Why should I buy a limited edition coffee?

I don’t know about you, but when something says that it’s a limited edition, it makes me feel like I need to get involved quickly before it runs out!

The clue is in the name – it’s limited! It can also mean that it’s something special, or different from the norm, so why not give it a go!


cup of two chimps coffee on a saucer


As well as our six regular hand-roasted speciality coffees, which includes a sparkling water decaffeinated coffee, we always have at least two limited edition coffees to choose from as well. This is because we know that speciality coffee is so incredibly varied in taste, that we want to give you as much choice as possible, you lucky things!

For instance, our medium-dark roast Peruvian coffee with notes of dark chocolate compared with our light & fruity roasted Rwandan coffee with a bright acidity are entirely different to one and other. One is perfect for filter coffees where the other one works really well as an espresso.


tamping coffee into a portafilter


With so many options out there for brewing along with personal tastes, you can’t possibly find a ‘one coffee that fits all’, and why would you want to? For instance, if you run our Rwandan coffee through an espresso machine, this would highlight the acidity in the coffee. For some people, that’s ideal! But for others, it wouldn’t be to their taste. This is why we always have six single origin coffees to choose from, all with different roast styles to suit different brewing devices, all with unique flavours!


A Chemex coffee maker with coffee blooming


Ever changing selection

Because we only source and roast single origin speciality coffee that we have ethically sourced, occasionally, a coffee will run out and will need to change. This will usually happen around every 9-12 months. We try to keep a regular coffee available for a time, as once you find a coffee you like, we don’t want to disappoint by it changing too soon. However, when a particular coffee has been harvested, roasted and drunk, another must take its place.


Coffee cherries


With our range of regular coffees, we always try to find a new coffee as close to the last as possible; so you’ll enjoy the new coffee just as much – if not more! The other positive to this is that we get to taste lots of lovely new coffees! We do this by ordering a few samples of the coffees we love the sound of from our importers and we “cup” them. This means we brew a small amount of each coffee, all exactly the same, so when we taste, we can compare each one on a like for like basis.

As mentioned, we always try to keep our six coffee profiles as similar to the last one as possible. Therefore, the benefit of choosing a limited edition coffee is that we can try something different each time which is only around for a short period.


Two Chimps Coffee Sample Bags Laying Flat


Micro-Lot Coffees

Most of our limited edition coffees are from micro-lots. Micro lots are much smaller than the farmer’s normal harvest. The coffee beans are often grown on smaller patches of land on the farm. These can be a different varietal from the larger harvest too.

Often, a micro lot is an experimental process. For instance, a farm may choose to try out a particular processing method with a coffee, such as a macerated natural process. If the micro lot is successful, the coffee is undoubtedly worth more. The lot is rarer, unique, one of a kind and extremely interesting.

When choosing our limited edition coffees, we make sure they are very different from each other. One coffee will be used for a light roast; ideal in a Filter, Chemex or Cafetiere and the other will be roasted darker. This would suit an espresso, AeroPress & Stovetop perfectly. Our limited edition coffees don’t follow a pattern; each one will be very different from its predecessor. Ideal if you like to try an abundance of coffees over time.


farmers in ethiopia


Due to a micro lot of coffee being fairly small, it runs out much faster than our other coffees as we didn’t have as much to start with. We’ll perhaps buy 3-5 bags of beans for a limited edition, around 210 – 350kg, or whatever is available to us. What is also nice about this is that it can often mean a coffee is unique to us. If the farmer only produced 200kg of coffee beans and we’ve been fortunate enough to bag it all, this means that you could be trying a one-off coffee that no one else in the WORLD can try! How awesome is that?!

Interesting flavours

We’ve been lucky enough to try all sorts of interesting and diverse notes within coffees. Due to the beans being the highest quality arabica speciality coffee, all the flavours are naturally occurring. We’ve had coffees with notes of strawberries & cream, juicy blackcurrant, cherry & dark chocolate, pineapple and most recently, Christmas cake, marzipan & spiced apple! As you may have guessed at this last one, it also allows us to roast additional limited edition coffees for special occasions such as Christmas and Valentine’s day.


looking down onto latte art on a cup of two chimps coffee


We love fresh coffee, and we know that coffee is at its freshest between three and fourteen days after it’s been roasted. Coffee doesn’t have to come in a jar and taste of one thing. Speciality coffee is extremely complex, and our limited edition coffees are no exception. By trying lots of different coffee varieties, processed in different ways and brewed using different devices, you can experience all of these flavours for yourself.

To round it up

In summary, a limited edition coffee is just that; a coffee which will not be around for long. It is rarer, special, interesting, and in limited supply. It also will be unique and like nothing else available. All these traits combined make our limited editions not only a bit different but super special too.


coffee cherries in a bowl


You never know, our next limited edition coffee might be your perfect match! But don’t wait around too long or you might miss it!

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