Your Coffee Subscription is Carbon Neutral!

07th February 2023




You know we’re all about being green at Two Chimps. Because all that’s gold glitters, but all that’s groovy is GREEN!

And we’re taking it a step further – we’re becoming a certified Carbon Neutral coffee roastery! By partnering with the expert folk at Positive Planet, we’ll be making sure your TC plan isn’t just the best coffee subscription on the block, but the best CARBON NEUTRAL coffee subscription.

It’s so good that, yes, we think it might start glittering…

What We Do Now

The Treehouse is already a planet-kind place. Our wonderful team take lots of steps to keep Two Chimps sustainable.

But we’re taking it to the next level. Dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s, if you like. Because we’re becoming certified carbon neutral!

By gaining a professionally calculated, officially recognised certification, we can be sure we are offsetting every speck of carbon we produce. We already do a pretty good job at carbon offsetting (we support tree-planting projects), but now we can be 100% sure we’re getting it right.

Those little things we mentioned earlier? Let’s check them out. We already pack your coffee, tea and hot chocolate in fully recyclable packaging and use eco-friendly stickers for the roast dates. Recyclable glue dots keep your coffee free of wasteful clips or staples. We recently transferred from traditional to paper-based sticky tape, too, and are starting to use more plant-based milks in our coffees. Vegan iced coffee? Yes please!

What else? We reuse everything – everything – we can! From coffee sack wrap to roasting chaff, everything gets a second life if we can give it one!

P.s. You can use coffee chaff for chicken bedding, just in case you were wondering! ?


Our next step with Positive Planet

We’re partnering with Positive Planet to become fully, bona fide carbon neutral. The wonderful team at Positive Planet support small and medium-sized businesses to make a real impact in the fight against climate change. No greenwashing or vague lingo here – it’s all about actual results.

Positive Planet came out of Covid (those weird years…), when Adam and Stephen realised how impossible it was for companies to measure their carbon emissions. Like us, they are super passionate about planet-friendly business. They wanted to make a positive change… for the planet… and, so came Positive Planet!

They set up their awesome, net-zero agency in 2021 with the goal of reducing UK business emissions by 5%. They’re driven by:

  • Purpose
  • Positivity
  • Pragmatic steps
  • And the planet. Obviously!



All those Ps are, we say, pretty perfect! Their rigorous carbon analysis and expert number crunching helps companies like Two Chimps fully understand our carbon impact – and do something about it! And they’re going great guns, already helping 250 brands axe their emissions.

By joining the Positive Planet fam, we’ll bring you a UK coffee subscription that’s better for the planet. TC coffee is already one of the most planet-kind options out there, but now it’s gonna be the best coffee subscription on the web (we think)! Driven by the pros and detailed reduction planning, your coffee will soon have zero carbon impact!


Find more sustainability tips here!

How does it work?

The Positive Planet team are Einsteins (without the funny hair). They use modern calculation tools to determine exactly how much carbon we use. Right down to the decimal point. Impressive? You bet.

To start the process, we provided Adam and Stephen’s team with reams of info about our energy usage. This is divided into:



Scope 1

Scope 1 covers emissions from sources (a) owned by an organisation and (b) that are made by the business directly. These are known as direct greenhouse emissions and include things such as boilers, furnaces and cars.


Scope 2

Scope 2 are the indirect emissions from energy we buy from a provider. This is mainly from electricity, heating and cooling.


Scope 3

The third Scope includes all the remaining indirect emissions. But, unlike, Scope 2, these are not produced by the company itself. However, they are still linked to it. This might include emissions produced when an employee catches the bus to work or when products get delivered to customers.






Logical stuff, right? We’ve provided Positive Planet with lots of info about our energy usage across the three scopes so they can create our bespoke Carbon Audit.

Our audit is in creation as we speak! As soon as it pops on the doormat (well, inbox – paperless, you know), we’ll start scouring the stats. Then, we’ll work with a PP expert to quash the carbon connected to your coffee subscription! Wahooo!

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