There’s nothing better than freshly roasted coffee. Oh, hold up, there is – a freshly roasted coffee subscription! Now we’re talking…

We’ve sifted through the pomp and jargon to bring you what you really want – a simple coffee subscription service that’s brimming with top coffee. No fuss, no small print, just ethically sourced coffee delivered straight to your door. Sorted!



Our subscription service: all you need to know

Set up a bespoke coffee subscription to enjoy top coffee without the stress. In just seven clicks, you can browse, select and create a personalised coffee plan that’s just right for you. Yep, seven – we counted!

Our step-by-step ordering process is speedy and straightforward. First off, you enter the Two Chimps online shop (cue virtual wave from us ?), where you’ll find a jolly array of hand-roasted coffees ready and waiting. We’ve got bright, berry-ish coffees alongside rich darker roasts, so there’s plenty to take your fancy. Once you’ve selected your coffee, click on the grind size you would like. There are six options to choose from, including whole bean if you prefer to grind at home.


Next click: how much coffee would you like? Prices start at £7.95 for a 250g bag, and we also offer 500g and 1kg options. We know BIG BAGS of fresh coffee sound awesome, but remember that coffee is best when fresh, so try little and often rather than mammoth bags each month.

This leads us nice and neatly onto the final stage: choosing your delivery frequency. Tailor your coffee plan to receive freshly roasted coffee at weekly, fortnightly or monthly intervals – whatever works for you. And that’s it! Just wheel your virtual trolley to the checkout, type in your details and relax. Speciality coffee is on the way…




Single origin coffee for the best brew yet

Speciality coffee subscriptions are the simple way to a stellar brew. No more pre-planning or frantic ordering. Just bespoke coffee popping on your doormat right as you start to run low. Coffee clockwork, we say!

By creating a personal plan, you can buy the precise amount you need and avoid excess coffee gathering in the kitchen cupboard. We hand-roast our coffees multiple times each week to make sure you’re only ever brewing the freshest coffee. Put the supermarket bag back on the shelf and enjoy single origin coffee delivered straight from the roaster!




Coffee tailored to you

Coffee is a bit like eggs at breakfast. Everyone takes theirs differently. Do you fry or scramble? Well-cooked or runny enough to dunk?

We believe that coffee is best enjoyed your way, too. That’s why we created a subscription service with personalisation in its genes. You can tailor each stage of your plan to create a yours-truly subscription that ticks all the boxes. Whether you need whole beans every Wednesday or a medium roast once a month, you can customise every stage to create bespoke coffee that meets your needs!




How our coffee club works

So, you’ve selected your preferences and entered the payment details. What happens next? When the time for your next coffee delivery comes around, we… do a little dance. Because we’re going to prepare some artisan coffee beans just for you! Once the jig’s out the way, we take your specified weight of beans and either seal them whole or grind them to suit your brew method. We always grind on the day of dispatch in a high-quality burr grinder, because coffee deserves the best, right?

We deliver every order First Class and free of charge because we think good things should come to those who don’t fancy waiting. Or paying hidden delivery charges, for that matter. Payment will leave your account once postie has your coffee, and we’ll drop you a line to let you know it’s on its way. Don’t worry if you’ll be out: our 250g bags fit quite happily through a standard UK letterbox.




Open your coffee subscription box and take a sniff… ooooh it smells good! Your lovely coffee will arrive when its natural flavours are at their peak, so you know good coffee is in store. You can learn more about your coffee’s origin, tasting notes and roast profile on the label, where you’ll also find step-by-step brew guides. Oh, and our packaging is fully recyclable – right down to the stickers!




A Two Chimps subscription fresh from the roastery

There are plenty of subscription box options from coffee roasters up and down the country. So, what makes our monkey method so great?

Let’s take a look at our frequent roasting schedule – it’s what really sets us apart. Coffee is best when fresh, and roasting our green beans multiple times each week means we only deliver the very freshest coffee for your cup. Think of it like cooking: quality ingredients win every time. And with a Two Chimps coffee subscription, you consistently receive high-scoring Arabica coffee sourced from small farms and roasted by the experts.

We believe in keeping coffee kind, so source all our coffees beans as directly as possible through an ethical coffee importer. Our scrupulous standards mean we go beyond Fairtrade prices to pay between 30 and 150% more than the going rate.




A flexible plan from our coffee roastery

We know that life, well, happens, which is why we’ve made it super easy to manage your coffee subscription. You’re in the driving seat with your personal Two Chimps account. Need to change your address or alter your payment details? No problem – simply log in and amend away. Maybe you’re off on holiday (send us a postcard!) and need to pause your next delivery? Pop along to your account and do it in a jiffy.

Sometimes, we just fancy mixing things up. Sounds good – we like a bit of pick ‘n’ mix! Maybe you’re a light roast subscriber wanting to go over to the dark side? Just enter your account to alter your coffee choice, order more or less or change your delivery frequency. We don’t believe in dotted lines and contracts, either, so you can cancel your subscription at any time.



Extra perks – yes, there’s more good stuff!

Artisan-anything sounds costly, right? Not always – our coffee club service can save you up to £11 per month. Whoop whoop! Subscribers save £1 on every bag of coffee and receive an exclusive 10% off everything in our online shop. Yes, you read that right, lucky subscribers receive 10% off all our coffees, loose leaf teas, equipment and extras. Grab (another) virtual trolley and get shopping!

We also like to pepper your coffee box delivery with free goodies. Some just-because coffee gifts especially for you. Did someone say coffee mugs and free samples? We think they might have…





Common questions

Here’s a few twiddly bits that are handy to know…

What if I can’t decide which coffee to choose?

No problem at all! Let your coffee roaster choose with a Mystery Coffee Subscription. You’ll receive a different speciality coffee each time, including our very limited limited-editions!

Can I give it as a gift?

Yes, you can. We’ve created coffee gift subscriptions for every budget, from two delivery options costing less than £20 to twelve delivery subscriptions that will make you someone’s favourite ever person. Check them out!

How do I keep my coffee fresh?

Airtight container, somewhere cool and not in the fridge (please). Bish, bash, bosh.

I’m not fancying hot coffee in summer. Any ideas?

Coffee loves summer! Cold brew, iced coffee, coffee baking… the possibilities are endless. Find out more!


Bespoke coffee delivered straight to your door with plenty of fun and freebies – that’s us!


Let's get started!



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