Why should I buy a coffee gift set?

There are lots of reasons why you might be stuck indoors. Illness, bad weather, or maybe a global pandemic?! Either way, it isn’t much fun.

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We know that life is tough right now, and that small acts of kindness can make all the difference. Whether it’s a text, phone call or an email to say “Hey”, it’s always good to show people you care.

Surprise presents are sure to bring a smile; those just-because gifts that make everyone’s day brighter. Luckily, we’ve got the perfect thing – coffee and tea gift sets! A pick-you-up coffee or hug-in-a-mug tea: what could be better?

You might be wondering if sending someone a bag of coffee is special enough. Well, we say yes! Because Two Chimps coffee is, quite simply, awesome. Roasted by hand using ethically sourced beans from all over the world, we bring you the freshest coffee with a healthy dose of humour! Fresh coffee and cheeky-monkey fun – together, they make the perfect gift. Your friends will love you forever!


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Fresh is best. Full stop.

We know that fresh is best. This is why we go above and beyond to ensure that our coffee is the freshest out there. Coffee can be a daunting subject; with so much choice and information, it can be hard to know where to start. That’s why we make learning about speciality coffee straightforward and fun. We believe that everyone should have the chance to drink great coffee, so we work hard to bring you freshly roasted, artisan coffee without all the waffle. Awesome coffee. No nonsense.

Freshly roasted coffee always tastes best. At Two Chimps, we hand-roast in small batches multiple times a week. This way, you know that your gift will always contain the freshest, tastiest coffee possible. We never store coffee post-roast because we believe that everyone deserves the best coffee, whether they are treating themselves or choosing a gift for someone else. We mark each Two Chimps bag with the coffee’s roast date (its first birthday, whoop, whoop!), so you know that it’ll be super fresh and utterly scrumptious for the next 12 weeks – if it lasts that long, of course!


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Fair pay, fair price. Well, that’s a fair point.

We only use single-origin speciality Arabica coffee because it’s the highest grade of coffee available. The ripe coffee cherries are lovingly hand-picked and hand-sorted before being left to rest in the sun. We source as exclusively through direct trade as possible and work closely with selected importers to ensure our coffee is always ethically produced. Indeed, we go above and beyond the ethical standards set for commodity coffee (the standard grade stuff you can buy in the supermarket) and pay our farmers between 30% and 150% more for their speciality coffee beans. With more money going directly to the farmers, we can help people grow their business, provide for their families and improve their livelihoods.

As well as sourcing our coffee ethically, we are proud to be a carbon neutral roastery. We recycle, reuse and reduce on repeat to offset our carbon footprint and keep our business sustainable. This means you can enjoy fantastic coffee, guilt free!


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Why are coffee gifts so great?

If you were wondering why you should buy a coffee gift set, I’ve given you your first reason: our coffee does good. By choosing Two Chimps, you can rest assured that you are choosing 100% traceable, sustainable coffee that is kind to people and the planet.

But it has got to taste delicious too, right? You don’t want to give someone a run-of-the-mill bag they could have grabbed from a supermarket shelf. Luckily, our fresh, hand-roasted coffee is far, far better than commodity grade. We roast in small batches to give us maximum control and always make sure our speciality beans roast evenly (don’t want any bean to feel left out, do we?). We use all our senses to perfect every roast and guarantee that each Two Chimps pouch contain the finest coffee. It’s the present everyone wants to open!


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Endless options – I can’t decide!

Our wonderful, ever-evolving selection means you are always sure to find the perfect gift. We have several coffees to choose from, each roasted slightly differently to enhance the beans’ natural flavours. We offer a choice of six different grind sizes because we want everyone to enjoy top coffee, whatever brewing method they prefer. From light, fruity roasts perfect for filter coffee to medium-dark coffees just calling for an espresso, we’ve got a blend you’ll want to give (to yourself, most likely ?)! Give us a try; we guarantee it’ll be the tastiest, freshest coffee you’ve ever had!

We’ve got some awesome gift sets perfect for every hot drink lover. Whether you’re choosing a present for a coffee connoisseur with adventurous tastebuds or a friend who likes to stick with their favourites, we’ve got the gift for them! We also offer a delicious range of ethically sourced loose-leaf tea and 70% cocoa hot chocolate gifts too – why not take a look?


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Coffee subscriptions – the perfect gift!

We all want to make sustainable choices, and this extends into our present buying. Unlike flowers or plastic-packed toiletries, our coffee gift subscriptions are gifts that keep on giving! Online coffee subscriptions allow you or your lucky recipient to get freshly roasted coffee all the time. It really is the stuff of dreams! Just choose your coffee, grind size and weight, then pop the kettle on as you wait for a fresh bag of Two Chimps coffee to arrive through your door!


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Little perks are always good, and we don’t believe in pesky small print. That’s why we always deliver First Class, free of charge. So whether it’s a one-off gift or an ongoing subscription, you or your friend will never, ever have to pay for postage! How nice are we?

So, whether you’re buying a birthday gift, a well done present or a pick-me-up for someone special, we’ve got the perfect gift for you! Our coffee gift sets and subscriptions are fuss-free and excellent value, so they’re sure to put a smile on your face. There’s nothing better than an unexpected gift, and there’s nothing at all better than receiving Two Chimps!


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