Okay Then Ladies – Not Sure What to Get Your Man for His Birthday or Christmas?

Fear not my friends; we have all the answers.

We have carefully selected coffee gifts for him from our best selling products, take a look at our coffee gift sets, devices and coffees below.

First in our line-up is the mighty Aeropress Gift Set:


aeropress in box with coffee


Ladies, is your man the biggest, badest coffee drinker around? Not yet? Gift him an Aeropress, and he’ll be just that.

This portable device is great to have wherever he goes. Walking with his mates? Aeropress. Camping? Aeropress. Fishing? You guessed it, Aeropress.

Our gift set for this device includes freshly ground coffee, a tote bag, 350 microfilters, a stirrer and a scoop. Can’t say fairer than that.

How about a Handpresso?


handpresso and coffee square001


Does your man love coffee but never has time make one, let alone have the time to sit down and enjoy one? The Handpresso might just solve this problem.

For this device, you’re going to need two things. Boiled water and coffee!

To use, pump the device like a bike pump, and there have you it, excellent coffee in a minute.

Something classy? The Bialetti Moka Pot:




This Bialetti Moka coffee device is great if your man loves an espresso style coffee.

This device produces rich espresso style coffees in just a few minutes! Ideal if your coffee lover is in a rush.

The iconic shape of the Bialetti Moka pot has been the same since the early 1900’s. This is a real classic that will look good in any kitchen.

Our top tip for the Moka Pot is to use hot water rather than cold when filling the chamber. This will enhance the sweetness in the coffee.

How about a classic? The Cafetiere:


boxed cafetiere and bag of coffee


What makes a kitchen stand out from the rest? A proper smart Cafetiere of course!

This Cafetiere has been designed with simplicity in mind. It has an easy to use plunger and a handle which is easy to grip and comfortable.

Inscribed on the glass jug are measurements in millimetres. A handy thing to have to make sure you don’t make too much coffee. Although that wouldn’t be the worst thing!

Constructed of brushed metal and glass, these do look the part too.
Complete with freshly ground coffee, he will be brewing up a storm in no time.

A bit of style? The Chemex Coffee Maker Gift Set:


Chemex coffee kit


Think your man needs a bit of style in his life? Introducing the Chemex Coffee Maker.

Once brewed, this pour-over coffee device allows you to keep any leftover coffee and re-heat it later.

A great device to have if you enjoy drinking coffee all day.

Our gift set for this device includes 100 pre-folded circle filters which are 20% thicker than others, allowing for a cleaner, lighter taste.

This set also includes freshly roasted and ground coffee.

Something easy? Introducing the Hario V60 Coffee Dripper Gift Set:


hario v60 pour over kit and coffee


This device will really ‘up’ his coffee game.

The V60 Coffee Dripper essentially is a pour-over or filter brewing device. It has large grooves in the interior edges helping the brewing process by allowing proper air flow and heat retention.

These are made of sturdy and durable plastic, making them virtually unbreakable too.

Our gift set for this device includes 100 paper filters, a measuring scoop, V60 Dripper and freshly ground coffee. All he needs is a mug or a jug if more than one cup is to be made.

Fancy the smell of freshly ground coffee? Grab a Hario Hand Grinder:




Does your man like to show off to his mates? Gift him the Hario Hand Coffee Grinder, and he can do just that.

With this device, the grind size can be quickly changed to get the most out of the coffee.

The Hario Hand Coffee Grinder can hold up to 100g of ground coffee in its lower chamber. It has an anti-slip base to give stable grinding and a lid to keep your freshly ground coffee away from the elements.

Does he have everything? Fear not, check out our Gift Vouchers:




Still struggling to find the right gift for your coffee lover?

Gift them a voucher for them to spend on whatever they like from our website.

Our vouchers range from £10 to £100

Just coffee? Try our Cafetiere or Filter Coffee Gift Set:




This gift set includes a morning coffee which is light & fruity, a juicy and more-ish daytime coffee along with a decaffeinated coffee with a sweet taste of cocoa and toasted marshmallow.

These three single origin coffees are great if your man prefers a lighter roasted coffee.

Crafted for a cafetiere or filter.

Something stronger? Check out our Espresso, Moka or Aeropress Coffee Gift Set:





These coffees have been crafted to suit an Espresso Machine, Moka Pot or an Aeropress.

This gift set includes a complex creamy coffee for the morning, an all-day coffee with a biscuit sweetness and a full-bodied, chocolatey coffee for the evening.

Ideal if your significant other prefers a slightly darker roasted coffee.

And lastly, give our coffee subscriptions a butchers:




We offer two types of freshly roasted coffee subscription here at Two Chimps HQ.

The first is a gift subscription, allowing you to purchase a set amount of coffee for a period of your choosing.

The second is a continuous subscription which can be started and paused as required. Get started here.

The choice is yours.

And so, there we have it. Our definitive guide for coffee gifts for him.

Let’s get started!

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