Christmas Gift Ideas for Coffee Lovers

Posted by Ellie Loxton on

Christmas Gift Ideas for Coffee Lovers

Posted by Ellie Loxton on

Speciality Christmas Coffee Gifts… they’re mug-ical!

Get a gift-giving gold star this Christmas with our awesome range of Christmas coffee gifts! From ready-to-give coffee hampers to failsafe coffee subscriptions, you’ll find something special for every kind of coffee lover in our jolly range. And every budget, too, because our best coffee Christmas gifts start from just £15.90! Oh, and there’s free First Class delivery too…

So let’s put top coffee under the tree and speciality in their stocking. Wahay, let’s go all out and let Nan loose on the espresso martinis (it’s Christmas, after all)!

Because when you choose the perfect coffee gift, you’ll want to paaartee! Just don’t tell Santa about the awesome gifts you will be giving this year… he might get jealous.




Top coffee for caffeine-lovers

Move over dreary and HELLO deliciousness. Speciality coffee is all you want to give coffee lovers this Christmas. Unlike dull-tasting, most-probably-over roasted instant coffee, our speciality coffee is always ethically sourced and freshly roasted each week. Treat them to a bag of Two Chimps and you’ll be giving artisan coffee cupped and scored by Professional Coffee Elves (well, Q Graders). Each coffee must reach rigorous standards and achieve 80 points or more before making the speciality grade. Speciality coffee: it’s kind of like the Coffee Nice List.

Don’t worry if you order last minute (or if you’re getting it done and dusted mid-November): your gift will always contain freshly roasted coffee. We’ll be roasting right through the festive period and delivering coffee goodies to your door First Class, like always. Because Christmas or not, second-best just isn’t our style.

Scroll down for our best Christmas gifts for coffee lovers. This list has the elves approval. We checked.



Merry Chimpmas: our limited-edition Christmas coffee!

Treat their novelty mug with our limited-edition Christmas Coffee! Brimming with festive flavours and all round jolliness, this special Christmas Coffee is everything they want and more. The nutty sweetness of marzipan mingles beautifully with chocolate warmth and hints of blackberry. And the finishing touch? The star on the tree? That cheeky touch of cherry bringing everything together.

Buy a single bag of Merry Chimpmas to pop in their stocking or treat them to a Christmas Coffee Gift set for ready-to-go gifting goodness!

Looking for a secret Santa present? You’ve found it.




Breakfast Tea and Coffee Treat

Can we get up yet, pleeease?

Well, yes, because we’ve got awesome Breakfast coffee to brew! Start their morning off the right way with this Breakfast Tea and Coffee collection. Featuring our favourite punchy morning coffee plus a full-sized bag of Breakfast tea and a hand-ground spice pouch, this is the set your smoked salmon wants to see on Christmas morning.

Whether you’re looking for a present for early birds or a faff-free Christmas Eve box, this super set makes every morning sunny-side up!




Coffee Lovers Taster Pack

Put pick ‘n’ mix vibes under their tree with this awesome coffee taster pack. Untie the ribbon and lift the lid to find six mini bags of speciality coffee, plus a metal coffee tin and magnet. This is the number one choice for coffee newbies and just perfect for those who like the best of everything. Each coffee boasts a unique flavour profile, so together will help them find their best-ever flavour and roast type.

We can grind their coffee to suit their brew method or send whole beans if they like to DIY it at home. Just select from the drop down menu when you check out!




Coffee Mocha Gift Set

Christmas was made for you, mocha lovers. Crown your mug with clouds of cream, pop on the marshmallows and sprinkle it (liberally) with cocoa, because anything goes at Christmas!

Coffee and chocolate are heavenly together, so why not celebrate this glorious pairing with our Coffee Mocha Gift Set. This unmissable set includes real hot chocolate flakes, a 250g bag of speciality coffee, ground to order, and a stylish Two Chimps mug. All wrapped by hand in a white presentation box. Just gorgeous.




Hario V60 Coffee Gift Set

Give them the gift of a coffee upgrade with this V60 Coffee Gift Set. The V60 is a pour-over coffee device and is the easiest way to crystal-clear cups. Speciality coffee shops love their pour-over devices for this very reason: it’s the best way to taste all the complexities in a really good coffee.

This Hario V60 Coffee Gift Set comes with everything they need to get brewing. V60 coffee dripper? Check? Fresh coffee, ground for the pour-over method? Check. All the V60 accessories you need? Yup, check!

That’s one happy coffee lover, right there.




Coffee Gift Subscription

The presents are opened, the mince pies are eaten… but the coffee goodness keeps on coming!

Choose a Coffee Gift Subscription and you’ll make 2022 their Year of Great Coffee. Coffee Gift Subscriptions are super simple to set up and can be tailored to their tastes. You select the coffee, grind size and delivery frequency, and we do the rest. They always say you should delegate at Christmas, and this is how you do it coffee style!

You can set up a Coffee Gift Subscription for under £20 or go all-out with a twelve-delivery plan that can last them all year. Whichever option you choose, a personalised coffee subscription will most definitely put a smile on their face!




Fancy checking out some more tried and tested Christmas gift favourites? Keep the goodness coming and head to our Christmas coffee gift shop. It’s the nice kind of Christmas shopping…


Christmas coffee shop!