Why Should I Be Serving Better Coffee?

Serving better coffee in your business comes with an array of benefits.

Today we are going to show you why serving better coffee is not only beneficial to your business and your customers but its also beneficial to the coffee farmers too. So, grab a coffee, have a notebook to hand, and we will dive right in!

Better Coffee Goes Further Than The Customer

If you serve better coffee, your customers will notice. If the bitter and burnt taste of coffee is replaced by a sweet and smooth sensation, they will thank you for it. In turn, if your coffee is better, customers will return.


espresso coffee pouring from an espresso machine

The Coffee

Arabica coffee can be categorised into two main categories; commodity-grade and speciality grade.

Commodity grade is the lower of the two grades, with the coffee being of lower quality. Commodity coffee is often over-roasted to remove the taste of any impurities that can be found within the coffee. This leads to the bitter and burnt taste that is oh so common. Not only is commodity coffee a lower grade, but it also fetches a lower price. If commodity coffee is fairtrade, a minimum price is paid to the farmers per kg. This, of course, is a step in the right direction – but with speciality coffee, the price paid towers over the fairtrade price. This is because the coffee is better and naturally deserves a higher price. The farmers earn more per kg for their work and efforts, and we get to drink some amazing coffees. It is a win-win!




The work that goes into growing, harvesting and processing these coffees ensures they are very high quality. As a result of this, they yield 30-150% more than the asking price for ‘commodity grade’ coffee.

The workers on the farms will never be underpaid for their coffees. Instead, they are rewarded with a higher price for their hard work. Here at Two Chimps Coffee, we only source and hand roast speciality coffee.

How We Trade

Here at Two Chimps Coffee, we use the most direct trade route available to us. To be able to offer such a variety of coffees, we source our coffees through an importer. This importer works with various farms around the world to assist where they can with coffee production.

We like to keep the supply chain as short as possible you see. If there are just three in the chain; us, the importer and the farmer, fewer organisations need to be paid, meaning more can make it to the farmer.


Ethically Sourced

Our coffees are always traded fairly. By serving an ethically sourced coffee, you can sleep soundly in the knowledge that you are doing your bit for the world. By advertising that your coffee is ethically sourced too is a super way to attract more customers. To add, your customers will be able to taste the difference!

Want to know more about Fairtrade vs Direct Trade?. Go on, have a mooch.

Better Coffee Means Happier Customers!

As mentioned, with ‘commodity grade’ coffee, the flavours are often burnt, bitter and generally unpleasant. To mask these unpleasant flavours, milk is often needed. If you want to extend your offerings, add speciality coffee to your menu! You can offer customers new and exciting drinks, such as cold brew and nitro coffees, which don’t need to have anything added to them, resulting in the sweetness of the coffee punching on through.

Speciality coffees have pleasant and interesting flavours too; some have light and fruity notes, whereas others have flavours such as chocolate and nut. There really is something for everyone when it comes to better speciality coffee, which makes it so exciting!


serving coffee in an orange mug with a kettle and tin


By serving better coffee, customers will come back to YOU rather than going elsewhere in search of better coffee also. Winner!


Often, decaffeinated coffees taste savoury. This is a result of the chemical processes which are often used to remove the caffeine from the coffee.

With our decaf coffee, the sparkling water decaf is used. This removes the caffeine while still keeping the delicious flavours inside the bean. This results in a decaffeinated coffee which still tastes like coffee. This allows you to serve better decaf coffee to your customers too. Amazing!


coffee in a paper filter


Although serving speciality coffee is a great start, if coffee isn’t made correctly, your customers won’t be able to enjoy it to its full. Think of it like putting a Ferrari engine in a Ford; the main part is superior, whereas the rest was never built to be so.

For instance, if, in this anomaly, speciality coffee is the engine, things like steaming milk correctly, along with pouring that milk are the rest of the car. Don’t worry however, if you want to be 100% Ferarri; we are here to assist every step of the way with free coffee training.

In addition to this, the presentation is also important. Maybe you want to be able to nail latte art for example? Latte art is a sure-fire way to show your customers you care about their coffee.


latte are heart

Join The Troop

If you’re worried that some of the points above are affecting your business, don’t panic, we’re here to help. Here at Two Chimps Coffee, we freshly hand roast speciality coffee in small batches multiple times each week. Fresh is best, and with this in mind, we roast coffee to order, rather than dispatching old coffee from a warehouse.

For our wholesale coffee customers, we ring each week for a coffee order. This order has no minimum order quantity as we would much rather you were serving the freshest coffee possible than ordering say twelve kilograms at a time. Your coffee is then hand-roasted to order before it leaves us either on a free next day courier or is delivered by hand by one of the team.

As mentioned we offer free coffee training to all wholesale customers where we cover such topics as latte art, steaming milk, tamping and cleaning your espresso machine to name a few. Our coffee training is unlimited too; just let us know when you want us to pop over and we will be there in a flash.


pouring milk into a mug


Not only do we offer free training and delivery, but we are here in any other way we can help too. For instance, we have A-boards, posters, strut mounts, information cards and window stickers to help you spread the word about your better coffee. We also shout for you through our coffee lovers blog and Social Channels.

So there we have it, a few reasons why serving better coffee really is the key to success.

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