Grinding coffee beans… it’s a crucial step to coffee success.

Grinding at home will instantly upgrade your coffee experience. Coffee loses some of its freshness as soon as it’s ground, so grinding right before you brew is a sure-fire way of making sure your mug gets the best. What’s more, home grinding gives you the chance to experiment with different grind sizes. Fancy a coffee with more punch? Or slightly less bitterness? Simply alter the grind size. Kick start your grinding globetrot with our quick guide to grind sizes. Don’t turn the handle without it! 

What else? Grinding coffee at home is super fun! Whole beans go in, evenly-sized coffee grinds come out – magic. Grab a quality home grinder, add a little elbow grease and look forward to the best coffee you’ve ever tasted. All ground by your own fair hands.  

Pop a grinder in your basket today! And don’t forget, it’s free First Class delivery on every order.

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