A Guide to Buying Coffee Online from Two Chimps

We roast specialty coffee from our roastery in Rutland. All of our coffees are roasted in small batches to ensure you are always receiving the freshest coffee. Here at Two Chimps Coffee we want you to have exactly what you want; coffee tailored for you. With that in mind, we’ve made a quick guide to how things work over here to make it easy for you to buy coffee online!

Online Coffee Tasters

Buying coffee online can be difficult when you haven’t tasted it… That’s why we have coffee samples!

If you are you a little unsure of what to choose, never fear. We have put together our ‘Coffee Sample’ taster packs for you. These are smaller, 50g packets of your choice of coffee, ideal for you to make a couple cups.
After you have chosen your coffee, you can buy it in bags of 250g, 500g or 1kg online as a one off. Alternatively, you can sign up for our subscription service and have your choice of bag, size and grind sent as frequently as you need it. No more running out of coffee in your house!

Online Coffee Subscriptions

As mentioned, you can buy coffee online through our coffee subscription service. First choose your coffee, then your grind size, then the size and lastly, your frequency. We can post coffee to you weekly, fortnightly or monthly to suit your lifestyle and how much coffee you need.
If you are unsure on which coffee or don’t know how much you need, our handy coffee wizard is on hand to help you pick. Tell the magical wizard what time of day you drink your coffee, how you brew and how often you drink it and… abracadabra – it will recommend your ideal subscription, like magic.
Fresh is best, so we would recommend a little and often approach. For example; rather than ordering 500g to last you a month, with our FREE 1st class delivery you can have 250g sent every 2 weeks. The coffee you receive is freshly roasted so this way, you will always be drinking the freshest coffee. High five!
Your subscription is fully accessible and editable online, from the comfort of your home or office. If you are away on holiday and would like your next subscription pausing – easy peasy. Just log in with your account details and pop your subscription on pause. Or, if you are staying away in the UK, you can have your subscription posted to your holiday destination. Just edit the shipping address on your account and we will send it there instead. Make sure you switch it back afterwards though!

It’s a Mystery

Introducing our Mystery Coffee Subscription. This is an awesome way of trying lots of different coffees from a range of different origins. Choose a mystery subscription and we will send you a randomly selected bag every time. At any given time, we have a range of six, single origin specialty coffees for you to try and these are ever-changing. We source our coffees from smaller farms, so when a harvest is gone, it’s gone. On the plus side, think of all of the different coffees you will try?!

Coffee Delivery Service

Everything from our online shop comes with free 1st class delivery and, if you order before mid-day, it will leave us the same day.
All 250g bags of coffee are sent in a large letter-sized envelope. It fits through a standard size letter box so no more trips to the post office to collect your coffee.

We hope this has made you feel comfortable enough to buy coffee online – but remember there’s always our coffee samples if you’re not feeling sure!

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