Great coffee is only half the story. For a truly top-notch coffee experience, a quality brew device is a must. The type of coffee maker you use will shape the final flavour of your coffee. Take the cafetière: it’s the classic home coffee maker and creates a richer coffee with more texture. If you like a coffee that’s light, balanced and beautifully tea-like, we’d recommend a V60 or Chemex. Both work well with light roast coffees, while brewers like a Moka pot or espresso makers prefer a medium or darker roast. But, as always, the coffee you choose is up to you – we don’t believe in too many rules!

Not sure which is the best type of coffee maker for you? Consider the taste and texture you want from your cup. Then think about your lifestyle. Do you want a laid-back Sunday morning coffee or a quick, easy-clean coffee maker for busy mornings (hello, AeroPress)? We select high-quality brewers from the world’s best brands to bring you coffee makers you can trust. Mugs at the ready, because great coffee is on the way!

Don’t forget your filters! If an AeroPress, V60 or Chemex is your brew device of choice, be sure to pop a pack of filters in your basket. It’s important to get the right type of filter for your brewer (every kind is a bit different). Check out our specialist range of paper filters below!

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