Why should I drink single origin coffee?

The answer is simple really, and that is because it’s the best.


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You wouldn’t eat cheap beef from the supermarket after you’ve tried grass-fed, dry-aged beef. Or supermarket savers white sliced bread after eating stone milled, hand-made artisan bread, would you?!

Single-origin speciality coffee is the same, it’s the highest grade of coffee available. And, because it’s single-origin, it’s not made up of a blend of beans. Once you’ve tasted hand-roasted, fresh speciality coffee, there is no going back.

Super Tasty Coffee

The flavours found in single-origin coffee are much more prominent and pronounced than that of lower graded coffee. This is due to the way the coffee has been grown and harvested.

There is a range of flavours that can be found in speciality coffee that you won’t find in anything else.

The Coffee Flavour Wheel is an accurate tool that can describe all the flavours found in coffee. From berry flavours such as blueberry all the way round to roasted flavours such as biscuit and nuts.

It helps certified coffee graders find those specific flavours in the speciality coffee to give the coffee it’s flavour profile.


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When coffee is blended, the flavours can get muddled, because there is much more going on in the cup. You’ve got a variety of different coffees, with multiple flavours all fighting against each other so trying to establish flavours is harder.  With single-origin coffee, this is often easier as we are tasting one single variety of bean.

Keeping it simple

Single-origin in its broadest term is essentially what it says; from one place, however, our coffee does one better than that; it comes from single farms and estates within the country of origin.


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On bags of supermarket coffee for instance, if you see that a coffee is Brazilian, it may mean that it’s a blend of several different coffees from Brazil.  If we talk about our Brazilian coffee however, we are talking about one variety of bean, from one single farm or estate only.

Fairtrade vs Direct Trade

By drinking single-origin coffee, you are supporting coffee farmers across the globe. We ethically source all of our coffee via a direct trade route from smallholding farms around the world.

We use an importer who, over time, has built strong relationships with the farmers and has helped them produce even better coffee, year on year. Sourcing our coffee this way means that the farmers receive more money than if they used a large organisation such as Fairtrade or Rainforest alliance.


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The difference is that speciality coffee costs 30-150% more than commodity-grade coffee, so the farmers are getting more money than the minimum guaranteed for Fairtrade. As the coffee is better, it demands a higher pricer. Win-win for all!

Fairtrade and others, however, do have their place; they are there to help commodity coffee farmers get a much fairer price for their coffee. Because we only source and roast speciality coffee, Fairtrade and other organisations such as Rainforest Alliance don’t come in to play very often.



Feeling Good

We buy direct from farms, and not just the country as a whole. This means we’re able to trace our coffee right back to the farm. We know everything about the coffee. Including the country, the region and the farm which the coffee was grown, and often, we even know the plot of land!



Our Coffees

Here at Two Chimps Coffee, We only source and roast single-origin coffee beans. Because we source coffee from individual farms, it does mean that when a coffee has all been harvested, processed, roasted and drunk, it fails to exist any more. This does mean that we change our coffees from time to time.

We roast six main coffees that change every 8-12 months. We also have two limited edition coffees which change every 3-6 months or so. For us, it’s exciting as it means that we get to go back to the beginning and source a new coffee!



Loved a coffee? No problem. While we cannot get exactly the same coffee again, we’ll always look to find a new coffee with similar tasting notes. So, if you loved the easy drinking-ness of our green labelled coffee for instance or the super fruity yellow label, the replacements will follow the same theme.

On the other hand, our limited-edition coffees allow us to be slightly more random with our coffee choices. This allows you to try exciting and interesting coffees which don’t necessarily follow a pattern.


Because we’ve sourced the highest grade of coffee for its interesting and delicate flavours, we want to make sure that when we roast, we’re highlighting those natural flavours within the coffee and not hiding them. Lower graded coffee is often roasted dark, as this covers up any impurities that could be found. However, due to the nature of speciality coffee, we don’t need to over roast to hide anything.


roasting coffee


We roast by hand and in small batches to showcase each coffee to the best of its ability. Each of our eight coffees are hand-roasted using their own unique recipe. Each green coffee will be different in moisture content, density and size. Because of their differences (and the individual final flavour profile we are looking for), we can’t just bung everything in and hope for the best! We monitor every step of the roast to ensure we never over roast.

Our small batch hand-roasted coffee means that we only roast the amount of coffee we need, so every bag of coffee that you receive has been freshly roasted that week. Freshest coffee is the best coffee and this is why we roast in small batches multiple times each week. We want you to experience super fresh coffee!


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So, when you purchase your coffee from Two Chimps Coffee, not only are you drinking delicious hand-roasted single-origin fresh coffee, but you can feel great knowing that more money is going directly back into the farm for future coffee drinkers around the world!

Ready for a cup of single-origin coffee?

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