Why should I order coffee by post?

Ordering coffee by post couldn’t be easier.

From browsing our website and choosing your coffee to hearing the letterbox flap when it lands on your doormat. All it takes is a few clicks, and within hours, you have freshly roasted coffee without even having to leave the sofa!


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Here at Two Chimps Coffee, we believe that Fresh is Best, which is why we believe you should order coffee by post. We expertly roast coffee in small batches by hand, multiple times each week. Based in Oakham, Rutland, we ethically source our beans from all over the world. This means that we choose delicious coffees from small, independent farms worldwide based on the beans’ quality and their taste profiles.

Speciality Grade

We only source 100% Arabica speciality coffee, which is the highest quality of coffee beans you will find. Speciality coffee is grown with care and looked after throughout its life, right through to and including harvesting. Each ripe coffee cherry is picked by hand from the coffee plant before processing, either by washed method or natural method. Once processed, they’re hand-sorted to remove any impurities or imperfections before they are graded for quality.


hands in coffee cherries


To be classed as speciality coffee, the coffee needs to be given a score of at least 80 out of 100 by certified coffee tasters known as Q-Graders. Q-Graders have spent years and years training and perfecting their palate to be able to taste coffee and grade it.

The beans are scored on things like aroma, mouthfeel and overall taste.  If they do indeed score over 80 points out of 100, they can be certificated as a speciality coffee. Farmers of speciality coffee receive 30-150% more for their harvest than those who produce commodity-grade coffee.



What is Commodity Grade?

Commodity grade is a very low grade of coffee used for mass roasting. It’s often mechanically processed and roasted until it’s almost burnt to hide any imperfections that would be present in the roast. We never use anything less than speciality coffee here at Two Chimps. This is why our coffee is totally awesome, every time.

Next, we want to continue the special care and do the farmers justice, so all their hard work isn’t for nothing when the coffee arrives with us at our coffee roastery. We store our beans in their green form in our humidity and temperature controlled roastery and only roast them in small batches when needed.

Freshest Coffee

The freshest coffee is the best coffee, and that is just after it has been roasted. We roast multiple times each week assuring only the freshest coffee leaves our door, and, in turn, arrives with you. To see how fresh your coffee is when it comes in the post, just check the bag. We always write the roasted on date on our packaging. Not only that, the coffee smells incredible – a bit like freshly roasted coffee funnily enough!! And the taste is awesome – there is nothing like drinking a fresh cup of coffee.


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Coffee that you find in the supermarket will not ordinarily be speciality coffee, and it certainly will never be freshly roasted. A mass-produced coffee will only have a best before date on the packaging, which doesn’t give you an idea of when the coffee was roasted, unfortunately. It could be six months old or more before you even buy it.

To avoid ever having to drink low quality coffee again, because after all, life is too short for that, the best way to get your hands on fresh coffee is to order your coffee by post. We will even dispatch your freshly roasted coffee order the same day if you order before 12 noon. We send all coffee orders using Royal Mail 1st  class, and it is FREE, no matter how much you order. If you are local to us, we will deliver your coffee by hand where possible; keeping our carbon footprint as small as possible wherever possible.


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To order coffee by post, head over to our online shop. You will find all of our freshly roasted coffees for your perusal, including a selection of limited edition coffees too. Another benefit of ordering your coffee by post is that you get to choose your grind size if needed. Rather than collecting a bag of generic ground coffee from the supermarket. Each coffee brewing device requires a different grind, and by ordering coffee online, you get exactly what you need. This includes slightly lesser-known brew devices like the Aeropress or V60 filter.


coffee being ground using a grinder


For instance, if your favourite device is a Stovetop or Moka pot, then we’ll grind your coffee especially for that. Or if you need espresso, we’ll grind for that too! If you need ground coffee instead of whole bean, rest assured that your coffee is ground on the day of dispatch. this means it’s as fresh as possible when you receive it. Maybe you want beans to grind them yourself; and why wouldn’t you?! The smell of grinding freshly roasted coffee at home is to die for!


A V60 coffee maker with coffee and water

What happens next?

Each time you order coffee by post, we lovingly prepared it at each stage. We start by roasting your coffee before we pack it by hand, with a handwritten sticker. Next, your coffee order is packaged and taken to the post office, or delivered by hand straight to your front door.

Will it be love at first sip? We do hope so. Sign up for a coffee subscription for coffee by post at the frequency you require. You can pause and change your subscription as needed. There is no signup fee or minimum term, and you are free to leave if you choose to, with no penalties. We will of course miss you, however.

With a coffee subscription, you don’t have to remember to buy coffee online; it will automatically be sent to you each week, fortnight or month – it’s so easy!


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In summary, if you want the freshest coffee, ground to suit your brew device with fast and free 1st class tracked delivery over £25 delivered to your door, order coffee by post today!


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