small family-run team at Two Chimps. Why is this great? Because it means your coffee subscription enjoys the personal touch!

Unlike other UK coffee subscriptions, which might limit you to one coffee or only offer whole beans, you have complete control over your Two Chimps subscription. Our coffee plans have personalisation in their DNA!


Five Two Chimps coffee badges on a wooden table


Create your perfect plan with our easy-to-use subscription maker. You can do it all in just seven quick clicks! Start with the coffee (always a good thing): choose any from our range or opt for the Mystery Subscription if you fancy new coffee each time.

Grind size comes next. Whole bean or freshly ground for your favourite coffee-making method? You choose! Select your coffee weight and delivery frequency (weekly, fortnightly or monthly – it’s up to you!), and then tootle smugly over to the checkout… because you’ve just created a bespoke, ethical coffee subscription! Whoop whoop!


Two Chimps coffee tin and three bags of coffee with labels showing at an angle



Amend or Cancel your Subscription at Any Time

Tend to change your mind? No problem – your subscription options aren’t laser-set in stone.

Whether you want to up your coffee amount or change to a different coffee, you can alter any part of your Two Chimps coffee subscription in your personal Coffee Account. You can also give us a call, pop over an email or send a pigeon and we’ll see to it for you.

Need to press pause for a while? Maybe you’ve got too much coffee or are going away (lucky thing!). That’s cool too – simply delay your next delivery and reactivate whenever suits. Simple!



Fresh Coffee

If you love coffee, you’ll know that fresh is always best. Coffee is 100% drinkable after a few months, but the flavours won’t be as vibrant. Think feeble party popper rather than spectacular, sky-illuminating feat of pyrotechnics…

We know that fresh is best, too. That’s why our lovely team roast coffee in small batches throughout the week. Head roaster Andy fine-tunes roasting recipes for each coffee before roasting the beans by hand, tweaking and adjusting as he goes along.

And we are telling you this… because? It guarantees every bag of coffee in a Two Chimps subscription is perfectly fresh and brimming with flavour!

Top Tip. We always recommend opting for smaller, frequent deliveries in your subscription. This way, you’re enjoying fresh coffee all the time. And don’t worry about delivery charges. They’re not a thing at Two Chimps – we deliver every bag of coffee FREE of charge!


Removing a sample of green beans from the coffee roaster



Ethical Coffee Subscription

Our roastery team take pride in sourcing your coffee as ethically and directly as possible. Working with ethical importers enables us to keep the in-between stages to an absolute minimum and pay more to the farmers. Did you know that we go beyond Fairtrade standards by paying up to 150% more than the going rate for our beans? Great stuff!

As a sustainable roastery, we support coffee farmers and environmental initiatives, giving back to the regions that support us.


Smallholder coffee farmers in Honduras


What does 'ethical' really mean? We investigate...


New Coffees to Try – Exciting!

Best-ness comes again and again with your Two Chimps coffee subscription! Why? Because there are always delicious new speciality coffees for you to enjoy!

Sourcing seasonally and from individual harvests means our coffee range changes frequently. Repeating individual coffees year after year is impossible – rainfall, altitude and growing methods all play their part – so we keep things exciting with an ever-evolving range.

Our colour-coded labels make sure it all stays simple. Take our green labelled coffee: brew a bag of this and you’ll always get a smooth, medium/dark roast that’s a great all-rounder. Same deliciousness, just a little bit different.


A hand lifting a branch of red speciality coffee cherries



We were going to start googling ‘other words for best’ but then we thought, nahhh, when it comes to your Two Chimps coffee subscription, ‘BEST’ is the only word to use!

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