Custom Coffee blend.

“Hi, come on in. Would you like a coffee? We have our own custom coffee blend here, its speciality coffee, hand roasted weekly and totally unique to our business.”

Imagine saying that to every customer that walks through the door. Or adding this information to your social media page to attract new customers. Well, great news – we can help you with this by creating your very own custom coffee blend.

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Our Coffees

Here at Two Chimps Coffee, we roast single origin, speciality coffees to bring out their unique flavours and characteristics. Whilst the individual flavours of a single origin coffee can help them stand up for themselves, something amazing can happen when you blend. Some blends are created to allow the coffee to be replaced from time to time with another but keeping the same taste. Our blends don’t follow this method. We create custom coffee blends to help you stand out and to create amazing flavours. Not to mask them.


Custom Coffee Blend

If you want to create your own custom coffee blend then we can help make it a dream come true. Spend the day with us at the roastery and build your coffee blend with us. We will start off with blending 50/50, and then tweak it to 80/20, 60/40 or even 50/25/25. You can try anything you like.

Once you have created your custom coffee blend, we promise that your blend will not be available anywhere else; it is only for you. You can even name it, design your own labels, stickers – whatever you want. The world is your lobster – so they say!

Pre or Post Blending

When you first begin creating your custom blend, the coffees you choose from will be roasted separately. The process of blending after the coffees have been individually roasted is known as post-blending. This way, the single origin coffees can reach their full potential in the roaster, on their own. This way of blending allows us to roast each bean exactly the way they are meant to be roasted; so you can go home with a coffee that has been roasted and blended precisely right.

Pre-blending is the opposite of this. Instead of the beans being roasted separately, they are mixed to be roasted together. Different beans react differently to heat. For example, if a coffee bean has a higher density, it will need a higher ‘charge’ temperature and vice versa. If we pre-blend your blend, it is impossible to fulfil all the different coffees in the blend correctly through the roasting process.



Tension or Harmonious?

When it comes to blending, there are two different types of blend that can be created. The first of these is tension blending. Tension blending is the process of picking two coffees that are entirely different in taste. For example, if you chose a coffee that had notes of chocolate and hazelnut and then chose a coffee that was lighter and had fruity notes to it, this would be a tension blend. This method can sometimes produce some fantastic tasting coffee, with different flavours ‘fighting’ against each other.

Harmonious blending is the opposite. To create a harmonious blend, choose coffees that complement each other. An example would be pairing a coffee with a biscuit sweetness with a coffee that had hints of chocolate. As a result, you would have created a cup of chocolately, biscuity goodness!

After you have created your custom coffee blend, we follow your recipe for all following orders. When we are creating your blends, we post-blend to make sure we get the most out of every coffee.


Coffee Sourcing

Our coffees are ethically sourced from small, independent farms across the world. With this in mind, our coffees change seasonally which means your blend will change from time to time too. When a coffee runs out, we will source a coffee with a similar taste profile, roast it and create another blend for you. Or you can come and do the whole blending experience again, perhaps as a staff/team building day.

Like our single origin wholesale coffees, your custom coffee blend will be roasted on a Monday and delivered the very next day by a member of our team. It is always nice to see you, check your equipment and have a catch up every week.



It doesn’t stop there; we will support you and your business through our website and social media pages along with giving you all of the material that you need to tell the world about your own custom coffee blend.

So, come on over, let’s have a coffee party and make your own custom coffee blend today.

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