How To Make a Hot Chocolate Using an Espresso Machine

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Guide for Hot Chocolate

Whether you’re a kid or an adult, you can't beat a hot chocolate.

There isn’t a better time for Hot Chocolate than when it’s a cold evening, and you’re all curled up on the sofa watching a film. I want one just thinking about it! If you love hot chocolate as much as me, read on my friends, and you’ll have great hot chocolate in no time.

Our Hot Chocolate Flakes are produced by an independent chocolatier and create the most indulgent mug of Hot Chocolate. To make, we find using an espresso machine helps to make this super creamy. No espresso machine? You can heat in a pan at home instead. Find the instructions to both on the underside of the label.

Here at Two Chimps Coffee, we love a good Hot Chocolate, and let’s face it; who doesn’t?

Here is our guide to making hot chocolate using an espresso machine.

To make a hot chocolate using an espresso machine, you will need:

A Mug

Hot Chocolate Flakes

Milk Jug


Right, let's begin!

Firstly, pour 300ml of fresh milk into your milk jug. Next, add two heaped tablespoons (20g) of chocolate flakes.

Hot Chocolate Flakes added to milk

Next, steam milk and chocolate mix until hot. It is ready when you can no longer touch the bottom of the jug for more that one second without having to remove your hand.

Hot Chocolate being heated

Lastly, Pour into your favourite mug.

Hot Chocolate being poured into a mug

If you wanted to transform your hot chocolate to a Moka, add a double shot of espresso.

So, there you have it; your hot chocolate is complete! Ideal for a cold day next to the fire.

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