Wholesale Espresso Coffee Beans

As you will know if you are looking for espresso coffee beans; espresso is the base for most popular drinks like cappuccinos and lattes. With this in mind, it is easy for us to say that the espresso coffee beans you choose to serve can make a huge difference to the taste and quality of your coffee.

At Two Chimps Coffee, we roast single origin speciality coffee. Our espresso coffee beans are lovingly roasted in small batches by hand.


Our Coffee

Let’s start from the beginning and tell you why and how we do what we do.

It all starts with our coffee being carefully grown and harvested by farmers and their teams. All of our coffee is ethically sourced from the country of origin. Much care is taken when harvesting, picking and processing this coffee to ensure that it is of the highest quality.

When the green coffee beans arrive with us, we test the beans for moisture and density. This information is recorded on every roast. With this information we can ensure that the roast profile is correct, giving consistency. The humidity of the beans can make a big difference to the roasting too.  Moisture control units are installed into the roastery to ensure that the green coffee is stored at the correct humidity. When roasting, the beans are often delicate. Too much heat early on in the roast could scorch the coffee. We determine the amount of heat the beans can take by knowing how high they were grown and also by their moisture and density readings.


The roasting process is very precise. The roaster gathers its airflow from outside which means that the roast profile or recipe may need to be tweaked from time to time depending on the outside temperature. The outside temperature will create a different air pressure inside the roaster. With this and other factors in mind, we roast your espresso coffee beans by hand using our sensory skills to ensure that you get a consistent coffee each and every week.


Espresso Coffee Beans

Our espresso coffee beans are roasted a little darker than our filter or cafetiere coffee beans. The longer we roast the coffee, the more the sugars in the beans will caramelise. This can help to emphasize the sweetness of the coffee. This sweetness will be highlighted when the coffee is brewed through a device with pressure – like your espresso machine.

To ensure you serve the best Two Chimps Coffee, we will set up your grinder and espresso machine to suit.  We will also train your staff to understand and learn more about making drinks with speciality coffee.

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Freshly Roasted

Our coffees are hand roasted every week and we deliver them to you in person. We can keep in touch this way, make sure your grinder and machine are behaving themselves and help with any questions too.

We don’t want you all to be doing the same thing, so we only supply espresso coffee beans to a select number of establishments per area. Get in touch quick!

Find out more about us as wholesale coffee suppliers, or contact the roastery to arrange a chat.

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