To all the coffee lovers out there, listen up!

If you are struggling to find a gift for that special someone in your life, have a look at some of our Ground Coffee Gifts below, and you might just find that gift you’ve been searching for. With FREE 1st class delivery on everything too, what’s not to love about these coffee gift sets?





First things first; have a look at our freshly roasted coffee from our shop.

We hand-roast all of our coffees in our Rutland roastery. We have six single origin coffees and a limited edition blend that change from time to time.

We can trace our ethically sourced coffees back not just to the country of origin, but to an individual farm, or even plot of land. Only so much coffee can be grown and harvested per season, meaning when it’s gone, it’s gone for good. With this in mind, we change our coffees when our stocks run out. We always find something similar, however. For instance, a fruity and bright coffee will always be replaced by something with a similar taste profile.

All you have to do is choose the amount of coffee you would like, either 250g, 500g or 1kg, then select if you would like ground coffee for a particular device or if you would prefer it in whole bean.

Ground Coffee Gifts

How about a Cafetiere or filter coffee gift set




These three coffees are crafted to suit a cafetiere or filter coffee brew method. Currently, this gift set includes a bright & juicy morning coffee from Costa Rica, a chocolatey daytime coffee from Brazil and a marshmallow and cocoa-like decaffeinated coffee from Rwanda for the evening.

Just choose your grind size. Easy.

Next up we have our Espresso, Moka or Aeropress coffee gift set

This set of three coffees are crafted to suit an espresso machine, Aeropress or Moka Pot. This gift set currently includes a punchy morning coffee from Colombia, an all-day coffee from El Salvador with a biscuit sweetness and a full-bodied coffee for the evening from Guatemala.

Trio_Dark01TBC copy


Great for an espresso machine, moka pot or an Aeropress device.

All that is left is to choose a grind size.

Ground Coffee Gift Subscriptions




How about a coffee subscription? Our coffee gift subscriptions are sure to put a smile on any coffee lovers face.

All you have to do is choose the coffee, grind size and how often you would like it to delivered and we’ll do the rest.

They make a great gift as you can decide for your coffee lover to receive up to twelve deliveries and the first delivery always includes a Two Chimps Coffee Tin and Magnet Set.

Prices start at £15.90.

If you think your coffee lover would prefer something to go alongside their ground coffee, take a look at some of our coffee brewing devices below.

Take a look at the Hario V60 Coffee Gift Set


hario v60 pour over kit and coffee


One of our easiest to use ground coffee gifts, the Hario V60 coffee dripper is a great device that gives you an excellent tasting coffee, quickly and easily.

This brewing device helps to bring out the true flavours in your coffee. It can be used on the go or for a quick coffee while at home.

Lastly, it can produce up to four cups of coffee at a time. Just make the coffee over a jug, rather than an individual cup or mug and hey presto, happy friends!.

Our gift set for this device comes with a Hario V60 Dripper, 100 filters and a 250g bag of freshly ground coffee. One of our best value ground coffee gifts!

Or how about an Aeropress Gift Set?


aeropress in box with coffee


The Aeropress has been described as “the most innovative coffee maker to be designed in a long time.”

It is capable of producing up to 4 cups of smooth and rich coffee in around a minute.

This makes the Aeropress a great device to have if your coffee lover is always stuck for time. It’s super easy to use and to clean up. The coffee grounds will compact as the chamber is pressed, therefore compacting your grounds in a puck which can be ‘popped’ straight into the bin.

This device is very versatile and can be used in lots of different ways to suit your coffee lover. It even comes with a handy tote bag so that your coffee lover can keep their Aeropress, filters and coffee together.

Our ground coffee gift set for this device includes 350 filters, an Aeropress, a tote bag and a 250g bag of freshly ground coffee.

Check out the Chemex Gift Set


Chemex coffee kit


A classic and stylish coffee device, the Chemex will stand out in any kitchen. This pour over can produce 6 cups of coffee, and any leftover can be covered and refrigerated ready to be used later.

The Chemex is made from non-porous borosilicate glass, meaning the glass will not absorb any odours or coffee residue. This means your coffee lover can enjoy their coffee knowing their device is as fresh as when they first brewed it.

Also, this device comes with an attractive wooden collar and natural rawhide drawstring tie. How aesthetically pleasing!

The ground coffee gifts for this device include 100 round filters, a Chemex Pour over and a 250g bag of freshly roasted and ground coffee.

The classic Cafetiere Gift Set


boxed cafetiere and bag of coffee


The cafetiere is an almighty coffee device. Ours are made from high-quality stainless steel, giving them a great glossy look that’s the perfect centrepiece in any kitchen. It can produce a smooth, authentic coffee in just over 5 minutes. With its easy press plunger and comfortable handle, a coffee brewing experience with this device will be a great one. The glass jug is inscribed with measurements in millimetres too. Handy so your coffee lover doesn’t make too much coffee.

The ground coffee gifts for this device come with a Barista & Co Cafetiere and a 250g bag of freshly ground coffee of your choice.

A design classic – The Bialetti Moka Pot Gift Set


mokapot and coffee


The Bialetti Moka pot is an excellent device for producing a rich, espresso style coffee in just a few minutes.

This eight-sided device allows the heat to diffuse just right, therefore enhancing the aroma of your coffee lovers brew.

For a sweeter cup, we suggest using freshly boiled water rather than cold. This way, the water doesn’t start to extract the coffee while the water goes from cold, through to boiling. We have two sizes of Bialetti Moka Pot available. The 3 cup holds 200ml, whereas the 6 cup holds 300ml.

With the Moka pot, it is easy to tailor the coffee drinking experience. As another option, try changing the grind size and quantity of coffee in the middle chamber to create a different taste from your coffee.

Our gift set includes a Bialetti Moka pot and a 250g bag of freshly ground coffee of your choice. One of our best ground coffee gifts!

Love the smell of fresh coffee at home? Try the Hario Hand Coffee Grinder




Does your coffee lover want to grind coffee in their home as and when they need it? Yes? Grab a Hario Hand Coffee Grinder.

This conical burr hand grinder makes changing the grind size a doddle. As a result, this device is incredibly durable and versatile. The ceramic burr brings out more complex flavours in coffee and helps toward a regimented grind size.

Check out the latest addition to the line up – The Handpresso espresso gift set


handpresso and coffee square001


An ideal device to have when on the go, the Handpresso is lightweight, compact, easy to use and simple to clean. Just add some freshly boiled water and pump away! You don’t need electricity to use this device, so its great for the environment as well.

On top of that, the used coffee grounds don’t have to go in the bin; you can use them in the garden as fertiliser.

The ground coffee gifts for this device include a Black handpresso Pump and a 250g bag of freshly ground coffee.

Still stuck? Grab a Coffee Lovers Gift Voucher




A gift voucher is always a safe option when you are unsure of what to buy. We can email your gift voucher directly to the recipient too, making it a great last minute gift. Our vouchers range from £10-£100 and can be spent on anything from our shop.

As mentioned above, everything on this site is available with FREE First Class delivery.

So what are you waiting for? Get your coffee lover one of thee awesome ground coffee gifts today!

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